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In 2001, Sen. Orrin Hatch introduced the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act -- better known as the DREAM Act -- into the Senate. The legislation would’ve made it possible for the children of undocumented immigrants to gain permanent residency if they stayed out of trouble and went to school or joined the military. The idea was that we shouldn’t make kids pay for the migration decisions of their parents, and we shouldn’t deny our economy skilled workers we’ve already paid to educate or our military eager recruits who want to defend the country they’ve grown up in.

Hatch’s legislation quickly proved popular with his Republican colleagues. His initial cosponsors included Sens. Sam Brownback, Larry Craig, Mike DeWine, Chuck Grassley, and Richard Lugar. When Hatch reintroduced the bill in 2003, Sens. Lincoln Chaffee, Susan Collins, Norm Coleman, Mike Crapo, Peter Fitzgerald, Chuck Hagel, John McCain and Ben Nighthorse Campbell joined the list of co-sponsors. The legislation cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee with ease: The final tally was 16-3, with seven of the 10 Republicans voting in favor.

More than a decade later, the DREAM Act still hasn’t been signed into law.
It’s hard to find in today’s Congress.
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Reublicans have been using Latinos as political fear mongering tools for about as long...I seem to remember a large push back by Repubs to NOT reform immigration....
I was really hoping, before voting for him, that Obama would be able to realize his dream of bipartisanship in Washington.  I know, I know.  Silly me.
the law is the law and illegal means your are wrong, no matter what, just logic. obey the law.
Truly depressing article.  What hope is there for a government that actually works when the parties act as spoiled children.  As if the decisions that they make don't impact people's lives.  It is not a game.
@Richard: Sometimes, as the saying goes, "The law is an ass." If people followed your "logic,"  women's suffrage and the civil rights movement never would have happened. 
Ok, so these kids shouldn't have to pay for their parents decisions. But if you pass this legislation, then illegal immigrant parents know that if they can come across and stay long enough, their children can get permanent residency. The motives are honorable, but this legislation would just promote the wrong behavior.
+Chris Hein "the parties act as spoiled children." This is not a 'both parties do it in equal measure problem'; this is the Republican party in action. Both parties obstruct the other; the Republicans are breaking the system by doing it more and harder.

That said, I'd love to hear more about the "it was delayed for various procedural reasons" -- were legislators/parties trying to delay it then as well?  And if so, who was responsible?
+Bonnie McDaniel how where those laws changed , and to change the law then act according is right action. But to want the law to change and then act as if it is makes it lawless action, wrong and a crime. If you think that my logic is incorrect in some way speak on the subject and make a point.
It would be great if republicans would support their own ideas. Here is a Republican bill but since POTUS agrees with it then all the republicans have to be against it. Republicans also wanted the individual mandate for health insurance, similar to what they did for car insurance, but since POTUS is for it then they file lawsuits to stop it. 
+Roger Hammer awww you where going to make a point and forgot, try again and we will all wait. nt a fing teacher are you !
+Richard Harwood You're an illegal and you know it.  You've gone over the speed limit before, right?  That makes you an illegal.  The law is the law, after all, no matter what.
There's no reason for you to be such a condescending ass. Neither will shouting make us accept your nonsensical point. 

You didn't respond to my comment. The law is clearly wrong. The Dream Act (initially introduced by Republicans) was an attempt to remedy this injustice. Unfortunately, since the Republicans are in such thrall to their racist base, the bill was filibustered in the Senate. Had it not been for the filibuster, the legislation would have passed.

Answer me this. Would the Civil Rights Act have passed without the pressure of massive civil disobedience? 
+Bonnie McDaniel No it would not, but all who protested had the right to do so as citizens. They where not a bunch of criminal foreigners seeking amnesty. You bleeding hearts, should you become a victim of home invasion ever dont  try calling the cops . Dont cause its the same deal,  uninvited strangers invade your families hard earned private property and take and do what ever they please without your permission and tell you to pay them while they baby you out of existence. I say make your own country better so you need not steal from mine.
Shorter +Richard Harwood:  "I've got mine, so fuck you." 

Your compassion for your fellow human being is boundless. 

Unlike, say, Ronald Reagan, who really did grant undocumented immigrants amnesty. 

As Ezra pointed out in the original post, the DREAM Act was a Republican thing to begin with, before the tea party pulled them off the rails. Since that is indisputable, tell me why they resist even having a discussion about it now (since that's what the Senate filibuster was about, not even allowing debate). Could it be because a cough*dark-skinned*cough Democratic president supports it? 
+Bonnie McDaniel first i am an independent. 2 Reagan was a moron for what he did. 3 shit head mccain one of the keating 5 whos greed caused the 90 melt down in the banks plus he was setting up for his failed pres run with stupid lies just like they all do. obama being the worst of all in my life time and as he is 1/2 white he is not black he is malado dumb ass. rep .dem makes no diff both are pieces of shit with one thing on their mind, power and money. they both lick the boots of the rich for cash to stay in that seat and screw the people of this great country.all you can do is PC your self into the false white guilt that the media crams in those holes in your head. SAD SAD SAD.
+Richard Harwood Illegal, the point is that being labeled "illegal" and being treated like a third-class citizen is condescending and cruel beyond what these people actually did.  The analogy for an illegal whose crime is illegal speeding would be, say, for your truck to be destroyed in front of you, or your driving license permanently revoked.  That would be a cruel punishment, right?  So how is sending a six-year-old to a country that they don't remember and where they don't know anyone any different?
I volunteer for a youth soccer league in an area with a lot of Hispanic immigrants, legal and illegal.  The kids I see are as American as I am.  They speak the same English as my kids did at their age.  Our taxes paid for their education, their parents work and so, often, do the kids.  They didn't risk the crossing to freeload.  In fact, they don't even claim the insurance coverage their fee paid for when their kids have to see a doctor due to a sports injury, for fear of someone asking too many questions.  I want these kids to stay and be fully integrated into US society, without deportation hanging over their heads.  They're one big reason the US is in a better demographic position than Europe, Japan, and China.

Every country has the right to control its borders.  But our methods didn't stop millions from coming here anyway.  Those people are, on average, more adventurous, more motivated, and more appreciative of the United States than native-born citizens.  Accidentally, we set up a system that selects for people who we should want as citizens, despite their original sin as violators of immigration law.  This country experienced waves of immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe that we were the stronger for within a generation.  It's the same today.  I'm glad Obama took this step, whatever his reasons.  It's good policy.
+Richard Harwood You may be an Independent, but you are also an unreasonable idiot. 

You haven't responded to anything any of us have said. You just keep spouting your stupid racist redneck crap. 

That's it. Obviously you aren't interested in having a discussion, so I'm not fooling with you anymore. Bye.
+Bonnie McDaniel well because you refuse to see the real point of all of this you are on the defensive with no truth to stand on, the typical BS from DUMBS I MEAN DEMS  is lets see 1 racists 2 uneducated , 3 rednecks , 4 bigots , 5 greedy  , 6 white  , did I miss a few?  I answered all your non points yet you lie and attack.  YOU AND THOSE LIKE YOU  are the reason this country is going down a toilet of debit with no way out except extreme measures that you are unwilling to take  .    I CAN CREAT 20,000,000 JOBS IN ONE DAY IN USA ,THAT WOULD SAVE THIS ECONOMY INSTANTLY, I CAN RELIVE THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM , I CAN LOWER THE CRIME RATE , AND ON AND ON .  I WOULD REMOVE ALL PERSONS IN THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY AT ONCE AND THATS ALL. and the law is on my side and against your point at every turn.. so as I was born in DC I guess that makes you the redneck moron bonnie. go take an economics class or two. do you run your house like obama runs the gov . if so open your door wide and put up sign that says come on in and live here free any and all illegals.
+Terry McMahon cruel is taking away from my fellow young citizens   the ability to get a low skill starter or after school job. Also my poor unable to go to college young men to find a construction job. CRUEL is saying to all that need the job , aww thats a job americans wont take when they will and did for hundreds of years. you try making none sense into logic , you want to save the world but at the expense of your country. the kids did nothing wrong but the sins of the father/mother have come back to haunt them .  +Chris Siple  they have families where ever they are from and need to go back and live with them and burden their life not american. I feel sorry for all but my family and country COMES FIRST. 
+Richard Harwood Aren't you just the champion of bureaucracy? It was once possible to just simply come to this country and set up residence to be considered a citizen. Now our government has decided that it needs to control society more by processing new arrivals, new births, and extended visitors so that they aren't living in this country without the knowledge of our government. This way everyone existing in this country can have a nice little file with their name on it and can be processed like cattle. You're just too hung up on rules and empowering a bureaucracy that you've lost sight of what freedom is.
+John Larberg and open boarders with no clue as to the name , health , reason for coming , terrorist affiliations , education , prior arrests , is of no concern to you as we all see. how about you treat your house and families safety that way . do not scrutinize any one at all ever even if you are suspicious of their actions. of corse total blindness is your way to find reality and tells me all about your mind set.  DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT I COULD NEVER HAVE DONE TO ME AND MY FAMILY.  ; ))-
+Richard Harwood Just relax, it'll be alright. You may need a big bloated government to protect you from these phantoms but I do not. My land is my land and I can do as I please with it. If someone wanted to move in next door I could care less if they have signed and dated all of the proper paperwork or where they cam from. They are a human being that has done be no wrong. And do you really think that all of the paperwork and bureaucracy in the world will protect you from these things that you fear so much?
+John Larberg avoiding the truth dose not make it go away .  you can not answer back so you change my words .  you are able to do what you like on your land then start a free for all illegals sanctuary. you dont like paper work go turn in your drivers lic. birth certificate , ssi card , degrees , biz lic.  ,will  , car title , passport see what I mean  you are a typical CALI-PUSSY and look how well your state is doing . you think I like Gov. I despise the morons but I love the constitution and AMERICA and all it stands for , you should pull what head you got left, out of all those political pundit asses and see the real world just once and quite the DEM-DRONE -ZOMBIE ACT.
+Richard Harwood You didn't ask me a question if that's what you mean and I'd gladly give up all my licenses and birth certificate if it wasn't illegal to do so. Unlike you I do not hold these documents so dear. Like I said before, relax please!. You're now on to insulting me and making incredible assumptions about my political affiliations but I forgive you. 
+John Larberg are you illiterate or just mentally challenged  is mommy typing for you little boy ? if you could read then  what.   Iv said already. forgiveness is your way of saying you have nothing to say. what i called you is better said "to young to know anything yet" once upon a time I to was a Utopias'  ,and living /time/experience taught me to be realistic about it. So go see the world like I did and your sheltered attitude will change, youll have no choice . unless you are retarded, then never-mind. ; ))-
+Richard Harwood holy heck mister. Careful, you might hurt my feelings if I cared. Get a life and don't bother to reply as you're blocked.
How many Richard Harwoods are out there...that is the scary question.  Individuals who are able to think critically and express their views while being open to other points of view have never been the problem in free societies, but those who have such entrenched hatreds and single-minded-ness (?) will always be the ones who enable seemingly intractable conflicts.  How to reach them?
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