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If you add up Rand Paul’s argument here, it goes something like this: The problem is entitlement spending, not taxes. And if the problem was taxes, then tax increases still wouldn’t make sense because they don’t raise revenues. And if they did raise revenues, they’re not needed anyway because revenues are likely to return to their historical average even without them. And even if you wanted to get revenues above their historical average, it’s not politically feasible because Republicans are already compromising by taking on entitlement spending.
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Bullshit!  Pass the Jobs Act or go home. The GOP is hell bent on not doing anything so they can blame Obama and the DEMS.  Self-Serving Politics will get us nowhere. 
This anti-compromise approach seems to be a growing trend among a group of GOP legislators and candidates.  And they are crowding out the moderates i.e. Mourdock nudging Lugar out.  6 year senate terms for these extremists could be a long time.
That was painful to read, it almost caused a seizure.
I can make the usual educated articulate argument but why bother. This guy has lost his FUCKIN MIND. Im sick of these people acting as is if we live in their world.
And while all the comments on this post criticize +Rand Paul, he's entirely correct: Tax rates, in general, are high enough (but many many deductions need to be eliminated, I'm looking at you, Mr. Mortgage Interest Deduction), and entitlement spending is far too high.
Spending is too high. Or it's not. And taxes are just right. Or they're not. It's a balance between the two and what we want to maximize in the equation. The GOP wants to reduce the deficit but it wants all the pain to fall on the middle and lower classes, those least able to absorb it. Meanwhile, there is ample evidence that when wealth is widely dispersed (by whatever mechanism) the economy is far stronger than when a few hold all the marbles. So the GOP argument is not about deficits or math or even national interest, it's about profiting GOP funders.
Erik - I'm so with you about thee republitards. They have no clue what  money and earnings are all about. Dick-heads.
+Paul Swider, you said:

"Meanwhile, there is ample evidence that when wealth is widely dispersed (by whatever mechanism), the economy is far stronger than when a few hold all the marbles."

Please cite your evidence. And no, I will not accept North Korea as evidence in this context.
+Paul Swider You can't reason with Republicans and that's the problem. Americans need to come to the realization that we have a political party in this country that doesn't believe in the political process anymore. The 115th Congress has basically done nothing and (R) Senators have exhausted the filibuster. This might be the first time in U.S. history that a political party has engineered the failure of a President. Rush Limbaugh said he wanted Obama to fail and his party has done everything they can to ensure it happens. 
Rand needs to stop sniffing glue.  Really.  It is not helping him at all.
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