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Step back and take an accounting of these last few years: The United States of America, a land where slaves were kept 150 years ago and bathrooms were segregated as recently as 50 years ago, elected and reelected our first black president. We passed and ratified a universal health-care system. We saw the first female Speaker of the House, the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice, and the first openly gay member of the Senate. We stopped a Great Depression, rewrote the nation’s financial regulations, and nearly defaulted on our debt for the first time in our history. Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Washington and the District of Columbia legalized gay marriage, and the president and the vice president both proclaimed their support. Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana. We killed the most dangerous terrorist in the world and managed two wars. We’ve seen inequality and debt skyrocket to some of the highest levels in American history. We passed a stimulus and investment bill that will transform everything from medical records to education and began a drone campaign that will likely be seen as an epochal shift in the way the United States conducts war. 
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It always bugged me when Liberals complained about Obama not getting enough done.  Now that he has secured a second term, I truly believe he is going to go down as one of the more significant presidents in modern history.  
+David Merrell The complaints had to do not so much with lack of accomplishments, as about clearly and consistently communicating to the electorate what they (the accomplishments) are and what they mean.
I agree that the track record is impressive, but if more people knew and understood what the reforms actually mean, the election would have been even less close.
For example, the congressional defunding of Dodd-Frank would have been a cause for popular uproar if everyone actually understood what that means.
+Callum Davis He filled out the U.S. Census as black and or African American. I am not going to question how someone self identifies.
+Benito Cue Being cynical doesn't wash Vermont, Colorado will have single payer once all the benefits of Obamacare kick-in people will see that this *ish actually works, plus if any state can prove enhancements they have the green light too "go for it"! 

No more insurance backed BS of take this pill, come back and try this pill; preventative care incentives will be there where Doc's can still make a living.
I think he illustrated his blackness when he said, if I hailed a taxi most American cities, some of the taxis will drive on by.
An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure !( I know I butchered Ben Franklin but you get the gist of it. )
+Callum Davis. Again, I would make sure to check the U.S. Census record for the answer. It can be used in a court of law to prove or disprove any assertion.

 I never lived in slavery  nor during segregation by color and I am still black. Furthermore, slavery and segregation aren't a requirement to be black.
And they still can't come up budget.
+Vladimir Vigdorovich If Dodd-Frank had not as it is still being cock-blocked "libor" whose affects still haven't been realized would NEVER happened.
I wish that US becomes mature enough to take it easy on Cuba and Iran and end this nonsense animosity.
Don't ever compare civil rights with endorsement of sin. This country is turning it's back on God... just wait, the worst (for unbelievers) is yet to come. Repent and trust in Jesus Christ before it is too late!!
Isaiah prophesied about this evil and perverse generation:
"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.
  Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight. Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine and champions at mixing drinks who acquit the guilty for a bribe, but deny justice to the innocent.
Therefore, as tongues of fire lick up straw and as dry grass sinks down in the flames, so their roots will decay and their flowers blow away like dust; for they have rejected the law of the Lord Almighty
 and spurned the word of the Holy One of Israel."
When are we going to get our free stuff?

+Jeriame Zenzayer I love it. A bible quote that most people wouldn't quote for concern of being labled self-wise and self-clever.

But you... you are not swayed. You are not them. You are not simply wise in your own eyes, nor do you deny justice to the innocent. . .

 . . . for you are right. The bible is just there to prove it.

Mitt, I see why they like you... "Not too bright, tho." -- The Oracle.

To the rest of you who are reading my post and understand my point, you know that this is what you are up against.

We are all fucked.
+Masood Hosseini Cuba's coming, the generation that was brain-washed by their parents in Miami now sees that Castro was truly a liberator, thus voting for Obama's second term same with Iran they are the smartest  along with Turkey in the region, it's the Saudi's that are behind all the sh*t , and scared to death of Iran culturally and military. (Robert Baer has stated this for some time now)
Who knows maybe they will balance the buget
And don't forget gays can now serve openly in our military.
Does that accounting have room for the end of NASA's space shuttle program? I consider that one to be sufficiently momentous.

On a different topic, I wonder if the talk of Romney's tax rate during the campaign made anyone besides myself think the phrase "progressive capital gains tax." I like paying 15% on dividend income...but it's a meager supplement to my income (or it was, before I needed the money in my personal investment account to handle other financial matters), and the idea of having it taxed more is, in a word, unappealing. And I don't like the idea of retirees living off of investment income being taxed more because they managed to put together a sustainable post-retirement income stream. But once it's beyond the 'enough to live off of' level of income, I start lose sympathy in a hurry.

Feel like tossing the phrase around a bit? ^-^; Never know when it will catch on. And it's a much better conversation than the simplistic "Romney pays a low tax rate because [insert dubiously accurate statement here]" that we heard way too often over the past months.
We b looking 4 more than cell phones this term.
I am not sure all these changes are good for the future of America. How is responsible if these changes do a great damage?  What kind of punishment do you think is fare for Democrat Party. Do you think it is fair to make Democrat Party illegal in this great country? Do you think my question is a fair question? Remember, your party so sure that all these changes are good for us! So you should not have worry to make a deal with me. Right? China getting stronger in their army and Rasha gets themselves right to sneak on us with their submarine and simply call it “oops”, and Iran getting closer to have an atom bomb and ……… !! God help us all, one day you’re waking up and see it is too late to make a difference……..   I’m worry for all these none sense changes, and I make your Pary responsible….
+Callum Davis Sorry to bust bubbles, the one drop is STILL TRUE if Obama were to walk up on you he's black, with all the checking his hands and patting YOUR back pocket that we're visual witness'es to every freak'in day, that's not ignoring the perception of  racism,... that's reality!
+Ezra Klein Compelling when you roll it all up into one.   Even more sobering, is the thought of what it will be like after another 150 years...Thank-you for the reflection. 
I'm just commenting on this post cause I don't meet to many ezras 
As a kid growing up, I didn't think I'd see the day when the government forced it's friendship, policies, and ways in the traditional fashion Europe got captured in and I'm not affrad to say the "S" word......We were warned one generation ago. That man wven took a bullitt for the love of freedom melting away. That man was President Reagan, and the "S" word still is "Socialism ". No mater how it's delivered, packaged or sold, it's being done here in it's own way. Thank you all the Veteran's on your day of recognition. 
I TRUST Mr Obama to do the right thing for America, and the right thing on his second term is to balance the budget.
The thing on Obama is though is that he isn't thinking about the lower class citisens of the united states. The one's on low income. I didn't vote for him the first time because he supports abortion and homosexuality.....why do you think he got so many votes more than romney?  Obama wants to legalise gay marriage and my bible plainly in Romans 1 speaks against such perversity!!!!!!! If the people of this nation don't repent and turn to the Lord almighty America may sink and your so loved Obama is heading us in that direction. You may be anit-christ.....but I'm for christ and anyting that is anti-christ I will OPPOSE. I wasn't put in this world to please it or man.....I was put here to please the one God who created me and everyone else on this planet. I've heard enough about those of you that love him so much and voted the man a second time into office, you will reap what you sow.
I completely disagree with the our country's history of the 'one drop rule' and if our president chooses to identify as bi-racial (which he is) then that should be respected. If he chooses to identify only as 'black' or 'African-American' then that should be respected as well. 
Well I can tell you I am 43 and when I was growing up I never saw same sex crap. I saw girls and guys making out in the halls in school and I knew staying a virgin wasn't the coolest thing back then but I did my best till I was 22. I live with conviction and integrity. I am a strong faith filled christian woman that believes in prayer. I never heard of such nasty perversion as men having sex with men and women doing the same with women until I grew up and had my own children. They should have stayed in the closet where they were and I hate people that kill unborn babies!!!!! If they didn't want to get pregnant, they should have kept thier pants on!!!! This nation was build on the biblical principals...scripture!!!! I'm not into religion, I hate it....but I do have a relationship with the creater of this whole universe and I talk and pray with him daily. Without the one that died on the cross being the center of the nations decision making we are going to sink. I don't care who's in office!!!!!
Obama all day! You may not like him or his views but if Romney would have been president you would have seen this country turn upside down, literally. In a bad way. 
I never said Romney goes by the bible!!! I never said either one of them does. But I do know a president that is in office that claims to be christian but is a liar...he full muslum. Now I know not everyone agrees with scripture and christianity, they want to continue to be the god of  their own selves. There is a Kingdom that is not of this world called: THE KINGDOM OF GOD.  If you want to know about the Kingdom....go read the book of Matthew and read the bible, that's all Jesus talked and taught on was the kingdom of God, or the kingdom of heaven. I love all people. I just can't stand what they stand for and do. Abortion and homosexuality are as sin in the scripture. I'm not bringing judgement, I want to hug all that fall short because I fall short myself. I am a licensed minister and I have been for several years now along with my husband of 20 years now and I wouldn't trade my walk with the lover of my soul for anything. You all have a blessed one now.
+jimA thompson I read +Ezra Klein essay. I think it reads like Fourth Estate fluff piece.  It's the same as ever was; e.g; Stop and Frisk in NYC. Even Ezra though the election would be close. Anyone who didn't report Romney's overwhelming defeat isn't ish in my book. 
+Christina Head you are a fucking idiot.
+Christina Head You sad sad person. What is your evidence that Obama is a "muslum"? Is it his middle name? Is it somebody on Fox News saying so? Has he got prayer mats hidden away in the White House? Christianity claims to be about truth, but your version of it is happy to peddle obvious falsehoods.
That's how the liberals view the  world.  Delusional Dirt Squirrels.
Doesn't matter who you are... you're bought and paid for by the wealthy-elite.  
ok I'm against homosexuality but where in the hell did you get any idea of a clue that I am a lesbian? I hate homosexuality and I have never been with women!!!!!!  But I've been with men and I love that hard stuff!!!! women don't do it for me....that I will let you know real quick!!!
+Christina Head Yep, we will reap something close to universal healthcare, the end of a 2nd credit card war, women's rights, and a country aimed to recover from a shitty recession. I'm happy my vote counted.

Side note: God has taught me not to judge people, for everyone has to answer to Him in the end. I personally don't want my kids to be homosexual, but I could care less if someone else wants to. No one on the planet is perfect, and the last one who was died on the cross for all of us. Get over gay rights & let people live their lives like they want. It's about the crown you earn; not you telling someone else how to get theirs. 
jeriame......way to go!!!! I'm on your side!!!! Finally someone that see's it right!!!!
Looks around, sees a political duopoly...

What's changed again?
What happens when China decides to de-peg the Yuan from the US dollar and starts dumping their US Treasuries and interest rates skyrocket, and the only way the government can cover the bills is to hyper-inflate and the poorest of the poor starve to death and the middle class is wiped out?
I have watched president Obama's speeches and the different places he has been. Alot of people know the true faith of Obama, if you are a true christian you won't support abortion or homosexuality.  That is against scripture and that is being a hyprocite!!!! He wants to adapt to any religion to get a vote or make himself look good to the people.
I wish "true" Christians would protest divorce as passionately as they do abortion and homosexuality. I wish they would be passionate about  the rest of the scriptures in bible, like killing people who work on the Sabbath or burning people for wearing garments from two different threads, instead of the selecting a few scriptures that label homosexuals as abominations and force rape victims to marry their attackers. Most of all, I wish they would show the compassion and love that Christ demonstrated instead of the hate that the devil preaches. These are just a few wishes from a humble man wishing for a better world! 
+Christina Head ....Obama being a Christian does not mean he has to impose his belief on others, do not forget that he is a leader of people with different beliefs, from different back grounds. You should really think he will put christianity rules on everybody, really?
+Raj Vbolla, Are you fucking retarded? How the fuck is killing people that work on "the sabbath" make for a better world?
+Raj Vbolla well said, they call them selves Christians when it's matters of abortion, how about Love one another
Kevin Facer.....This nation is also founded on FREEDOM OF SPEECH. So as everyone else in this stupid conversation is doing......I voice my freedom of speech. I am full blooded american and proud of it and I really don't care who I make mad. Jesus turned over the tables in the synagog because they were trying to sell merchandise in the temple.  In any case, I'm not here to preach. I just voiced my right of speech just like everyone else. Yall enjoy yalls debating over who would have been the best. Have fun. I know my bible and what it says and I know alot more than you think I do. For I am the living can I say that?  Because he lives and resides in me.  What they said to him, they will say to me.  As he was and is on and this earth, I am on the earth as the same. Nice talking to you.
So Kevin, does that mean you are a bible believeing are trying to preach to me now.  I have the right to scream against God...that's all a part of having a relationship with him.  He wants me to be real and show my anger and my pain and my joy.  I'm getting off of here before I go in an area I really don't want to go and it won't be christ like.
You people are in for some real suprises in the next four. Your fantasies will be destroyed.
+Raj Vbolla +Christina Head Unless you haven't noticed, there is such a principle of freedom of religion at the foundation of this country. This is the freedom to accept and reject belief and to do so without fear of repression of persecution. This pretty much means that ANY opinion based on religion is OPTIONAL. Anyone's option to accept or reject. Besides, unless you sit on your roof every time you gossiped, never sat on a chair that a menstruating woman sat on and make all your own clothing, then you have nothing to say really. Because that means you yourself have chosen which commandments and religious law to follow and which to reject. Please respect other's right to do the same thing. Remember that EVERY interpretation of ANY religion is just as fallible as the man who interpreted it. Don't presume to know what you merely believe.
A government is not a business. A balanced budget is not always the best priority for a government. Didn't any of you obnoxious Angry White Guys ever show up to ninth grade civics class?

A lot of that deficit is rich Republicans getting wars started off the books, which Bush then heavily privatized so the Treasury could be looted outright. The nation shouldn't suffer cuts in services- Bush/ Cheney should be prosecuted!

It also bears noting that if Chinas heavily devalued currency was forced into reality a lot of our current deficit would disappear immediately. Find out some facts before you run your mouths. 
America's moving forward. Very slowly and with missteps, but moving forward. The Taliban, I mean Tea Party, just has to learn to like it.
All I can say to this bunch of liberal BS is that the veterans of WWII who fought and a died for our freedom would be embarraasd for our country has become. Bend over here comes the change.
The nation falling apart is a BS expression for us white men are no longer running things and kicking everyone else around- WAAAHH! Well quit being racist, sexist crybabies! The nation is stronger for repudiating Roger Ailes and Karl Rove, The Mormon Puppet and Paul "stark nuts" Ryan.

Assaults on our liberties have never gone down well. Now lets see Wall St. bankers indicted and prosecuted!
Gee liZZY what would happen if China wanted their money by next week?
Let's see if you still have those pompoms out in 4 years. Our country cannot sustain these debt levels. Does your dollar go as far as it did 4 years ago? Do you have a job? As a nation we must get our budget balanced and create a climate that grows business and rewards success instead of one that stifles growth and devices us by preying on envy. 
+Joe Gaspar  No fucktard. Read through the whole thing first and then respond. You're proving my point by picking and choosing words from my post to fit your narrow narrative. Take a reading comprehension class you Moron!!
The problem +Raj Vbolla is that you first post was textually confusing. As you started you sentence with "I wish..." the rest was not very clear on the sarcasm of that wish. It would have been clearer if put as a question like:"I'd like to see what happened if..." or "Wouldn't it be interesting to see..." or "I wonder why not..."... So I don't think +Joe Gaspar  is a "fucktard". I think he misinterpreted your "I wish" as a genuine desire. And I don't blame him, cause I did at first too... I had to read it 3 times to open up to the possibility that it could be sarcastic. So don't judge so quickly and look at what you can do to be better understood.

P.S. So long comment short, perhaps instead of sending +Joe Gaspar to reading comprehension class, +Raj Vbolla  should go to communicative writing class.
It's too bad though that we did not pass, ratify, or even *write* a bill for a universal health care system.  Telling people they have to buy insurance does not equate to actually providing coverage for all.  I would love to be able to say by the end of 2016 that he has indeed accomplished what you attribute to him, though the historical record thus far suggests that will likely not be the case.
1) You are what your father is Obama is black. 2) Obama's mother chose life.3) Christian belief includes belief in the Bible and it's teachings 4) Owing China money don't seem kosher, we have always been the one being owed, Thank you Obama. 5) How people say he helps the poor I don't understand that one
+Friday Foster :"Why do TeaOPers claim they love America when all they can do is imagine nightmare, doomsday scenarios?"

Because they secretly long for the apocalypse.
+Tas Graphas uh.. shared out of Love. Isn't that obvious? How in the world is being forced to support things you are opposed to in every possible way by the government TAKING your earnings relate in any way?
We liberated the slaves thanks to the anti slavery activists that founded the Republican Party. Civil Rights Act of 1957 1964 and 1965 all passed because of Republicans in congress which were opposed by racist democrats. We have passed a massive entitlement program that leads us down the path to britain quality health care and death panels, waiting lists and rationing of care. We have prolonged the great recession - which was in fact caused by massive government regulation in the housing-banking industry. We have been downgraded by two credit agencies. We have doubled our national debt...and still climbing. We have passed a stimulus which has yet to produce any stimuli in this economy. And we have appointed two radical left wing activist judges to the supreme court. We have cut funding to defense and Nasa's shuttle program. We have more people now dependent on welfare and food stamps than ever before. 

Exciting times. To be fair, cheers on the war on terror. But domestically, we're in for a long ride. Good to know we have a VP we can count on for a good laugh every now and then.
Were still slaves dude just get paid now instead of being tortured. Don't think so name one thing that is free. 
This shows a lot of good things they happen when the whole country works together. It's almost uplifting to see what has been accomplished. Sorry I must sound like a hippy. 
Let's blame the black dude for everything that's gone wrong because of policies implemented before he came along including the Clinton years.
Agree. I also think that the Republican opposition was the most destructive I have seen. In my 60 years on the planet. As such, it created an embarrassing and crippling governing environment. The hatred against the President and the unprecedented level of vitriol were disgraceful for all Americans. 
Although segregation was just 50 years ago. Bad United States, bad. Luckily it did go away though, whew. 
Ezra Klein,
If we defy God, Mother nature, Science and the Laws of Nature in our law making, then we have a price to pay! God is everything and we know nothing except bad qualities. Greg.
+christiana Head , I totally agree wih u and by the way, there's alot hidden in this health policy that isnt just right.
and still no female president yet...while the "third world" already have their share of female ones.
+Gregory Summers Why do you say "if we defy god"? Do you defy god? Do you consider yourself part if that group? In that case, you are free to stop defying god, if you so choose. However, if I choose to defy god, then let me do so. I'm sure he can put the consequences on me if he so desires, without your help. And don't refer to "us" as "we" but rather "them" cause I don't consider you part of my group when talking about god.
Wait, you think the universal health care is good? And you think we are out of this Depression? Look at the debt sign is New York City, then we will see how you feel.
Eko Prasetyo, why do you want The United States to copy third world country's when we are and always have been, the greatest nation on earth with all the third world countries wanting to be like us?
Truly remarkable but we are in debt way above our head never before paralleled in history.
Hubris thy name is +Darrell Crosby.

From the school of "If I say it three times it must be true." school of historical anthropology...  
We are the us not a 3rd world country. If you like 3rd world then go live thier no one is stopping you. Id rather be free and have what we have. then have the us start working over seas like we are doing now I think ours horse shit. We have the resources here why go in other countries to make jobs when we need it here??
LOL at "We stopped a Great Depression, rewrote the nation’s financial regulations, and nearly defaulted on our debt for the first time in our history".
+Friday Foster Ummm do you actually watch the news? Unemployment is high, the stock market is not doing well and the economy is virtually in the toilet. Granted Obama inherited many problems hindering his success but don't lie to give people false hope. 
You forgot one.
The first time in American history that a majority of 18-29 year olds think Socialism is a positive thing rather than negative.
No, that's not a good thing.
The changes are so broad because we have continued to broaden the electorate. And that is only good for the country.
I'll see all the anti-President Obama comments, and raise you "332 to 206". Fold - or lose... again.
They aren't anti-Obama comments. They are anti-Bush comments. It's all his fault, remember? Or is Obama taking responsibility now and nobody knows it?
Ur a fucking moron!!! He's already destroyed this country and he will make even worse!!!!! 
+Dale Stanton NO that will never change. If its one thing the last 4 years has shown us, accountability is not in the socialist dictionary. Scapegoat however...........that's sacred.
+J. Henry Goins Taxi drivers do that regardless of race. Like it or not many taxi drivers are only like picking up people who they think will give them a decent tip.
Protip: If you want instant cab service take out a few dollars and hold it in the hand you are signaling cabs with and add that money on top of your mandatory tip.
Avoided another Great Depression? You will be eating those words soon enough. Stay tuned for a historic selloff in the markets. 
Seen the Debt Clock lately? Funny how it keeps counting up. National Debt, Trade Deficit, all kinds of fun things.
Whaa u ppl amaze me with the Bible qoutes if your that damn good go open a church. Nobody. Seems. To ever know. How. Too stick to the. Subject matter
+David Wills I'll see your 332 to 206 and raise you Benghazi Congressional hearings. General Ham replaced, CIA director adultery story...gone, Hillary Clinton....out. Pre investigation damage control? Sniff sniff smells like Nixon to me.
The level of naïveté amongst Democrats is remarkable when evidence abounds to correct their notions. 
+Callum Davis your thought process is flawed, ask your self this...
If we were in the time of slavery and segregation how would he be viewed? Do you think he would be a free man of slave?  Do you think he would use your restroom or the one around back? I think we all know the answers huh.
Its a secret, full govenorment dependency. We tellyou whats good for you, no you can't decide.
+Frank Hazelton its a shame you and the red's keep bringing up the Benghazi issue, IF it was a failure on the administrations part so be it, but to harp on the death of four POSSIBLY through fault of this administration and be silent on the thousands sent to die based on lies by Bush and his administration is another eyeopener for us on how far the red's will go to discredit this president at any cost. 
I love how Klein doesn't even acknowledge the first black Secretaries of State. 
There's a lot of 'we' in that paragraph that has nothing to do with POTUS and everything to do with American genius.
+Christina Head Romans 1 does not say anything about gay marriage. Romans. 1 talks about those who turn their back on God. It says nothing about those who act out of love and embrace the partner that God has chosen for them, be that the same gender or not. God is the source of all love, not just straight love. Unnatural lusts are a whole different thing, as unrelated to gay marriage as rape is for straight marriage.

I get so tired of people misciting Paul on this topic. It's blatant homophobia making people put their own interpretation on the writings of Paul. 
let me correct a few of your mistakes...

nobody has elected or re-elected a black president... this man was selected by the mega-rich because he is good puppet and figure head to do the illuminati's bidding... there hasn't been a fair or honest election in the USA since 1976...

nobody killed a dangerous terrorist... the man to whom you refer was a CIA agent... died in December 2001... you have fallen for a big lie... told at a time when the puppet president's ratings badly needed a boost... neither did this CIA agent perpetrate 9/11 as claimed... another lie that the stupid American public has fallen for...

nobody has managed two wars... since war has never been declared... a more accurate description would be illegal and indiscriminate killing campaigns... more deceit by the jewish banksters that run the USA and the world... blaming innocent muslims for their evil deeds...

I'm an American citizen... now living in a much better place than the USA... disgusted about what has come to my homeland...and the lies told by our leaders... the intelligent people of the world know that 9/11 was a lie... that steel buildings only come down with explosives... oklahoma city... bin laden... rigged elections... systematic theft of the people in the name of bailouts... unending war... elimination of our civil liberties in the name of security... CIA running the world drug trade... and so many other lies...

It's time the American people get a clue... get rid of the shadow government that is really running the country... and go back to the constitution... before it's gone forever...

<end rant>
A lot of changes. But most, not the right ones.
Sorry, I did not make or get my information from Paul, I got my information from original language that is conclusive enough to be called our first language of the planet as us humans interpreted from this language what we all believe to be that of "God", as told us by "God" what the original laws and rules were that were set by him / her as also accordingly by science as well. As according to the British version interpreted from the Hebrew language ( King James Version) "God" did say a man or woman lying with the same is considered a cardinal sin, both are very dirty. "God" made man, then made woman from one of man's ribs. God Made Woman so man would not be lonely and to be able to bring fruit into the land by the body of the woman. There for since the beginning of this planet it has been one woman for one man and that is exactly how our marriages originally go. Same sex marriage may be legal by some human standards but it is not legal by God's standards and never ever will be. God is the cause of all causes except for our own human activities in which we are to serve God and learn the differences between good and evil. "Love" is not to be made dirty by our own self sense gratifications to participate in sick sex or what we all have been taught about sex! "Love" is purer than water, crystal and diamonds. "love" is "God" and "God" is "love" period!!!! By example - Jesus the only begotten son of "God" died on the cross and so did "God", so us, "we" inferior humans can and will be saved to go back home, only if we can see the light know what is right. When we all recognize that we are all a part of God, all living creatures big and small and can accept all unconditionally in the right manner then and only then can we go back home to God head and be with him / her for forever, beyond eternity and more..... So long as we keep all our desires focused in and on the right places, otherwise hell starts all over again!!!! Thank you. Greg.
We stopped a great depression! ... You ain't seen nothin yet.
"Managed two wars"... The imperialist overtones are remarkable. 
The USA appears to be moving forward since the terrible years of discontent under George W Bush, whose presidency had been a global disaster of truly titanic proportions.
Reads like a Washington Consensus masturbation piece.

There's a flip side to Liberalism, like the deregulation that destroyed the economy and with it many lives, the stagnation of wages in favour of corporate profit, or the coup d'état of our democracy via political donations. 

Let's not fool ourselves into thinking that we are not blindly falling deeper into fascism. Business is now the priority in nearly every public matter, there's mass incarnation, record levels of depression, personal debt and extreme economic inequality. 

We now openly support profit over people and even make a competitive spectacle out of who can purchase our congress. The President has granted himself the right to kill, the authorities can indefinitely detain citizens without due process, the surveillance economy now has corporations competing to control the internet, for profit prisons have reinvented slavery, and let's not forget offshore torture and detention with Guantanamo, which conveniently subvert our founding principles.

The plutocracy cares little which formal freedoms we are granted, we can have it all and go wild, just as long as the political discourse is remains extremely narrow.

Buy a politician, no problem, walk done the street with an AK-47, go ahead, pollute irreplaceable aquifers through fracking, good for you. Raise taxes on corporations, IMPOSSIBLE! clamp down on Tax Havens, MADNESS! Universal Public Health Care, COMMUNIST! 

On one side Liberalism is improving things for the benefit of all, for example, woman rights and gay marriage offer much needed equality and diversity. But we are all not benefitting, quite the opposite, as the opposing side which is fuelled by greed and self-interest has things on lockdown.
Ihope during his final term, he will ensure we negotiate and realize the co-extistance of an independent palestine state alongside that of Israel
Odumbocare is going to kill this country. One mining company already laid off 156. Now Papa Johns pizza is going to cut all employees to 30 hours a week.

The Observer-Reporter who supported Odumbo is laying off people Dec 31st.

to john, that's what they said about ...civil rights ,equal rights , woman's rights to vote ,the ending of voting rights , interracial marriage ,social security ,food and product safety ,,,,etc,etc,etc,,, people like you are always afraid of change ,,,,this small sacrifice we make today betters our nation and preserves our union ,,,time will prove me right and you and your ilk will always be proven wrong ,,because when you put the majority of Americans first ..instead of the corporations ,   the people always do better and the country always grows and prospers ....
You forgot first credit downgrade, first $6 trillion expenditure, most divided nation since the civil war, nastiest campaign ever waged, most cover-ups in a 4-year term, least transparent presidency, least presential president ever, highest number of unemployed and on food stamps, most unfulfilled campaign promises and the least attention paid to security briefings.  I've got to ask you-what does it take to piss you off?
Sima M
For half the stuff you've listed: Feel free to blame Congress for their inability to get their stuff straight enough to execute their constitutional responsibility.

A lot of your "facts" stated above are just plain wrong, Frank. Obviously, you have access to the internet, so why don't you attempt to do some research (1) straight from the primary source and  (2) from non-partisan analysis.

And least presidential president? Pfft, you're reaching if you needed to throw in some ridiculous subjective fluff to fill out your paragraph. Be careful, Frank, you sound a bit like yet another disgruntled hack.  People tend to point and giggle at folks like that.
Sima M
Oh, also - the Constitution? You can find the text of it online. Feel free to read it at any point to help inform your opinion.
Change is difficult for those who ignore it.

Change will make you blind if you don't see it.

Change reflects the path democracy walks.

Will you embrace change when it comes, or just complain about it?
And in the end the common man and women did not even get a kiss but we will pay for it with our sweat and blood.
All very admirable, but just like the political establishment in my country (England) not doing A THING about the criminal and corrupt financial institutions, when this problem is addressed come back and maybe then you can take some credit.  
+Isaiah Cabino .. showing off with intellectual statements ,such as ''oh shut up'' .to such a statement of historical & ''WELCOMING'' Facts . really does you proud. !!.. BUT I SUPPOSE FOLKS  LIKE YOU ,WITH SUCH HIGH LEVELS OF INTELLECT WOULD PREFER WE GO BACKWARDS ... YES ?
Obama will go down as the president who bankrupted the USA. 
yes..he's planning to do just that....and don't think for one minute that the reason some of the above changes were made because the people wanted was pushed onto us from High Pressure....the main stream media and unGodly morals.
So, what you're saying, in a nutshell, is we're going to hell in a handbasket right?
Including more than 50% "takers", outnumbering "producers", wonderful!
a two term black president
no more slavery or segregated bathrooms
a health-care system, that even Mitt admits is working (if only on a state level)
a female Speaker of the House
the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice
the first openly gay member of the Senate
a Great Depression stopped 
and legalized marijuana
Constitutes hell...
we will have progressed when we stop defining ourselves by how many minorities achieve stature. and Obama is bi-racial, i don`t know why people keep omitting that.
it`s confusing when people use "he, they, them" if your gonna bitch about someone, tell us who your bitchin about.
Change what? There are war zone created by the US under the banner of being world super cop.

Ok for all those who are still wondering, here is a link to the white house page that keeps track of all the open petitions to the u.s. gubment.
To date 30....let me repeat that 30 states have petitioned to leave the union. In order to be heard by the POTUS, a petition has to gain 25,000 signatures within 30 days of being filed.
As of right now alot of the states do not have anywhere near the signatures needed but they still have approx. 28 days to get them.
More shocking though is that texas has over 60,000 signatures.
Granted most of these states are romney supporters who are crying because their guy didn't win.
An ever growing number of these states though are decidedly democratic states who supported obama.
Do you think this is just a fad that will be forgotten in a few weeks?
Or do you think this is the beginning of a new chapter in our nations history?
Are the people really ready to rise up and throw off the yokes of corporate greed?
Are we ready to govern ourselves again?
Personally I hope so.
Barack obama is trying to change this world into world of hell and his followers will always be with him wherever he goes. to u the companion of hell u think he is performing a good act but instead he is doing the opposite of good. politics is full of evil and if u keep on supporting it u too will be among the evil.
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