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Typically, presidential elections are about, well, hope and change. The candidates make lots of promises about all the policies they’ll change, then they hope that they can get those promises through Congress. Usually, they fail.

President Obama’s reelection, ironically, isn’t about hope and change. The hope is largely gone, but the changes -- in the form of Obamacare, Wall Street reform, and tax increases -- are already happening. Obama's reelection is a guarantee of change.
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We learned
don't worry Obama you goner win again
No hope here, socialism is not a good change for America. My last word.... For 4 years. 
Simon T
Again with the socialism talk? That's so 2012. The problem Republicans face is that their message slipped out. 
Neither Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Green Party, nor Cocktail Party...I normally steer away from politics, but I bet the reason why Obama won his second term is that Romney greatly under-estimated the voter's sense of reality. His entire campaign was focused on Obama's massive spending didn't fix all of the problems. Tom Brokaw once compared Obama's situation to Roosevelt's situation. I think that the voters realized that our country's problems would take longer than 4 years. I do know that it was a very nasty and hard fought campaign on both sides but Romney's complaints had little support to back up his claims.    
FDR's massive spending DID help the economy.  If we had dusted off the WPA, CCC, or CWA in Obama's first year, I don't think we'd still be in the jobs mess we are.   But you can't tell a Republican that.  They opposed it 75 years ago, too.
Yeah, but he spent 6x the nation's GDP to generate well, not nearly as much return. Many economists and historians have since decided that he probably did more harm to the economy than good with his constant shifting of policies and frequent mixing of programs to try to jump start something that was already working itself out by the time he stuck his fingers into it. The only thing that is certain is that the war hurt economic recovery and that we had to spend a ton to save Germany and Japan from falling into another economic collapse similar to what happened after WWI thanks to someone's ill-advised harsh concession requirements.
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