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The Bush economy is one of the worst on record. Median wages dropped. Poverty worsened. Inequality increased. Surpluses turned into deficits. Monthly job growth was weaker than it had been in any expansion since 1954. Economic growth was sluggish. And that’s before you count the financial crisis that unfurled on his watch. Add the collapse to the equation, and Bush’s record goes from “not so good” to “I can’t bear to look.”

Was all that his fault? Of course not. No economy is entirely under the president’s control. He didn’t create the tech bubble or 9/11. His responsibility for the financial crisis is, at best, partial. But Bush’s economic policies -- including massive, deficit-financed tax cuts, and his reappointing of Alan Greenspan to lead the Federal Reserve -- mattered. And, rightly or wrongly, the American people blame him for the aftermath. He left office one of the most unpopular presidents in U.S. history. And the anger has stuck: A recent YouGov poll found that 56 percent blame Bush “a great deal” or “a lot” for economic problems. Only 41 percent said the same about President Obama.

Given all that, you’d think Republicans would be running from anything or anyone who even vaguely reminded Americans of our 43rd president. In fact, the GOP seems eager to get the old gang back together.
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Don P
But the rich got richer, so Mission Accomplished!

The Bush admin worked quite well for his true base.
There are a certain amount of people who voted for Bush (like me, 2X), who still have a genuine regard for him, some of his staff, and some of his decisions.

It's actually kind of funny because in their race to find justification to knock Obama upside the head, many people who voted for Bush have taken to saying, "Well I was no fan of Bush either" by way of trying to justify criticism of a president who has either been hindered by, or continued, previous Bush policy.

So the level of Bush support is wider than people are willing to admit.

Dogs know the whistle and Romney is willing to blow it.
The average poor american today is wealthier and has more stuff than the average poor american 200 years ago. People watch too many Hollywood flicks and than want to compare themselves to the stars.
Obama is so much better right? I can agree with you only on one thing. It is not the president’s fault. Romney, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr. are all the same for all I care. It is the system that our country operates with. It’s like living in a Matrix. We wake up, go to work (those who still work), come back, watch Jersey Shore or Dancing with the Stars or CNN or MSNBC or FOX, get the instructions from them on how to think and how to form our opinions, and go back to sleep. That is why I vote Ron Paul. It is like waking up from Matrix. Just take a listen and open your mind and analyze what he is saying. You might learn something (I do not mean disrespect here) – I certainly learned a great deal. Stop the welfare state (except for those who truly need it), stop the foreign aid, stop the FED, get our liberties and freedoms back, reduce the government, get back to sound money, stop all involvement in other countries except for trading, stop the militarism (not the defense), reevaluate what role the government should play in our lives. Stop the group privileges like unions, minorities, etc. We should be treated like individuals. Everyone should be treated equally according to our laws. Government should not and cannot choose winners or losers. Both R and D are afraid of him, which is why we do not see or hear about him on main stream media.
Rather than, I seem Team Romney cannot feel that the Bush years were terrible.
I think that is expected from the Establishment. They not going to blame what is the status quo...
Same old gang, same old economic ideas that didn't work the first time around.
Leo Sam
wars take victims, and the economy is one of them.
The United States had a "lost decade" but how many people even know? Politics is the art of making people forget.
Three years into Obama and an election around the corner, let's keep blaming Bush. "It's the last guys fault my CHANGE hasn't worked."---Obama
Bush years WERE terrible. Obama years were far worse. The next 4 regardless of president will be even worse than that. Deal
All you equality folks that want to pay more taxes send me an email and get with me, Im sure we can work something out.
I'd imagine they are cherry picking, just like you are. For example, Romney should point to $1.50 gas prices under Bush a $4.00 under Obama. Nothing wrong with that. Don't ever expect someone to have no bias, just make sure to get the news from both sides.
The Bush years were terrible in my opinion. I remember paying much more than $1.50 a gallon in gas under Bush. I can't blame Bush or Obama for that directly. The Oil market is international and way outside of Americas direct control. We can all be upset about the lack of policy to push very hard for alternative fuel sources required to get us off of oil.

There was massive redistribution of wealth under president Bush. It just shifted toward the rich or the minority in America. That seems to be okay for most people for some reason. Why is beyond me. On the reverse side of the coin things didn't improve for the middle class and poor. We should be asking why is that? In any country you want the standard of living to rise for the whole country not the few. To me policy needs to be focused on that. I currently blame the House of Representatives for lack of action. I haven't heard anything about a jobs bill. I hear about cutting spending that will impact the Middle Class and poor. Then i hear all about more tax cuts for the rich the Ryan Plan. That worked under Bush to make the rich richer. I'm sure if we continue to do the same thing we will end up with the same result. Think and try something different please. As an American I am begging.
Not so terrible for Mittens. He got massive tax breaks, and he doesn't really care about the rest.
Yes, during Bush's terms in office, gas prices were at one point $1.50. Not that I'm praising the 2nd biggest spending president in our history. Your post on who we should be trusting to take what actions troubles me. With their record on...everything, why do you trust the government to solve the "REdistribution" problem? And do you believe that redistribution is the solution? That the government should point guns at the rich in order to push their money to the poor? That Robin Hood was a moral character, and the government should take his actions to heart? I would say, no, the government can't help the poor or middle class. Have they helped lately? Has the war on poverty in the 60's produced any results? The poverty rate says there hasn't been a point of progress with the trillions spent. I would suggest we don't look to those who create our problems to save us from their creations. I would suggest the best thing the government can do is to get out of our way so we can fix our own lives with greater ease.
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