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Hosting Last Word tonight, 10pm ET on MSNBC. And in my never-ending quest to have the nerdiest show to ever cross your television screen, we have not only graphs, but a segment that is about both Mitt Romney and...Star Trek. Sorry/you're welcome.
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You do great work +Ezra Klein. And yes, its the nerdiest show to ever cross my television screen :) ...keep rockin'!
De nada. Let me know how it is. I'll be out drinking sine beers so I won't get to catch it. 
I'll be making cheesecakes and drinking mojitos, but it'll be on.
kat a
The Worf clip last night made my day.
John Ef
MSNBC.........most skittish neo bullshit con<><><><><>
They should give you your own show, but I suspect you're already too busy for that.
I often skip The Last Word, but I never, ever skip any show +Ezra Klein is hosting!
I loved last night's show. My husband and I literally laughed out loud when Worf went by in the intro sound bites.
Damn all you chatterboxes! Now I'll have to watch last night's cold open all over again to see if I can spot Worf!
I hope "Professor Warren" or whoever gets the call is successful with the filibuster, it would signal Obama and the Dem's bringing the hammer down... never caught on to the number 47 on STNG, thanks!
Nerdy' well OK but se already have fox,lol
They'e all quietly re-arranging the set to welcome the spin to the new GOP!
You should have your very own primetime show, between Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow.  You've earned it.
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