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Hosting the Last Word on MSNBC tonight. Gonna get into why Grover Norquist is suddenly not such a scary guy, why the CEO of Goldman Sachs's plan to make you to work until you're much, much older, and we've of course got some great, great graphs. Tune in!
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It's hard to take Norquist seriously since he accused the Obama administration of portraying Romney as "Mr Poopy Head".
I watched about 20 minutes of a Grover Norquist press conference sorta thing on CSPAN today and felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.  That guy spins up the full-bore reality distortion field. 
+Ezra Klein You're amazing.  Still waiting for you to not make perfect sense about something.   My favorite Rachel Maddow moments are usually when you come on.  Keep rockin'.
I am at work...........argh...
Would love to see you Ezra. 
You can watch The Last Word on the internet after it has aired on TV.
Let's hear it for the Ezra Klein Show. No really I mean it. Spot on comments about raising age of eligibility And a wonderful question asked. 
Great job tonight on MSNBC. Loved your rant on S.S. keep up the passion. It looks good on you
Thank you, for echoing studies that have constantly pointed out the immense, automatic, common sense benefits of  the simplicity of raises the cap on S.S payroll taxes. Everytime I here big-mouth MJ Joe Scarborough rant  on means testing, raising the retirement age I waited for someone, anyone,  to tell him what you just said.
Glad to hear someone finally say not everyone likes their jobs. I love the company I work for, great pay with excellent benefits, but physically the work is becoming too demanding, and as I approach my mid sixties I have had to scale back my hours just to continue the work. And even though I am well educated and in good health there is no way I could find new work that pays as well with the same benefit package. Medicare and Social Security are just around the corner and I plan on being one of the so-called moochers.
Personally, I think the government should let people such as myself retire early with full SS and Medicare benefits and open my work spot to a younger person. In return I could be required to give 15 hours a week to a charity for the full benefit package. This would solve two problems of allowing me to protect my health and opening my job to someone younger with the energy and enthusiasm for  doing it.
Oh by the way I have been paying for my SS and Medicare since 1970 after serving three years in the Marines. I didn't get the chance to flee to France as did Romney.
Norquist has his own agenda, I for one want my senators working for me not him.
I think Norquist just went into the "twilight light zone" with recent comments believing he has more clout than Obama's re-election, as they say he's gone off the freak'in reservation!
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