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Today's jobs report is expected to say that the economy added around 150,000 jobs in April. That's a disappointment after the straight months of 200,000+ job growth was had at the beginning of the year. But I know better than to think this is just a letdown. I know it's the first-quarter curse.

For the last few years, the economy has played the same trick on us: in or around the first quarter, jobs growth suddenly roars to life. And then, just as belief in the recovery takes hold, we slump back into stagnation. In 2010, for instance, the average monthly jobs growth in March, April and May was 316,000. That was distorted by temporary hiring for the decennial Census. But after 24 months of straight jobs losses, it was exciting. It got Bernanke began talking about "green shoots." And then, in June, the economy lost 167,000 jobs. So much for the shoots.

Then, in 2011, the same thing happened. Between February and April, average job growth was 239,000. There was talk that we were finally out of the woods. And then came four months in which job growth averaged 80,000.
WONKBOOK | For the last few years, the economy has played the same trick on us.
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Its a crazy kind of world. Since the economy sucks, even though people are in a job they hate, they are staying in place instead of seeking the "new and better" jobs. Those who are in a position to hire people are hesitant because they don't know if the "floor is solid under their feet" and those who are without a job are hesitant to go look for a job because they feel like nobody is hiring. Those that ARE hiring are finding are raising their standards for hiring because they know that more highly qualified people are out there looking for a job. Entry level applicants are looking for that first job but overqualified, previously laid-off employees are in those entry-level jobs. It is a vicious cycle that is not easy to break. I am thankful for my job and my position.

I am happy and make an ok paycheck. You won't find me complaining for sure.
Numbers just released were worse. People are in jobs they don't truly care for, are over qualified for and just hanging on. While corporation are still off shore, have large bank rolls. Why not as they and are not tempted or punish for hiding profits working for free and not paying for doing business in US. Is it healthcare that scares them, is it that they are not punished for having a post box in Barbados or are they losing faith in the Amaerica. We need measures in place to intice business to make investments in the US, we need to fix our roads, bridges. We need faith in the American worker. Tech is doing well but this is the lowest partisipation in the labor force since the early 80's. We are on the verge of another stimular package, will it be a managible one? Or just pushed out debt to the youth? Stimulus is scary and we haven't even touch the mortgage issue.
Guess the only thing I have to add is may the 4th be with you (us) 
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