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I'm hosting the Ed Show tonight on MSNBC, 8pm ET. We'll have a lot on Libya, with Spencer Ackerman, Ben Smith, Keith Ellison, and more. We'll also have more than you might expect games.
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A huge upgrade in my opinion! I'll be watching Ezra.
Hands up if you only watch the Ed Show when Ezra is hosting. :)
You should get your own show, much civilized show we can watch in Television. Wish there was a stream, I cut Directv.
i used to watch when i had a tv+cable.  now i just download the rachel maddow show.  you need a show too, ezra!
You are the Jeremy Lin of MSNBC.
I see Ezra decided to have someone update Google+ finally. :) Glad to have you back, if only temporarily. 
Great job Ezra, when are you getting your own show? :D
Excellent show I just finished washing it, I am currently in Belgium. I am so happy to see you hosting the Ed show, hopefully you will be getting your own show soon:-)
You did a magnificent job. Can't wait for you to get a shoe of your own. Keep up the great work on TV and your blog. 
We want you to have your own show Ezra.
You did a great job this week.  I look forward to seeing you regularly. Thanks.  I wish they would put you on the weekend. 
I don't understand why they show HardBall at 5pmEST and 7pmEST.  They should give him one hour, move everything up one hour and give you a show following Rachel.
Well, if we're talking "should" here, they should probably fire most of the hosts (Ed, Al, Chris) and hire Ezra and some other people who aren't mouth-breathing, partisan hacks.
MSNBC has become a viable counterpart to FOX.  There's no point in just having one-sided partisan punditry.
Even if you're going to have partisan punditry, your hosts should be above a basic intelligence threshold. (Of course, Fox violates this as well.)
OK  Now you're just resorting to name calling.  FOX - Unintelligent and dangerous.
there is a difference between lying or misrepresenting the situation and being partisan. I can respect partisan, but misrepresenting
the data is lying.  The same reason I don't read certain polls. You can "weight" for a twist in the data that gives an answer that 
is more an opinion than a reflection of truth.  Like Gallup generally researches "white upwardly mobile" as a group for their polls.   That knowledge gives you an understanding of a point of view.  Rasmussen on the other hand modifies the data by "weights" that "better represents" the conservative point of view.  So that data is a marketing tool not a serious poll.  The same is true of "Fair and Balanced".  You gotta do your homework if you want to know what is going on.
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