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The worst of Romney’s now-infamous comments about “the 47 percent” came in this couplet: “My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Put aside the tin-eared term “those people.” When he said this, Romney didn’t just write off half the country behind closed doors. He also confirmed the worst suspicions about who he is: an entitled rich guy with no understanding of how people who aren’t rich actually live.
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+Ezra Klein thanks for all you do. I enjoy your writings and commentary. A breath of fresh air! +Daniele Vega and I were just talking it not that long ago.
That statement is becoming a core belief of the Republican party...despicable.
Well said: "The working poor haven’t abdicated responsibility for their lives. They’re drowning in it."
+Roger Hammer It seems lately that both parties are so willing to trounce each other that it's gotten to the point that nobody really cares. When we get to that point we start to obliterate civil rights along with every word that our founding fathers put into a document called the Constitution.  Where I'm at there is such a clique of corruption it's truly despicable.
It's true - it really is hard to be poor. But even the relatively poor conservatives I know seem to think that they are the exception -- and that all the other poor people in world are lazy and abusing the system.
Brah....he didn't say, "It's not my job to worry about the poor," he said they have every opportunity to get themselves out of poverty...stay safe brah. 
The problem is thinking that 47% of our nation is poor or on the dole, complete ignorance
+Kit Malone Probably because of the trash TV that everyone is so accustomed to. Also those so-called media outlets (aka think tank co-op) propagating fake stories and self promoting stories made up just to fill airtime and for ratings purposes. 
It's an easy quote to pounce on and I think it was a mistake.  I'm not a flat taxer, but I think almost everyone earning an income should contribute something (even if it is a small amount) to the federal tax base.  It should be viewed as a form of civic duty that we can all be proud of rather than something only the rich are responsible for.  Not to mention that the natural tendency is to keep nudging the "wealthy" cut-off higher so more people can avoid paying taxes.  It is a dangerous game to expect a small minority to shoulder most of the financial cost while simultaneously vilifying them for being wealthy.  Which Americans should contribute to our defense, enforcement of the rule of law, and infrastructure?  Again, I say almost everyone making an income.
Maybe Willard needs to read this:

A sample:

Being poor is people who have never been poor wondering why you choose to be so.
Being poor is knowing how hard it is to stop being poor.
Being poor is seeing how few options you have.
Being poor is running in place.

I think the only people pouncing on this quote are big cry babies
Add disability and poor health to the list of draws on limited mental resources, but your post makes some good points.
I am part of the 47% Mr. Romney talked about. I don't pay a dime in taxes, yet I support him.

Liberals say "everybody needs to pay their fair share". Everybody should mean Everybody, not just the wealthy.

Every liberal seems to have their hand out. Its sad that our country has become an entitlement society where so many people oppose hard work to earn what they have.
The sad truth is Mitt is in the 47%. He doesn't pay normal income taxes. This is why he won't release his tax returns. He gave John McCain 12 years of tax returns and McCain picked Palin instead. He is a spoiled rich kid!!
+John Nelson 61% of this 47% do have jobs AND pay a federal tax though, the Payroll Tax. When you add up both the employers AND employees portion of the payroll tax, we are paying 15%. A higher percentage than Mitt Romney pays in federal income tax.(And that's just the year we know about.) That's the issue here. A multimillionaire is paying a lower percentage than someone making 50K per year, while at the same time attacking them for being lazy, entitled, tax avoiding moochers. 
Romney was absolutely right.  The entitlement class that democrats have fostered for decades will never vote for anyone that might try to reform the failing social programs.  
+Spencer Scott its funny how the "entitlement class" you speak of inhabits all the Republican states.
Where they reside means nothing.  The entitlement class will be on entitlements regardless of where they are from.  They are democrat voters, and only do so because of what "free stuff" they can continue to get.
+Bill Thick, Jr. It's not just "liberals" who are benefiting from entitlement programs.

And as more middle-class families […] land in the safety net in Chisago and similar communities, anger at the government has increased alongside. Many people say they are angry because the government is wasting money and giving money to people who do not deserve it. But more than that, they say they want to reduce the role of government in their own lives. They are frustrated that they need help, feel guilty for taking it and resent the government for providing it. They say they want less help for themselves; less help in caring for relatives; less assistance when they reach old age. [*]

People don't want to be dependent but for whatever reason, they're backed into a corner. Maybe their industry has declined. Maybe they have a disability, or a family member who needs care they can't pay for.

It's easy to say, "they should have gone back to school or gotten retrained" but who's asking why they didn't? Could they not afford the education, either in time or money? Did they lack the basic skills?

It's frustrating that these discussions come down to answers, rather than questions, to posturing instead of problem-solving. The work world has changed, in a lot of ways and faster than many people could react to it. Can we really blame some unemployed factory worker for the ramifications of financial deregulation or changes in import rules?

It's easy for Romney to talk about cutting programs he will never depend on (social programs) and it's even easier for him to eliminate his own tax liability (while increasing mine).

Bottom line: I can't afford a Romney presidency. 
+Spencer Scott How can you as that when they're predominantly in red states with republican elected officials. Where was your party for the last 8 years on reform......too busy with abortion legislation and war perhaps
If you pay no income tax, you don't have a dog in the race at the federal level. SS and Medicare don't count as taxes, as they are contributions to retirement services. The whole envying of those who have because they work hard will be the end of this country. Der furor is paving the highway to hell with his good intentions and must be fired in 2012. 
If you haven't see the John Stewart show on this... it's spot on. 

After Romney spewed his turds, all the people in his camp blamed Mother Jones, Liberals, and Jimmy Carter's grandson for the leaked video. Oh, and it was all shown on Fox. 

+Ezra Klein
Stop reaching into Romney's private talk.
There isn't anything there.

Did I convince you to stop?
No one would be able to convince you.
+Doug Ferguson Who are you calling envious? I have a job and a private consulting practice. Mitt Romney et al. are NOT entitled to a lower tax rate than I am. This isn't about envy, its about inequality. That's why I #Occupy  
Also another tidbit of hypocrisy from the Romney campaign. His own FATHER had to be on welfare at first. Had the government not provided assistance, it's likely that George Romney wouldn't have become so successful and rich. Ergo Romney wouldn't have been given such and advantage from birth by having wealthy parents. By Romney's logic his own father wouldn't even vote for him.
This morning on the news, there was a video of him stating his parents lived in Mexico and that is where he was born. ?????  What is the next lie he's going to tell.  AND why don't he ever explain what his plans are if he's elected instead of just giving the head lines?
Romney was obviously talking about his campaign strategy, not his policies. But that wouldn't fit the narrative that his opponents (incl. the media) are creating about him, so once again, they've have to tweak his words a little bit and then feign outrage.
I was on unemployment for a long time after I got laid off. During that time, I was part of Mitt's 47% category. I do take umbrage to his calling me a freeloader. I didn't ask to be laid off.
Romney keeps walling himself in. He at a earlier point in his career could have pointed to some edu plan or workers programs. But he is campaigning on what he truly believes and it is not pretty.
The "Real Romney" now exposed in all its glory!  Wow, what a specific number; 47% - the only problem with his statement is that there are a number of poor people who will vote for him... my father-in-law is on Social Security and is receiving $1100 a month (from the government) as his only source of income.  He is on medicare (government health insurance) as well, and for about one week out of every month he runs out of money and can't leave his apartment because he can't afford gas for his car.  Yet, he votes Republican every time, because he is convinced that the Democratic Party are evil liberals, as he watches FOX news every day, where the right-wing propaganda is repeatedly catapulted, and yes, it sinks in, again and again.
+Nancy Cash Mitt's father George was born in Mexico
Also, when I think about candidates and relating to me, I think "If this guy was a average Joe, would he stop and help me if my car was broke down on the side of the road?". I can say with  certainty that I do not believe Romney would.
+Brandon Dowdy Payroll taxes were designed to fund entitlement programs so I guess I make a distinction between the two (although they both just go into the general Treasury coffers).  I'm not against a social safety net, but I suspect I would set the levels much lower than you would.  Finally, it sounds like what you really dislike is different tax rates on income versus capital gains and dividends.  If you don't like Romney's tax rate then I expect to see you lobbying for the capital gain on your house to be taxed as ordinary income when you sell it in the future.
The people who think that 47% have no dog in the race have no clue how income tax works. Dumbest thing I've ever heard.
+John Nelson Primary residences aren't subjected to capital gains taxes, Investment property is subject to capital gains. 
There's a reason for this: A primary dwelling is NOT used for capital gain, investment properties are. 

Arguing that a primary residence should be treated like an income property is absurd.
Arguing that people should be somehow less endowed because they don't pay federal income tax is also ubsurd
Mitt says 47% of Obama supporters depend of Government.  
How many is that?
Based on 2008 numbers:
305,785,716 residents in the U.S.
136,288,000 people are employed in the U.S.
44.6% of the population is employed.  
(That means less than half of U.S. residents work.)
61.6% of registered voters cast a ballot in 2008. (132.6 million)
53% voted for Obama in 2008. (66.8 million)
Mitt's 47% of 66.8 million Obama supporters is . . . 31.3 million.
So doing the math it appears that Mitt is only insulting 5% of the 63.4% that do not work in this country.
If it was his father that was born in Mexico, I stand corrected and the comment he made on the video need edited.  I am on Soc. Sec. and Medicare.  I've paid into it since I was 16 years old.  Yes I feel the right to get what I get.  It's barely enough to get by.  Lucky enough I learned years ago not to depend on anyone but myself therefore I started a saving account with a credit union.  NOT a bank.
Now apply your math to the election...... its mathematically impossible for Mitt to win that's my takeaway.
I hope your right.  I want Obama to leave medicare alone as well. Do Not Privatize IT!!
As far as drawing welfare or unemployment.  I have done both but for no longer then maybe 3 months.  I was raising 3 kids alone. No child support received from the drunk. In my opinion, it's more work getting welfare or unemployment than working.  I hated it. I guess that means not everyone is on the dole.
In reality aren't they all spoiled rich kids?
Do you think if they are rich, they should spend they're own money to campain?  Especially Romney. What a waste of money.  It shouldn't cost that much to begin with. 
+Marvin Ferrell I am only proving . . .
1) 60% of our population is dependent.  (I feel this is bad)
2) 40% didn't care enough to vote. (I feel this is bad)
3) Mitt didn't insult 47% of the registered voters.  He only spoke about a small group that leech and freeload on the government programs.  5% according to my math.

Working at a Food Bank I saw it every day.  Scammers, Cons, and those that feel someone else should feed them.  They learned they have no need to ever get a job and feed themselves.  Its a shame people think that way.
Being on unemployment SUCKED - let's be clear on that. I am grateful for every day that I have a job. Anybody who thinks I would trade my career for a welfare check is either stupid, delusional, or both.
Leo McDevitt - I agree with you.  Brent Ritch.  I understand where your coming from.  I seen people that don't need the food or money be first in line.  But there are those that don't have the means.  I've been there but did not do it.  It's too embarrasing.
That used to be the reality. Book deals and etc made Obama a rich guy but he had astronomical student loan bills etc. I don't see his story as one of a spoiled rich kid. Quite the opposite in fact
+Ezra Klein maybe you're not one of the 47% of Obama voters that he was talking about.
+Nancy Cash Glad you understand.  And glad more people out there understand that people abuse government programs daily.  They are taking away from those that really need it.  Those abusers are are more selfish and self serving than any politician.
That's not what I meant.  I understand about Obama, but what does it cost for him to fly around on airforce one to collect money?  I really want to know, does the money come from campain funds?  I have voted for Obama for your information.
+Nancy Cash the President's communications and security detail are part of the presidency and are also provided in part to the person running against him. His campaign funds anything connected to the election like ads appearances etc
I love all the wild assumptions here... "Romney doesn't understand/pay taxes/isn't in touch with reality..."
Nobody's got proof for any of that and that quote is taken out of context. He's running for president, so he's got to go for the votes he knows he can get, just like any other candidates.
And oh yeah, Romney gives upwards of 15% to charity, while none of the libs do that.
Marvin Ferrell, thanks for the information on that.  I've asked other and nobody knew the answer.  Ian Maphet - My statements are words out of his mouth not some news person.
+Jeremy Paulson there's actually evidence that Romney has stopped and helped dig, fix and other things for people he didnt know without any cameras around.
When you're done making baseless assumptions, look at the facts.
Your taking this out of the middle of the speech, and you know it!
What a hack job.
He said the 47% that will vote for Barry he knows he will not be able to turn around, and vote for him. It is a given.
This is the same % that basically pay very little, to no taxes at all. And they have some sort of government assistance.
This is pure deflection, right out of the radicals handbook.
I have been busted and disgusted, on assistance. It's not frigging fun. But if you are riding the gravy train, your tickets' punched pal, your getting off, in just a couple more months.
I love when people say we took him out of context:
When asked by a guest how the Governor plans to pull of a win in November, Romney responded:

“There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. These are people who pay no income tax.”

Romney goes on to say;

“My job is not to worry about those people. (cmphasis added) I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Please tell me what's out of context and how some people abuse the system was mentioned?
This was NOT taken out of the middle its a response to a question +Dave Pugh should I get the whole tape for you?
Obama has never said anything dumb? Oh wait yes he has
I have another question about politicians.  Why do they get to retire on a full salary and free medical?  While in office and after.  Better medical than the public that pays for theirs.   
+Nancy Cash I'm not sure which statement you're referring to, but which would you rather have; a president who laments that so many are dependent on govt and not themselves or a president who tells people that they didn't build their own business?
There is alot of dead weight in this country. More takers than contributors. People that have been are and forever will be on the public dole
+Marvin Ferrell When Mitt says, "who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them."  

That sums up my experiences of those that abuse the system from my works with the Food Bank.  Each one will tell you a sob story, be on the verge of tears, and then go out to the parking lot and laugh with a friend that they just "scored extra food".
+Brent Ritch that's not at all what I got what I got was he insulted a bunch of conservatives the 47% who don't pay federal taxes are Republican in fact most of them are white. He has no chance of winning alienating the entire electorate. Also I'm a social worker so there is very little you can tell me about food banks and poor people that would be informative.
Take personal responsibility for yourself
In regards to his comment sometimes the truth hurts
+Brent Ritch he's not talking about people who frequently visit food banks is he? Your great with statistics right? So you already know this.
I never comment on political posts
Then why are you posting now?  LOL
Marvin check your facts. Go to the Irs website and look at the figures
+Robert Dorling and these people aren't taking responsibility for their lives right? In fact they never will huh? That's why the guy or anyone like him will never be POTUS. We're also firing the house too.
+Robert Dorling I already did and what I said is fact the vast majority of the people in the 47 do not have to visit the food bank
Are you better off today then you were 3 1/2 years ago is the question?
Honestly we need to stop looking at the current "two party" system and worry about whom is the most qualified to help work on the true problems we have here at home. The economic regulatory polices are part of the root problem for all we have. Lack of Corporate Income taxes, Rich being able to get tax right offs? for making more money then us poor?  What happened to an apportioned tax? Also having a private banking syndicate control our country's money supply is rather unwise.
Food banks are private. Were talking about people that don't pay federal income tax
Why does everyone hate rich people? Has anyone ever been employed by someone who makes less than them?
I'll ask you directly then who was Romney talking about? Who are the 47% ? You don't seem to know.
No, Robert, I am not.

Marvin do what you gotta' do.
Can you believe it?  I just received an ad. to Feeding America.  The pictures on it show an overweight family and forieners.
Marvin the IRS website the info about 45% of America does not pay federal income tax
Is it just me or does everyone look at primaries and say "looks good ... good people running ... okay getting rid of the nut jobs ... looking good ... SON OF A BITCH!!!!!
Yes sir, and the highest non-participating work force since the Carter era.
Dow Jones is a false indicator of how well the working class is doing.
He seems to think the goal of life is financial and that greed is a virtue, but I have mostly worked for causes to help the world rather than enrich my bank account. I am well educated and work hard at my job for the public good. Do I feel entitled to a salary (which has been frozen for 4 years because I have no collective bargaining) that can support a family? Yes, I proudly do.
+Marvin Ferrell don't be foolish - the media is all about Romney's gaffe because it symbolizes that he has no clue about the working poor. Perhaps becaus he doesn't work? He's not employed..receives money from investments; hence, he is the evil rich guy.
the republicans are smarter because they want to spend like crazy and cut taxes like the democrats and if you lose you can say THEY DID IT!!!!!
The DOW are just 30 companies that wall street looks at for investing
+Brent Ritch Mitt said 47% of all people in this country are dependent victims, and they all will vote for Obama.
Do any of you think Wall Street and credit cards are a big part of the problem in America?
+Leo McDevitt We currently make an exception on capital gains up to a certain dollar amount for primary residences, but I disagree that there is some intrinsic reason we must do this.  And it is taxable above those limits.  A huge percentage of homeowners hope to make a capital gain on their home so I think your "absurd" claim is absurd.
Nancy I think people abusing them are a problem
+ Paul that was my mistake. I did not mean to +1 your post.

Did I read that right. You feel you are entitled to your salary?
The argument that people will vote themselves a slice of someone else's pie, no matter where they live, misses the point. The chief argument against federal entitlements and the taxes that go with them is that it interferes with state sovereignty, putting an undue burden on every state. So why is it the same states, yearin/year out that are struggling with high poverty levels and every other symptom of government disfunction or failed leadership, like high teen pregnancy/teen parents, low educational attainment, poor health (obesity and diabetes, etc.)?

Looking at the list of states with the highest entitlement recipients is like looking a map of the US, circa 1863: the old confederacy is well-represented, with the addition of New Mexico and Idaho. If you live in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, or Idaho, why are your state governments so pathetic at doing what governments are supposed to be doing — making things better for the people who live there?

If these states are so well-endowed with traditional values like a good work ethic and integrity, who do these continue to circle the drain? If those states are so morally superior to the rest of the country, as we're often reminded, why do they tolerate so much suffering and waste of human life? We're often treated to lectures about how morally superior those states are.

If you live in one of those states and voted for the policies that make your state a net loser, you really don't have any standing here. You're part of the problem. You've supported policies that either create or perpetuate a permanent underclass, by underfunding education or job training or any benefit program that allows people to make more of their lives. And then you complain there are so many poor people voting for federal programs that will help them? Maybe if the states were doing a decent job of ensuring
hmmmmm?...I think all he was saying is that people who don't pay taxes aren't going to be persuaded to vote for someone who is lowering them.....especially if they have a life cycle of entitlement dependency. I don't think that he was referring to people with a legitimate need for social programs (i.e. veterans, elderly, severely disabled). These people know what he was referring to, the guy at the warehouse store ringing up $300 on his EBT card, or the woman collecting EBT and WIC while using her iPhone and driving her Escalade.
And Obama had a commensurate remark when he ran for the presidency. If you don't like something, be consistent :) 
Dave if you work for your wages you are entitled to your check
Most of the people not paying any taxes in Calif. are gardeners.  They're families are on the dole, and the husband/son are getting paid under the table.
+Vlad Ovchinnikov Mitt said, "there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president..."  Please don't put more words in the mouths of politicians, heaven knows they spew enough.

You can read the Transcript, at

Romney: There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. 
Wasn't he just stating the obvious? That half of this Great Country became dependent wimps? Relying on government to provide them food and shelter? And surely your beloved Obama representing ALL Americans. How about the ones who value Constitution? And surely he didn't make any steps to put more people into that situation. So, you have no objection to this Obama quote: " I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”? Has it ever occurred to you and your liberal friends that eventually you will " out off other people's money..."? All you young affectionate minds should read some history. These was ALL tried before...
This guy is worse than Bush jnr.
Although with Bush you could laugh at his gaffs. Not with thus Romney dude. I miss dear old George....... I think I better head on to YouTube for a giggle :)
OH...BTW...I'm voting for Romney (or a bottle of orange juice) because anyone could do a better job than Barry. Why doesn't he run on his record instead of focusing on negative bits and what he WILL do....what WILL he do that he couldn't have done in the last 4 years?....everybody will be financially better off if Romney is could that not be true!
How does this differ from the President's "the private sector is doing fine" statement?
how much better off are you now than you were 4 years ago?...has you're house increased in value?  (assuming you'r one of the 53%ers) are the gas prices working for you?'s the employment picture?
Oh! and common sense, the socalled Tea Party along with the rest of the Republican party went to the White House with the purpose of making the President a one term president. Every bills the president passed is being blocked by them. So how will he moved forward during his four years? See what happened to the auto industry. If the socalled divided minded republican and tea party members had good intention for the Americans as one people, the country would have been far better off by now.
My minds made up--don't bother me with the facts!  Sound familiar?
I think what most of you don't understand is that the Republican party doesn't want the White House. Not this term. There are too many problems to try and fix. And there are only two options, look like you are in the game to save face and yell about it next time or try and take it and then DEAL with the problems.

If they wanted to deal with it, this wouldn't be a tight race. You'd have a campaign that blew Obama out of the water.

But they don't want it. That's why it's being played like he doesn't care. Because he doesn't.
What a waste of time and money if what you say is true.
+Jim Ashley How could I end up worse off under Romney?

   Because he will degrade or eliminate social insurance programs that exist to protect me.
   He will eliminate tax breaks I benefit from
   He will "unleash" the "job creators" who will then turn around and ship my  job off to China.
Keep in mind, American "job creators" have been creating millions of jobs during the recession! The only problem is, they have been creating them in China. It is logical to conclude that "unleashing" these "job creators" will produce more of the same.

THAT is why I would be worse off under Romney.
Sam the presidents proposals are bad for the country they need to be blocked.

By the way for two years he got everything he wanted passed because he had both houses.
Leo get a grip.
Everything you stated is not true. Just because you say it doesn't make it true.
Not true Robert. The Republicans filibustered the hell out of those first two years.
To all of you who thinks this is despicable and what not. Do your research on Obama first. What has he said he will do and actually done it. Promises all broken, lowering debt...increased it by 6trillion dollars.lower tuition....I can attest it has risen substantially. The guy tells people they don't have to work for their money because the government will take care of them which is ridiculous because if I don't have to work and get paid. I am not going to work. Now Romney is no saint but is the lesser of two evils. I don't want to give a man the same power he has had for the past four years just to rack up more debt for nothing. I want action not talk from my president
Are you suggesting that 53% of people are rich? I do NOT like him, but I think people are twisting his words for their own purposes. His point was that 47% of people will vote Democrat regardless of who is running, while another percentage will vote Republican. He wants to focus on the middle.
I don't see the point in intentionally obfuscating his point - there are plenty of legitimate reasons to dislike him.
Aaron how do you filibuster when the other party has both houses?
Just remember, in this election, there is no one for the people, one can only hope for the lesser of two evils. Get rid of politicians.
+Jim Ashley It is amazing you can come to a site that's wildly popular for the factual truth and the ease in which it's laid-out and yet, you and people like you continue to just "blow off" for your own altered reality... and you really believe people are going to argue with you, that is a sign of insanity!..."here the truth matters"
It had now come out Mother Jones selectively edited the clip- no surprise to me. I believe the facts speak the number dependent on govt in one form or another are correct
+ Leo, where and when did he say that?

+ Robert, thank you, I did mis-read that.
It is where I put the comma. Curse this dyslexics

...and no, to those that ask, we are not better off, than four years ago. And four more years is out of the question.

How much has not been brought up to vote, in the senate, cause, Reid has no intention, including, budgets. What a putz!
I don't either party gives a shit what we think. Their just wearing us out in different ways. They are good at raising money to stay in control. They get from lobbyist who write the laws they want. They take it from big business like GE who started shipping jog to japan , china and India in the 50's and 60's. The 47% would be working had they not shipped mfg over seas and across the boarders. It been going on long before Bo & Mitt got in the game.
Never argue politics with the dim-witted left.
It's a waste of your time
and it's an annoyance
to the dim-witted left.
The numbers he quotes are all BS. Most of the US pays more than 35% in taxes due to sales taxes, licenses, use fees, etc. The kind of things that rich folks like Mitt never worry about because it amounts to less than 1% of their total tax load for the year. He paid something really outrageous, like 14% of his total income.
This reminds me of one of the Republican absurdities.  15% tax on capital gains.  You know what that means?  If you have enough $ to have $ working for you, then you make more on that than on money that is earned by expending time.  Time on earth is the one thing in common to all of us.  When you make $ more advantaged than people's time, it's the same level of absurdity as the Supreme Court saying $=speech and corporations=people.  It's Loony Toons crazy, but it's what they believe and part of justifying that belief involves belittling people who aren't in the class that can buy sufficient speech and have their $ work more efficiently than they can.
Rober Alexander, you're totally wrong..  Where do you get your figures; Alternet?   Mike:  Ignorance is bliss, people with little money keep China and Mexico solvent; people with real money keep Americans employed.
+Ross Bishop  I do remember George Bush, and his advisers, who are now Romney's advisers. <= Another good reason to vote for Obama.

+Dave Pugh He didn't say any of that, but the economists that analyzed his plan DID say it.

I do not trust Mitt Romney's judgement. My Dad is a life-long conservative Republican that lives in Massachusetts (where I grew up) and he says Romney was a TERRIBLE governor.
Romney is wise enough to know the "gimme freebies" crowd is not going to vote for him, no matter what.  If we had videos of Obama eating babies, they would still vote for him.
I'm a diehard republican fist and foremost. Aside from that, most people complaining about republicans and their views ARE THE LAZY PEOPLE. Get up off your rear and work for a living. Working doesn't just mean showing up and picking up a paycheck at the end of the week. 
Debunking the "had both houses for two years" myth:
The Dems controlled both Houses for about 150 days, until the GOP had enough Senators (plus the likes of Ben Nelson) to filibuster and stop everything. Remember how the Senate passed Health Care in November, and couldn't act on House revisions in April?
You never say "those people" to those around you.
I am not sure when telling the truth became a bad thing. Everything he said is sad but very true.
Republicans will lie about anything to try and get their people elected. Their ultimate goal is economic and social repression of anyone not male, white and already rich. Read your history folks. What worries them about this election is Supreme Court nominees (where the real power lies). Too bad, they are going to get crushed this election due to their unwillingness to move away from the religious extremists on the right
Go ahead and vote for whomever you think is right for the job.
I love the fact that republicans view all liberals as lazy, worthless freeloaders, and there's usually a lot of racist intentions behind the labels that they put on democrats.  Though its not fair, there will always be people that take advantage of the system. (its human nature)  But the people that take advantage are on both sides of the party lines.  Some people look for handouts so they can "sit on there ass"; some look for handouts in the form of tax credits; some look for handouts to help feed there family; and some look for handouts for education.  The point is, I am a liberal because I do believe in helping people less fortunate and I also believe that Mitts statement wasn't a "gaff", he really believes those words he spoke and so do the majority of republicans. - Titty Sprinkles
at the end of the day he is right.. anyone who is just collecting welfare to collect it and not paying taxes because they dont work and arent legitimately injured or a single mother / father with to many kids (which is still irresponsible but they may need assistance) will never take personal responsibility.. they never had any, dont know what it is and never will get them.. i am a middle class american and the REST of america as you put it NOT the rich.. still live with responsibility.. its a shame that 47% of our country even are like that.. total clowns.. we used to screen people before they came into this country to see what they could for the country.. now its just anyone and everyone legal or illegal WELCOME.. come on in and do nothing.. our tax payers will support you.. obama is horrible, romney may not be that much better but regardless he is better.. 
+Terry Gilson everything he said is not true nothing can be said about all 47% of Americans who don't pay federal taxes and be true. Just like women, African Americans Hispanics or any other group. What he said is false and can be easily proven false
Romney, more than likely, is guilty of not paying his share of tax. He reminds me of the Hotel owner from New York - remember the line - only poor people pay tax!
It's the firm belief of people like Romney that they don't need the rest of the country. They just want to live in their villas, mansions and gated communities gambling trading on the stock market, making big decisions in the board room and magically the rest of the country does takes care of itself. After all with robots and stuff who needs poor working class people, and all that middle class stuff can just be outsourced.

Maybe they should all just go live in the Caymens in the first place?
+Jared Sanborn Are you lost? Your on a site wildly popular for fact based dissemination of the truth, try it out, this isn't FOX "the truth matters here". 
+Steve Dagdigian hahaha...I wish I were Steve!...I'm just super frustrated at all of the crap thats going around....I don't need a president I love, just one that knows what the heck he's doing at least 60% of the time!
Ezra. You hit it right on the dot!
+Matt Griffith Hey Matt !..I don't think all Republicans think that all Liberals are lazy. I think that liberals are misguided....people should not be dependent on the government for financial equality. There are a lot of people wealthier than I and I don't begrudge them for that and I don't think that the government should try to be an equalizer. You get wealthy by working or getting lucky...or both. Not everyone is entitled to a 3 bedroom house in the burbs. You have to put yourself there or get lucky !
Hey Mitt, dial 911, forgot that's government Ass't can't have that.
+John Doodle are you referring to Obama or Romney....Obama has a 4 year record of failures including inability to persuade and work across the aisle. It doesn't help that he has arrogant colleagues (i.e. Pellosi, Reid and Frank) who rub peoples noses in policies that were pushed through in a partisan manner.I live in Massachusetts and was here when Romney was Gov...didn't hate him and didn't love him but I thought he did a pretty good job considering the number of Dems he had to deal with.
Romney is right. The system creates an incentive to under perform. The subsidized benefits make it advantagous to do less. The benefits can be upward of 40k a year. Why would a person want to make 30k when doing less gets more. Maybe that is just my perspective as former math and economics teacher, not brainwashed by what the media wants the sheep to follow.
+Leo McDevitt Hey Leo !...I have lived in Massachusetts my whole life and I thought that Romney was a decent Gov....he wasn't a real conservative Republican (that's probably why your dad didn't like him) but I thought he was fair and was able to work with Dems to get things done. I think Romney is willing to negotiate and compromise where as Obama is way, way over to the LEFT !
+Jim Ashley There isn't, never has, and never will be financial equality.  I think everyone has come to terms with that.  Way back when the rich used to pay 90% of their income in taxes. (I know that's a little extreme) and now its down to 35%, and if you have a good accountant than probably 15%.  I'm not saying bring it back to the good ole' days, but if someones tax rate rises from 15% for making 35,000 a year to 25% for making 36,000 a year it doesn't really make sense how your taxes only increase an extra 10% from 85,000 to infinity.     
I will stop confusing the left with facts. I will talk about my feelings instead.
+jimA thompson ...hey if the Truth matters then let's all agree that Obama is a really nice guy but being president and running a country isn't what he should be doing....the fact that people will vote for him because he's a swell guy is disturbing because your swell guy is not rescuing this country....and has done more bad than good over the past 4 years.
And Obama does? Spin it anyway you like, but Romney wants Everyone to be able to be productive and pursue their own happiness.
Except it is true Jason…despite the effort to frame this as a gaffe, it is a fact that half in America are taxpayers and half are tax consumers. An many of them are not there by choice but were put there by the Obama economy.
+Jim Ashley Once again, you're on a site where the truth is just a click-away, "in you and your kind" you always go into this amazing selective  amnesia where you just dismiss historical levels of blatant obstructionism that the whole world witnessed, just to say F U,... after Nov. we'll be repairing the damage, building the near future for the next 12 years.
I am pretty sure that there are a few countries out there who spend money on free college for everyone instead of spending it on wars that only make the countries that we are trying to "save or democratize" hate us. Romney obviously has it in mind to get us into another war so that Haliburton and other defense companies can put billions of our tax dollars in their pockets while our innocent sons and daughters die on the battle field. REPUBLICAN SENATORS, CONGRESSMEN AND PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEES---We don't want you, we don't need you, please go away!
Why is it that as soon as one begins taking a million dollar income, so how federal income tax becomes "the government taking my money"? Somehow it's OK to pay federal income on a hundred thousand dollar income but a $1M oh No...... Federal income tax dollar pay for US defense, maintenance of Congress including salaries of lawmakers, the Executive and Judiciary to name a few. If God forbid Romney becomes POTUS his pay and upkeep will be drawn for our federal taxes. If he so disdains Government why does he so desperately seek a government job? 
I love how each side of the argument claims to have to truth..... Like politicians give u the truth....
Enjoy this pathetic distraction while you can but remember when you play dirty you get dirty! Next up.....someone bites on the $100,000 reward for Obama's unedited Khalidi tape which he has worked so hard to bury and the $hitstorm continues!
He completely ignores the fact that many of those 47% were dropped down to that poverty level by the Bush Administrations' pilfering of the middle classes nest eggs. A middle class working harder than ever to re-take responsibility for ourselves, pay our own way, just as we have all our lives until the Rich Robber Barons got too damn greedy and bankrupted not only our country, but set many others off balance as well. Careful Tin Man Romney, everybody now knows you have no heart. Or should I say that our suspicions have been confirmed.
Romney wants those 47% to take personal responsibility yet on foreign policy, he would not apply the same personal responsibility to other countries especially rich countries like Israel....
Romney is an idiot!  How many times does he have to prove it?
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