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Real-Time Field Data Collection and Analysis made EZ 
Real-Time Field Data Collection and Analysis made EZ 

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Great new blog posts... so check them out here:

We have watched very attentively over the past four years as hundreds/thousands of enterprise apps have been developed for tablets and other smart devices.  Heck, we offer one of those enterprise apps, EZ FORMS.  So, we feel like we have a pretty good grip on what is going on in the market and what the potential impact is of using those apps to make business processes more effective and efficient.  We have also observed an extraordinarily slow adoption rate in almost every industry in which we are involved.

Dan Burrus, a noted writer and tech futurist, surveyed over 700 companies over the past several years, asking them if they have developed any mobile apps internally to help them with such things as supply chain management, logistics, purchasing, maintenance, service, or sales support.  Only 4% said "yes,".

So, we have to ask the obvious question, “What are you waiting for?”

A second question he asked was, "Do you think that at least half the businesses in your industry will have their own mobile apps for functions like that within the next two years?" The response was amazing: 100% responded that half of the businesses in their industry would.  But, recent surveys and empirical data suggest that adoption is not picking up nearly that fast.  Tablet sales are actually in decline in the short term and usage of enterprise apps are not exactly “hockey sticking”.

So, again, we have to ask, “What are you waiting for?

For those enterprises that have jumped on board, congratulations (sound of light applause) as you have a better chance than most of preparing yourself for success in the years ahead.

Mobile apps designed by businesses for their internal use and competitive advantage are forecasted to explode over the next two years. Is your enterprise among the vanguard in your industry that is embracing mobile to improve and even reinvent traditional administrative and operating processes that are still locked in the 20th century? 

Adopting/embracing mobile apps that can transform business processes is manifesting as a “hard trend” in the business world, meaning that it is GOING to happen, not might happen.  Enterprises will be implementing mobile apps customized for their company for various functions. The soft trend is whether your company will be one of them.

And, despite the recent decline in the rate of tablet sales, the number of smart mobile devices in all sizes of companies has obviously exploded in the last couple of years.  Concurrently, the cost of decision support capabilities is declining at the same time as the capability of mobile and cloud technologies are expanding.

Hey, we know change is difficult after years of sitting in front of desktop/laptop computers has made you value your Aeron chair and your wireless mouse.  Been there.

But, there is a new sheriff in town and you have only a short time to continue to violate the laws of nature, to become the quick rather than the dead.

There are some industries that have created significant success stories using enterprise mobile apps.  Retail and restaurants are several of the obvious ones.  But every industry can experience real reinvention once they step back and view the technology underlying many of their critical processes with an objective gaze.

And no one has to go it alone.  You don’t have to staff up to build mobile apps unique to your processes because the very best commercial apps are designed with flexibility and agility that allow you to make them yours.

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Telling the EZ FORMS Story. 

We like to toot our own horn every so often but it is usually in regard to our great solution and all the ways it can improve critical enterprise operating processes. 

In the past week, we received some flattering coverage in the mainstream digital media for the way we have approached marketing our business.  We believe that telling our story – who we are, what we offer and the problems we solve – are critical to stand out in today’s very crowded marketplace.

As we have grown, that approach has been validated by both prospects that have become customers as well as prospects who are not yet customers.

So, it was nice that Huffington Post digital marketing columnist Jonha Revesencio mentioned us prominently in her article, What Everyone Else is Doing in Marketing and What You Should Do Differently

From Huffington Post:

Trying to establish your brand as the leader among competitors can be daunting and dispiriting. Sure, you employ all the marketing tactics shared by other successful companies but is that enough to make you the innovator, the brand other brands come to for advice?

According to LegalZoom, when it comes to marketing and what companies spend per year, "The average allocation usually ranges between 9-12 percent of the annual budget." All companies are investing roughly the same amount in marketing, so how are you going to emerge as the top brand if you are employing the same strategies?

You need to find something that sets your business apart and makes it unique. So just how do you do this? You have already created a website, social media accounts and plenty of buzz. What else can you do?

Below are some ideas guaranteed to make you stand apart from the crowd:

Don't Just Sell, Teach

Ultimately you are selling something that you think your client will need. How does your service work? Why do they need your product? What about your service will make their lives better? When would your product be useful to them?

According to William Craig, contributor, "Customers want context; they want to know about the product as it exists in the real world. They want to know which problems that product will solve, and what experts in the field think of its merits."

One company that knows exactly what real-world problems their products will solve is EZ Forms, an enterprise productivity solution company. "Our vision is to reinvent core operational and administrative functions as we support our customers in building more efficient and innovative businesses, regardless of market or industry focus," says CEO Kurt Pimentel.

Frequently Provide New Information

Don't just let your website, social media, or emails run stagnant. Customers will get tired of the mundane and eventually stop reading when they notice the content is the same time and time again. "Something as simple as adding new information on your web site creates another selling opportunity when prospects and customers visit your site to see the new information," claims Bob Leduc, sales consultant and author.

Listen to the Market

The driving force behind any successful business is the demand for your product. Pay attention to current trends and be willing to change your product line up. According to best-selling author Paul B. Brownco-author of Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future , "Making the world's best videocassette recorder does you no good, if what people really want are DVRs."

Offer Rewards for Trying Your Products

People love freebies and offers. hey can also be a little skeptical about trying something they've never used before, especially about paying for something new. Give them a free sample, a 30-day supply, or a buy-one-get-one offer and they're likely to commit into trying a new product. Run monthly contests and display the winners on your web page. "Make the prize something desirable and related to your business -- it could be a free gift basket of your products, for instance, or free services," says Janet Attard, CEO of Attard Communications, Inc.

Opinions Matter

Don't forget a space for customer input on your website or social media accounts. Let customers know that you value their opinions and want them to share their knowledge with the rest of your customer group. Ask customers to complete surveys regarding their experience and offer them coupons or chances to win a prize.

Most importantly show your customers what you are all about.  Whichever marketing strategy you choose to use, remember to make it just as unique as your company.

Checkout our new dispatch feature for EZ FORMS.
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I love comments like these. 

 “Mimi’s facility team began using EZ forms to conduct our facility walk-throughs earlier this year.  Our facility manager’s found the software very user friendly and liked the fact that they were able to modify the form to fit our specific location needs.   With the use of the EZ form’s software we have been able to standardize our facility assessments.  The use of the software has also proven to be an asset for the management team.”
Tom Moores | Director of Construction & Facilities

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Take a look at our newest blog post on Mobile and Field Services.

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