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Finally, the sun has arrived, hoorah! And with the long-awaited rise in temperatures, you can finally put your summer wardrobe to good use and wear that dazzling frock you’ve been waiting to show off now for months.

As the longer summer days approach, you’ll want to go out for the evenings in style. If you have a saucy summer dress in mind, then make sure you match it up with a suitable set of frames to complete the look. Eva Longoria, of Desperate Housewives fame, is the perfect example of someone who knows how to dress with an air of sophistication, with a good dose of sexiness and latin flair.

If you’re a darker haired lady like the lovely Eva, then a simple, elegantly cut white or black dress will match perfectly with a narrower or rectangular shaped frame. Her style isn’t about brash colours and loud patterns ladies. Its about classic elegance and showing off your best assets.

If you want to get a similar look to Eva Longoria, then you don’t have to spend big!

#glasses   #fashion   #eyewear  

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Geek chic has taken the fashion world by storm these past few years, and current trends suggest the look is here to stay. No-one epitomises the classes girl geek look better that Zooey Deschanel, famous for her role in popular sitcom New Girl and we’re here to tell you how you can achieve this unique style yourself by choosing the perfect frames.

You may be surprised to learn that geek chic is a style that's fairly easy to achieve yet, requires quite a bit of bravery. If done right, it can transform your image and give you an air of sophistication and confidence. To achieve the look however, you have to go big and you have to go bold. No shrinking violets!

Geek chic frames are never understated so you will get noticed! In fact, the overall geeky look is very dressed down in terms of clothing so its essentially the frames on your face that do all the talking. So if you’re a little tired of your look and want to make a statement that really gets you noticed, go geeky!

#GeekChic   #Glasses   #ZooeyDeschanel  

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If you've recently taken receipt of a shiny new pair of reading glasses or sunreaders, you'll certainly want to make sure you take good care of your specs and prevent any unsightly scratches from occurring and ruining your lenses.

There’s a great deal of misinformation out there, not to mention bad habits when it comes to cleaning lenses and preventing scratches from occurring. So let’s clear this argument up once and for all.

Avoid Chemicals
Avoid harsh chemicals at all costs. In fact, many of the common alcohol based cleaners do not offer many benefits and can leave unsightly smearing on the lens surface. Most opticians recommend simple kitchen soap and warm water to remove grease and dust. Once cleaned, dry the surface of the lens with a clean, soft cotton cloth. Avoid fabrics with harsh or textured finishes.

Do this regularly and your lenses should remain in great condition.

Always use water
Lenses that are dirty, especially those that haven’t been cleaned for a considerable amount of time will have a build up of fine particles, debris and dust. Rubbing the lenses with a dry cloth will only cause these particles to scratch the surface and ruin the lenses.

A classic example of this is using your t-shirt or a dry tea towel to clean your lenses without any liquid involved. This is the worst thing you can do and this common habit can lead to a perfectly good set of specs being ruined very quickly.

If you suspect your lenses are dirty, head for the sink instead. Simple soap and water will do. Not your shirttail!

Use a Case
If your glasses came with a case, keep them there when not in use. By keeping them locked away, you prevent the possibility of particle build up on the lens surface, not to mention them getting knocked or scratched against other materials or surfaces.

A common habit is to throw a pair of specs in your bag or pocket but all this leads to is the increased chance of permanent damage and your prized investment ruined.

Use a Cord
If you have a habit of leaving your glasses lying around, you’re asking for trouble. A simple cord will keep your glasses out of harms way and ensure they don’t get left somewhere easily forgotten and scratched when moved around along with all the other clutter.

Put these good habits into practice and your trusty specs should last you for many years to come.

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If it’s been quite some time since you last had an eye exam, it may be time to get one very soon! Undetected and uncorrected vision problems are a common cause of headaches, especially when working in front of computer screens for prolonged periods.

A routine eye exam with a optometrist or optician can uncover a wide range of issues that may be causing your headaches. While most headaches aren’t a direct cause of problematic vision, it is still important to get your eyes checked regularly to be sure your eyesight is not the root cause.

Common eyestrain is caused when the tiny eye muscles are being made to work a lot harder than usual. This leads to tired and sore eyes, blurry vision and constant headaches. The most common eye-related ailments associated with headaches are:

Astigmatism: the cornea is an irregular shape, causing people to squint to focus better, which inevitably leads to headaches.

Hyperopia: also known as long-sightedness, the eye incorrectly focuses images behind the retina instead of directly on the surface, causing blurry vision, headaches and eyestrain.

Presbyopia: the most common age related eye condition where the lens hardens and becomes less flexible, making it more difficult to focus on close-up objects which leads to eye soreness and frequent headaches.

Glaucoma: this is a more serious eye disease which can cause headaches, caused by a build up of fluid in the eye, thus increasing internal eye pressure potentially leading to blindness.

Cataracts: another age related ailment, where the lens becomes cloudy and your ability to see slowly diminished over time making the eye work harder and eyestrain leading to headaches.

The good news is, most eye conditions can be corrected with a pair of prescription glasses, contact lenses and in some cases, reading glasses. Even if you already wear glasses, a common cause of headaches is an outdated prescription where you r vision has change dover time and you may find you need to have a new eye check to see what new strength lenses are required to correct your vision.

So all you need to do is visit your eye-care professional and if the root cause of your headaches is eyesight related, they’ll have the answer to your problems through either wearing eye correction lenses or referring you to a specialist.

Regular eye checks are important!

Whether or not you have headaches as a cause of eye related issues, getting as regular eye check is very important. A professional eye-care specialist can help uncover all kinds of issues that may be related to your health just but checking your eyes. So if in doubt, contact your optometrist today and make an appointment.

#health   #eyecare   #eyewear  

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As technology evolves, more and more of us are getting used to the task of reading newspapers, books, articles and email on desktop and handheld screens.

In a bygone era, paper was the most common form of media to deliver such material but how times have changed. Back then, it was common to hear false warnings of reading in poor lighting to prevent damaging your eyes when in fact, it will only cause strain and lead to headaches. Fast forward to today, and those same warnings have been adapted to heavy users of tablets, phones and computers.

eReaders are especially popular amongst the young and whilst reading is a healthy and stimulating pastime, should we listen to the warnings surrounding using these devices or is it simply scaremongering?

Well, studies have shown that using devices such as eReaders and tablets isn’t going to cause any long term harm to your eyesight. Whilst its true that continued staring at bright monitors and televisions can cause eye strain over a longer period of time, the majority of today’s electronic readers use more eye friendly technology to reduce glare and colour saturation that can cause eye strain.

Many of them have easily adjustable brightness and contrast settings and some of the better models even have an ambient light sensor to know exactly how bright they should be to make reading comfortable, whilst reducing eyestrain.

So the general rule of thumb with newer technology is pretty much the same as old. Prolonged use of these devices may cause strain, perhaps a headache or two but the chances of actually causing eye damage is negligible. So whether your preferred format is digital or paper, neither will cause any long term harm.

If however, you find it hard to focus on screens or paper, this will be indicative of you needing to have your eyes tested. If this is the case, you may need either prescription or non-prescription reading glasses to assist your eyes and help to focus better on objects and text close up. #eyecare   #health  

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With the seasonal drop in temperatures, eye care specialists are warning the public about common eye-related ailments, especially in bigger inner cities. During summer, UV rays may be stronger, but there's still plenty of reasons to protect your eyes during the winter months.

Although allergic conjunctivitis is more common among children during the colder seasons, according to doctors, people exposed to computer screens over longer periods of time are far more likely to get dry eyes.

Research has shown that an increase in allergic conditions among both adults and children are far more common during winter also. There is also a tendency among people to not wash their hands as much during winter and this can leads to eye infections. So whilst the water coming from the tap may be undesirably colder than usual, it's important that people maintain high levels of hygiene and wash their hands at regular intervals.

Aside from infections, the most common eye-related ailment during winter is dry eyes. Dry eyes feels like an irritating burning or itchy sensation, caused by lower levels of humidity inside your home or office, when the heat is on with the windows closed.

Over time, persistent dry eyes can cause blurred vision and even damage the cornea, which can lead to blurriness. So ensuring you are hydrated by drinking extra fluids and lubricating the eyes with drops is very important.

In general, there is around a 20 percent increase in cases of dry eye complaints during winter months and those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are at a higher risk of having symptoms of dry eyes.

Doctors and professional eye care specilists agree that people should avoid direct exposure to cold wind, and those who work in front of computers for longer periods should ensure that the computer is lower than the eye level. #eyecare   #health  

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With just three weeks to go until Christmas, time is running out to grab some original and fun gifts for family and friends. Whether you’re about to head out to the office fancy dress Christmas do, get together with friends for a seasonal celebration or just need some fresh and original ideas for Christmas gifts, Eyelids has some really great reading glasses frames for both women and men.

This year has all been about colour and making a statement and with our “Funky” line of frames, there’s a wide choice available for you to leave a lasting impression.

Here’s just a few examples that we feel may just be the ticket when it comes to a fresh, festive look for December and will bring a smile to everyone’s faces:

Aztec - £12.00
Wow, these frames are seriously colourful so whoever wears them, certainly won’t go unnoticed! If you want to make an entrance that no one will forget, perhaps try a pair of these really original and colourful reading glasses.

Flora #1 - £7.50
Floral patterns are all the rage now and with these little beauties, you’ll complete any colourful and vibrant look you could ever want. And at a price like that, these frames are unmissable.

Flora #2 - £2.99
If you want to be even more daring, try the other pair of frames in our Floral range. This style has some really lovely purple accents and will bring your complexion to life. And at a massively reduced price, we’re practically giving them away!

Poppy - £13.75
In keeping with the floral theme, our Poppy frames are a very popular option. Combining a contemporary shape with some vibrantly coloured arms, wearing these specs will make you the talk of the town. And with the translucent dark red rims, anyone wanting to complete their Santa look this Christmas has just found the perfect option.

For more info on any of these frame styles and more, check out our Funky ranges and choose from any of the great value reading glasses we have on offer. There’s something for everyone and at great value prices too!
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