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After the discussions about ownership and copyright in the past couple of weeks, we felt like it was time for a statement: your photos will always remain yours and nothing will EVER be done with them without your consent.

Read our full message here:
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Wish you, guys, only the best !!!
There actually is one thing I'd like to see: The option to have, well, sort of a "paid 'Pro' account" for +EyeEm , maybe similar to how Flickr used to do this before. Though this promise is pretty nice, I'd surely love to see the whole system also built upon a business model having some defined way to refund. Using a free-of-charge service is nice but obviously even EyeEM possibly will have bills to pay. ;)
@ Kristian Rink: Very good point! So, what is the business model of EyeEm?
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