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Happy Friday! Sydney knows how to celebrate in style. Thanks for sharing,@emmii!
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Hello Eyeem, I've been using you for awhile now, but have stopped.  I got a winphone, and since there's no Instagram and G+ has no API I had been planning to use Eyeem for mobile photos and then post a link to other social networks (like G+).  However your login wall is seriously turning me and my non-eyeem viewers (which is the vast majority of them) off.  Perhaps the thought is people would just sign up when faced with it, but in my circles not only do they not sign up, but they get upset and develop bad associations with your brand.  So I will be playing with using your Flickr transport, but there's a reasonable chance I'll just fade out as a user, and I wanted to drop you a data point for your product managers to consider.  Thanks for a good year before my own circumstances changed and made this a problem for me and my peeps.
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