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Your photos belong to you. That promise is and always will be at the core of EyeEm.
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Being also another "free" service, how can I trust the TOS/Privacy policy won't change? How do you plan to monetize?
Hi. I would like to know if there will be an update to set your profile private.

Hey +Matthew Gregg +Kirsten Alana we promise that we'll never do anything to your photos without your explicit consent. There are many different ways to make a business with the user's rights remaining the most important thing. We love photography, we take photos ourselves, and this is why we're deeply committed to the rights of our users and their photos.
Mad love to you +EyeEm. Thanks for chiming in during such a crazy week, and for putting our right's first. I hope the Instagram fallout spells nothing but good things for you.
Just ditched your competitor yesterday, any way to import my images? Seems like a great way to get you guys more users if we don't have to lose our history.
+Tina Robson Yep, did that already. What I'm looking for is a way to move them into EyeEm so that I have some history again. Not a huge deal, I can always just start taking pictures, but it might ease the transition for those with a few thousand images. 
Hey Andy, unfortunately we don't have that tool at the moment. But no worries about starting from scratch, we're sure you'll find your way around quickly!
Yeah, not a huge deal, I only had 200 or so images, but something to think about for the folks with a few thousand
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