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Software Engineer at Genymobile working on Genymotion, Treasurer at Paris Android User Group, Google Developer Expert Android
Software Engineer at Genymobile working on Genymotion, Treasurer at Paris Android User Group, Google Developer Expert Android

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This is amazing!
This is it! We are very proud to announce +Romain Guy and +Chet Haase as our first keynote speakers with a brand new and amazing talk.

Take your ticket to one of the best lineup we've ever made here:
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Hi guys,

I'm trying to play around with Android Things and the NXP board. I tried to flash the board with the tutorial ( but I got stuck. After flashing the bootloader (u-boot.img). I lost the ADB and fastboot connection, impossible to get it back. I precise that fastboot did not show any error when flashing the img, just the board never has been connected again to my computer.

I tried to find a way to flash the original firmware with the manufacturer's soft and I found this documentation ( I also found MFGTool (

I see some files related to brillo but not the file given on the documentation ( mfgtool2-brillo-mx6ul-pico-emmc.vbs). I tried several things but nothing successful for now. Do you guys have more input for this kind of problem?

NB: I would like to try to avoid using an UART connector.

NXP Pico i.MX6UL
NXP Pico i.MX6UL

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What's new in Android N adb/shell?

adb push/pull/sync much faster. (AOSP N9 full /system sync down from 60s to 20s.) Now with better progress feedback showing percentage complete.

adb push/pull interpret command-line arguments more like scp.

adb shell: returns remote process’ exit status, distinguishes stdout/stderr, passes through stdin (so you can pipe into a remote process), passes window size and terminal type (and updates window size), >1024 shell command length. These features all require a new adbd, so even with a new adb they’ll only work when talking to new devices. (Most of this work was done by the Brillo team.)

Windows support greatly improved (99% of this work done by external contributor Spencer Low).

Increased stability for automated testing.

Helpful diagnostics for adb/fastboot Linux USB permissions problems.

Numerous command-line tool improvements/bug fixes. In particular, ls(1) is now the much more full-featured toybox ls. Unlike in M, sed(1) now works fine.
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Hey Cloud Expo! Want to know more about our newborn Genymotion Cloud?
See you at 1:10 GMT (Virtualisation Infrastructure & Storage Theatre)

#GenymotionCloud #cloudexpo #cloudexpoeurope
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Google Developers Experts +Eyal LEZMY, +Etienne Caron and +Royi Benyossef discuss the principles of app on-boarding flow in their first episode of the Launchpad App-Clinic series
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Genymotion 2.6 is out! #oO

• Flashable archives improvement. Genymotion now executes update binary if one is present. Many tools have been added to execute scripts without a recovery.
• In some situations, cloning a virtual device could take longer than expected and fail. This has been fixed.
• The Power button is now darkening the virtual device screen on Mac OS X.
• On Linux and Mac OS X, Genymotion now properly resumes after hibernation.
• The Screencast feature on Mac OS X El Capitan doesn’t lead to a crash of Genymotion anymore.
• On Mac OS X, Genymotion would sometimes needlessly consume license activations. This has been fixed.
• In the SMS feature of the Phone widget, all Unicode characters are now properly handled.
• The command android setdeviceid of Genymotion Shell now allows upper case.
• The command gmtool license info of GMTool now takes the timezone into account when displaying the expiration time.

More in today’s release note!
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I hope you'll like it!
And we're live!!!
Join +Etienne Caron  +Eyal LEZMY  and myself along with all the other Android Google developer experts for our first episode of our new show - App clinic!
And also, a special bonus for all those who watch - App clinic live (watch to see what that means)
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Coming to +droidcon London this week? Have your app reviewed by our panel of experts at the App Clinic!

Preregister here to secure a slot, or just show up in the design area. More info here:
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Very nice slides!
You can now find my Tools of the Trade talk slides, just presented at Droidcon NYC, on Speakerdeck.

Slides video can be found here: , so you can also appreciate all the animations that are lost in the PDF.

#GDE #android #techtalk #toolsOfTrade #AndroidDev
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