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Have you noticed your car handling differently than when you first bought it? Are your tires experiencing uneven wear? You might need suspension repair. While some cases are serious, in most cases you just need new shocks or struts. Here are the most common signs that you need suspension repair.

Uneven Tire Wear
Because your tires are the only part of your car that makes contact with the road, they can tell you a lot about your car. If your car is out of alignment, for example, your tires may wear on one side more than the other. Cupping or scalloping can indicate bad shocks, while heel-toe damage can result from bad bushings, wheel bearings, or ball joints.

Diving and Swaying
Does your car’s nose dive when you brake firmly? Does your car feel like it sways as you make a turn? These problems are often results of worn suspension components. While it may just seem annoying, these problems can be dangerous. Bad shocks, for example, can reduce your stopping ability and increase your chances of having an accident.

Rough Ride
Perhaps the most common and recognizable sign of bad suspension is a bumpy ride. If your car bounces excessively and you feel every little bump in the road, you might need new shocks absorbers or struts. Visit a mechanic, or perform your own bounce test to find the potential culprit.

When you notice these signs that you need suspension repair, visit ExperTech Auto Repair Professionals. We provide suspension repair Sunrise, FL, and much more! Call us at (954) 289-2849 to learn more.

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