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Executive Home Detox provides private 1:1 in-home detox, early recovery planning, and private addiction services.
Executive Home Detox provides private 1:1 in-home detox, early recovery planning, and private addiction services.

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My favorite character actor, Phillip Seymour Hoffman dies by Heroin Overdose. Sad Day. Too bad he couldn't have reached out for help. Such finality. #addiction   #addictiontreatment

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If you are on Suboxone, were you informed or educated you would become "dependent" on suboxone and would need to detox from the Suboxone when you wanted to discontinue this medication? 

Suboxone is a miracle drug for many. There is also some concern it is becoming over-prescribed. I have heard many stories about people who have become dependent on #suboxone   who allege their physician never informed them of this consequence. #buprenorphine   #Detox   #subutex  

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Tranxene, or Chlorazepate, is a little known benzodiazepine. Tranxene is a very effective agent for alcohol detox. 
Executive Home Detox has used Tranxene on four separate occasions with very good results. 

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Detox and Recovery: Volume 2.  
Chris Christie and the War on Drugs!
Where's Waldo? Where's EHD?
Tranxene (or Chlorazepate) for Alcohol Detox
Sober Living: How to order Drinks at a Restaurant  
#homedetox   #alcoholism   #addiction   #addictiontreatment   #conciergemedicine  

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Detox and Recovery: Week One, January 2014: 
Happy New Year: 
Coffee, Florida Gulf Coast, Opiate Induced Hyperalgesia, and a Sober Living Restaurant Review! 
#alcoholism   #addictiontreatment  

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I worry and focus on Dehydration during and In-Home Alcohol Detox. I was under the impression drinking coffee didn't provide adequate hydration. Well, it looks like coffee can help with hydration after all. 

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EHD recently assisted a  chronic pain client to detox from Oxycodone. The client was suspected of having Opiate Induced Hyperalgesia. #OpiateInducedHyperalgesia   #opiatedetox   #chronicpain   #addiction   #addictiontreatment  

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Suspicious Deaths related to Chronic Pain Treatment? Dr. Lyn Webster is profiled in a CNN expose.  The Comment board under this story is alive with opinions.   #Addiction   #dependence   #chronicpain   #Detox   #opiatedetox  

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How does a person quit drinking #alcohol  ? Some people go through #withdrawals  when they try to quit drinking. These people may need to #detox  from alcohol. How to detox from alcohol? Read this blog. 
#addiction   #addictiontreatment   #alcoholism   #conciergemedicine  

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Does it make sense to Detox from Alcohol before Christmas or New Years? Or would it be better to wait until after the Holidays? Bill Carrick and his Alter-Ego debate the subject. 
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