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Graph Search was the big announcement, but the rumors of a Facebook phone will not go away. Which is a strange state of affairs, because Facebook have no need to release their own smartphone. They already get all the benefits for none of the risk from every other smartphone manufacturer.
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On the one hand I agree. Facebook hasn't put all the pieces together for a mobile platform.

On the other hand I disagree that Facebook can survive without it. Without that they're a Dead Company Walking, just waiting for Google and Apple to break new innovations and possibly impose new restrictions (overtly or subtly or even just by the coincidence of bringing new ways of doing things to market) that could permanently handicap them. Why, if Google Now tells me the birth dates of people I know, would I need Facebook for that? Where would Facebook fit into Project Glass when they can't even build a decent app for iPhone or Android? A failure to own the mobile stack means a million missed opportunities and at best a more difficult time breaking new products successfully. How well did the Poke app do? As far as I can tell it hasn't had any bottom line impact on Snapchat.
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