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Look around at the smartphone world's Q3 numbers, and the only sensible conclusion is that Android is dominating the landscape. 75% worldwide market share (IDC) around the world, over 90% market share in China (Analysis International), wherever you look you will find immense headline numbers. Is this 'Peak Android'?
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Took a screenshot. We'll see q3 next year :-D. 
THanks very much. If you like I can pen an article that says exactly the opposite so you can screen shot that as well. :-)
nah. i just honestly think there's more room for growth.
what i see right now and for the next year is microsoft and nokia machine still gearing up (christmass season will tell) but not yet picking up speed. it will take some time for the mindset of mainstream people to adjust to metro on pc and the phone.

as for apple, it is slowly but surely turning into razr effect. which assures even slower q2 and most of q3, while loyalists are waiting for next version.

android has so far being able to walk middle ground and it shows, it always has just enough changes visually and hardware wise to keep things fresh and interesting, while avoiding being a shock to the system aproach that microsoft has taken.

i do think that eventually ms will stall android rise as people get used to windows8 pc's, but not just yet.
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