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Fellow Forbes contributor Jason Evangelho asked "what was the best piece of tech/hardware released in 2012?" After a few moments of thought, I replied "The PS Vita." Having spent some time to think about the answer, I'm still confident it's the right one. The problem with Sony's next generation portable gaming console was not the hardware, it was everything else.
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+Ewan Spence I applaud your choice.  It could really have been something, but Sony crippled it with lack of Play Store support.
It still is something... much like the Neo Geo Pocket Color is still something I find myself returning to. 
Ecosystem is a bit lacking. If you're a playstation+ subscriber, there are a lot of interests in the Vita (online backup, free games, etc.). Two problems:
1) only 2 Vita per account (when I buy. A game on the App store, I can share it with how many devices I like, why should I be limited hence having to buy hard copies of the games which do not drive as much margins as soft copies)
2) applications lack of polish Why when I open a post and like it I'm back at the top of my feed, but when I like from the post I'm back where I was. Why Netflix does not work? Why music unlimited offline downloads (downloads for a playlist mark as offline) have to be restarted again and again to complete?

The device is very good, and both screens tocuh (front and back) are great for expediting some tasks or gestures in games. Gravity Rush, LBP Vita are great games using all the characteristics of the Vita but the lack of universl ports and cross play with the PS3 are really hurting the adoption. Make all the PS1 and PS2 games available for $0.99. (They have already been paid multiple times) and you will have a killer.
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