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Good point, but keeping Google out is like keeping flies out of the barn. They'll go through the backdoor if they have to by building great apps and services for Tizen, as they do for iOS (a much more locked down ecosystem). So they still need to work on the services side of their ecosystem... hell, to say Samsung even has an ecosystem yet would be generous.
True, it';s important as WP8 is discovering!, but the OS is surely the first step, and simply having it, then deploying it, is part of "the great game"?
If Samsung ever takes the service side of things seriously, they could be dangerous to everyone. I get the impression, though, that they're not good, culturally, at focusing on that. They have too much of the OEM in them. They'll build a service but release it when it's not ready for primetime just to claim it as a selling point on a new device. Then someone else, usually Google these days, releases a more mature product and kills Samsung's half-baked service. e.g. S Voice vs. Google Voice Search
ChatOn sums up Samsung's current service abilities - discuss.
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