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Yet again another music start-up has decided to give up on their model over the cost of musical rights. Okay in this case perhaps Last.FM is not a true start-up, but it had something other new entrants don't immediately have, which is a solid user base of subscribers.
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Agreed James, wanted to go for a 'quickie' comment on this piece, rather than in-depth. Feel free to add that link on the Forbes blog and I'll highlight it asap
The Forbes blog, using a mobile, has no commenting section. ;)

Not a moan about your writing; just a general point that the record companies are being unrealistic in their demands.
No mobile commenting? I shall mention that to the tech team. And yes, agreed on the record companies demands. They do need to adapt a little!
Agree completely with your assessment that if even the big established music based start-ups are all failing because of licensing problems, then maybe the problem isn’t with the start-ups, but the quasi-monopoly of charges they have to submit themselves to.
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