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When I joined Flickr in 2006, it was arguably the first of the modern social networks I joined and spent a significant amount of time using. To this day, it is also the only social network that I willingly pay to be a "pro" member. As my photography habits shifted from digital camera to smartphone, however, Flickr seemed to have trouble keeping up. Their app development (particularly for Droids) was slow and soon I found myself bothering to sign in and upload new photos less and less. Ironically, the last two photos I uploaded were taken with the Instagram app.

I have hopes that Yahoo can turn Flickr around. The three month extension is a nice gesture, but I still need to make an effort to make Flickr top of mind in how I invest my online time. I'll be curious to see what steps Yahoo takes in that direction to help reinforce my own intentions (and others like me who likely would enjoy rebuilding the relationships built on Flickr).
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