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You're writing for Forbes now? My my. :-) 
In a world of Spotify and Netflix I'm not why I'd want 128Gb on my iPad, but my kids are always complaining about not having enough memory on their iPods for games. 
Pay attention, over a year now :-) and you've obviously never tried to stream while roaming abroad :-) 
Apple came out of the grave by been innovative, this 'new' product is prove those days are gone...
I would think that with a very limited line of phones apple is in a riskier position to become the next nokia, 1 misstep could ruin them... and i've already been reading about the decrease interest in their products.... maybe 'cause of the lack of innovation as i said..  
Stream abroad?? I can't even figure out how to get a SIM for my devices when I'm in the US. Heading back there in a few months. Any tips on how to get some 3G? 
AT&T Go Phone, PAYG, don;t tell them it's an Apple device
at $799, it's priced like a nice laptop/ultrabook.  with all my data in the cloud, i have no use for 128 GB iPad. (i am rarely without internet access) 
Linkbait. Again. This time, blind Apple fanboi nonsense, and no critique about whether anyone actually needs 128Gb of data on a tablet. I guess you are paid by the page impression?
James, yes, part of the remuneration is by visitor. As for needing 128GB, yes I think there is a need for it, but I wanted to try and look beyond the on-device implications. An immediate thought on someone who'd like the extra space would be the photographer who helps me out at Eurovision, who uses the iPad for storage, editing, etc, and on the RAW files. The extra storage space and flexibility on offer here means I'm pretty sure he'll be sporting this unit in May.
Aha, OK, so you're paid to linkbait. What a shame. The future of journalism, no doubt. (I think there's a use-case for 128Gb, but a tiny one.)
James, it is an interesting situation yes, and until Eurovision can generate income all year round I need to multi-task (and you know where to find me on IM ;-) ).
After 2 years with an ipad 1, I upgraded to an ipad 4. Both are 16gb. The 'camera' is the only BIG innovation I notice, and even filming video with it, I still haven't filled it up. It's hard enough finding and organizing less than 16gb of pictures and video, retina display or not. 128gb simply sounds like 8 times the clutter.

Now if Apple would replace the volume button with an analog dial that went up to 11...That would be headache worthy.
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