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Apple's stock is a roller coaster ride at the moment, and everyone has a theory on why the price is up and (mostly) down at the moment. What is it that's spooking investors to sell of their share of the company? There's unlikely to be a single reason, but the one that worries me is in the supply chain, and what this says about the current management team.
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What does it say about Tim Cook, whose main claim to fame is as a supply-chain expert? Can it be that eliminating domestic production was, ultimately, not a good long-term strategy?
I agree, I also think a tech company cannot continue to put out products every 6 months that cost hundreds of dollars, the market is saturated in a down market.   Americans cannot afford a new iPad just because it has one or two extra features.
Most of Apples sales are outside of the US and the most rapidly expanding market is China. There is a lot of potential left for Apple to explore and exploit.
At this point Android and its derivatives appear to own the Chinese market.
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