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The other side of that coin: does it even matter anymore?  Why does everything between Google and Apple have to come down to a comparison of who "won" a particular event?  This is getting childish.
Pretty silly data set... very specific phrase and for only the few major flagships (I think we knew iPad would outsell Kindle, Nexus 7, and Surface combined). Thanks for the laugh!
Eil, I do hope the <sarcasm?> tag is parsed...
+Ewan Spence No sarcasm intended. I love wonky surveys. I used to be a psychology major once upon a time. This one was one of the better examples of "how not to do a study if you want it to mean anything".
To answer the question in the article headline, iOS 6 has Twitter integration so no it won't.
No matter how good +Ewan Spence might be, if I was the editor of that website, I'd not have allowed that story to go live. I guess it's just linkbait, given there's no journalistic value in it. I didn't think +Forbes played that game.
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