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I have no issue with Samsung trying every size. I have a problem with all this "fifth horse" talk when it's clear Samsung's strength is in testing as many market points as possible. It's fast fail on steroids, and no one can build a good ecosystem that way, so if they just want to be the world's biggest dog for making boxes of many sizes, more power to them, but don't presume to mess around trying to be a service and content provider.
Better than what Apple is doing, focus groups full of our parents.
Eli, agreed, having seen their 'suite' of bonus apps on Windows Phone... even HTC manages better!
"I want someone to have researched the issues and provide me with the best sized screen for 1280×800, rather than offering me every size and asking me to choose. "

I was taken by surprise with this line :-\ what's wrong with choosing according to your own needs, and not the needs of someone else
Okay, can I have a lot more RAM in my Android devices from Samsung? That would be somewhere I'd like to see some choice beyond physical screen size ;-)
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