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Eurovision is a fun place to be right now... it might be three shows in May, but before then 39 countries need to select a song, and that invariably means five or six shows every weekend from now until the end of March to sort through mountains of music to find a song for Malmo. Keep up to date with all the news, my choice of the musical tracks, and more, on the weekly Eurovision Insight podcast. Here's this week's show.
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Do you mean fun like stabbing yourself repeatedly in the eye with a rusty spoon?
No, I mean fun as in fly around Europe, go to lots of selections, follow the music and the performers, and remember everybody else in the world loves it... it;s just people who listen to the BBC's 'ironic' commentary think it's a bad thing (oh and maybe some of the Irish as well).

If I did a search and replace on 'Eurovision' with 'European Football' nobody would bat an eyelid...
Ah if you actually get to go along, then that it is a slightly different matter ;)

Are you not worried by the number of countries trying not to win the competition though?
Ben, show me the country that sets out to deliberately not win... okay there are some weird decisions, and poor strategy choices in PR marketing and staging, but nobody steps up on that stage doing anything less than the best they can do. That's like asking which team is trying to throw the FA Cup because they don;t have a big enough stadium for visiting fans.
1. Greece and Cyprus are entering, they were sabre rattling to get better conditions. They do that every year.
2. Poland didn't pull out, they left last year to spend the cash on the European Football, and didn't come back.
3. THe Portugese public are not happy they;re not entering this year, that's a strange decision, especially as they have artists willing to foot the entire bill for the exposure and audience.

Don'tt forget the media angle on Eurovision, especially in the UK, does have a distorting effect.
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