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While the launch of the iPhone 5 continued to push the design envelope available for iOS developers, it's the iPad mini that is going to have the most impact on the mobile gaming world.
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Like what's with the fragmentation thing, if the new ipad mini sports a retina display with a 4:3 which would have a lower pixel amount than the ipad 4 won't apps written for the ipad 4 display just scale automatically (works like clockwork on android). Ipad mini doesn't hace a retina display because apple doesn't wabt it cannibalising the sales of ipad 4
Actually my money is on it not having a retina display because (a) the 3GS dpi screen is cheaper, and the smaller pixel count means the A5 processor has enough oomph to drive the screen.
Yeah guess that's true plus an incremental update to the ipad mini next year would bring the retina screen which if they did now there would be nothing left to add next year
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