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+Christopher Wright Any idea why a kindle published ebook that is given away freely would have the kindle DRM on it? I figure you know more about the system from the author/publisher side than me.
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The only reason I can think is that drm was accidentally enabled when it was being set up.
+Ewan Marshall raises a good question, which has me thinking of another you (+Christopher Wright) might be able to answer: Who controls when a DRM is applied to e-content? Is it solely the publisher or does the author have any say in the matter?
+Mark Zanfardino I don't know what controls a publisher has through KDP (kindle's eBook publishing interface). I know the author can choose whether or not to apply DRM to the kindle book being published. Whether a publisher would create an author account and use it to publish all the eBooks for all the authors they represent, I can't say.
+Christopher Wright thank you. This is a subject I've recently become very interested in. I'm stunned to discover that evidently it's the publisher that can limit if an e'book' can be lent or not and for how long. I only recently discovered a free Kindle book that was encumbered with DRM.
Well... now that I think about it, I'm not sure I know how to answer the question. Pay Me, Bug! is self-published, so I am essentially both author and publisher. So when I was uploading my book, was I using the author interface or publisher interface? Are there multiple interfaces? I don't actually know the answer.

I do know that when I loaded PMB! into KDP there was a toggle that allowed me to add DRM to it if I wanted. I didn't want, so I didn't toggle.
+Christopher Wright thanks again. I find this whole subject very interesting. I've been following another largely self-published author who has been publishing to e-media-readers (I just hate to call them ebooks as I'm not convinced the 'book' metaphor is anywhere accurate, but that's a whole other topic for discussion). He's had excellent success in general, but the issues with e-publishing are still clearly unresolved (at least to my satisfaction). As such, I will only buy unencumbered content that I can read on any device at anytime I damn well please. But that's just me! Keep up the great work!
+Mark Zanfardino What, you don't like the description invented by Douglas Adams? Or do you need to read/watch/listen to H2G2 again?
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