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Charlotte Completes Her Treatment – In Just 18 Weeks!

So, I’ve had straight teeth for two months now and it’s amazing! People who know me (and know the story) all think that the difference is incredible. I now smile!

Whilst I had the brace fitted, the majority of people didn’t even notice (even people I’ve known for years)! Those that did notice, wanted to know all the details, ‘Did it hurt?’, ‘What couldn’t I eat?’, ‘Was it going to be on for years?’ It was a great conversation starter and I was happy to talk about what was happening, and the outcome I was looking forward to.

I never thought that I would enjoy talking about my teeth, as until recently, it’s been a topic that I have avoided at all costs. But now I tell, and show everyone! (Apologies to friends who I may have bored to death in recent months!!).

It’s when I’m talking to people that I don’t know, that I really notice the difference though. I don’t worry about entering into conversation with someone new – I don’t try to cover my mouth, not smile, or worry now about what they ‘might think’ of my teeth. For that reason, I suppose it’s given me a new confidence.
I realise that all of the questions I was asked about the brace were pretty negative (as I just said), they were ‘Does it hurt’, ‘Will you have it for years?’,
‘What can’t you do when your brace is on?’.

Nobody should be concerned about the negatives of having a brace fitted, because the positive (end result), outweighs any discomfort or inconvenience along the way.

‘Did it hurt?’ – yeah it was slightly uncomfortable for about 48hrs. When I say slightly uncomfortable, I didn’t take any tablets as it was no worse than a mild headache. It rubbed a little bit (like twice), but that could be dealt with easily using the nifty wax you’re given!

Did I have to wear it for years?’ No. 18weeks and the transformation in that time, for me, was unimaginable.

‘What can’t you do with a brace fitted?’…..erm chewing gum is tricky, there are some foods you will find easier than others (but don’t worry you won’t starve!)
My point here, is that there is nothing to be remotely afraid of, or bad enough to put anyone off having the treatment.

To anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of their teeth or smile, please speak to the team and explore your options. It’s a game changer – believe me!
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Is Your Daily Routine Up To Scratch? Here Are 5 Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy, And You Smiling.

We all know that it’s important to clean our teeth on a daily basis. But if you find that you’re experiencing continued oral health concerns, then your routine may be at fault. The following 5 tips will help you to achieve optimum oral health results. So, take a look and see if your daily routine makes the grade.

1. Choose your toothpaste like you would choose your hair or skin care products
Finding the right toothpaste to suit your teeth is exactly the same as finding the right skincare products, or the right shampoo and conditioner. If sensitivity is an issue for one person, then a toothpaste that targets this issue is the best option, whereas others may be looking to protect against cavities. Be careful with toothpastes that claim to improve whiteness, these are often very abrasive as they usually work by removing surface stain. You may even find a specific toothpaste that targets multiple oral health issues. Opting for a cheaper toothpaste might seem like a good idea to begin with, but could cause significant damage in the long run.

It is recommended that you change your toothbrush every three months, to ensure that the bristles are not worn down to the point of being useless. Any longer and your toothbrush could become a hygiene risk as well. Electric toothbrushes are now becoming more affordable, and can be more effective than manual toothbrushes at removing plaque build-up – keeping your teeth cleaner for longer.

2. Hygienists are your teeth’s best friend
It’s easy to skip one or to dental check-ups, especially if you experience a lot of anxiety whenever you do visit the dentists. Keeping regular appointments with your dental hygienist, however, will help you to identify any areas of your cleaning routine that are maybe lacking, and focus on potential oral health issues that you had not previously considered. The health of your gums is directly linked to your overall health, there is a link between gum disease and an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes or Alzheimer’s Disease, so your hygienist could save your life. Either way, it can only help you to maintain that winning smile.

3. Clean in between
It may seem unnecessary to you, but cleaning throughout the day will help to break down hard to reach plaque, and prevent against avoidable tooth decay. Despite what you might believe, or at least once a day, is a great way of helping to prevent plaque build-up between the teeth. It can also help to remove any remaining food after meals which, if left, could result in bad breath.
Interdental brushes are another great solution to this, can be easily stored in your handbag, or pocket for use throughout the day. Using interdental brushes can help to clean gums and clear plaque in between teeth – very similar to flossing. You may find that your gums bleed to begin with as they may be inflamed but keep it up and you will see a noticeable difference.

4. Don’t rinse, spit then repeat
No, we don’t mean that you need to repeat the routine immediately after you finish brushing. It is advised, however, that to achieve optimum results you brush twice a day – first thing in the morning before breakfast, and last thing at night just before you go to bed. Brushing for a minimum of 2 minutes will ensure that every last bit of plaque is reached, once you have finished cleaning, spit but don’t rinse your mouth. It’s important that you don’t rush the process, it may seem like an extra hassle, but your oral health matters.

5. Consider straightening your teeth
Crowded teeth can be very difficult to keep clean as it’s almost impossible to use a Tepe brush and sometimes even floss can’t get through. It is also more likely that plaque and tartar can build up in the nooks and crannies. Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean and can also be better for your general oral health as it can reduce the risk of other problems as you get older. The best way to straighten your teeth is with a brace and there are lots of options available, sometimes your teeth can be treated in about 6-8 weeks.

Maintaining oral health is just another aspect of good physical health. If you feel that you need a little extra help, contact Evolve Dentistry, Portishead today. We focus on general and cosmetic dentistry as well as braces to help create and maintain a smile you’ll really want to show off.
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Lara Can’t Believe Her Confidence

Lara had felt self-conscious about her smile for over 20 years. She had experienced significant trouble with her teeth since the age of 11, and even required early orthodontic work in the form of braces. Following a friend’s recommendation, and years of embarrassment, Lara contacted Evolve Dentistry to begin her journey to the smile she deserved.

The primary goal for Lara was to repair her damaged teeth to achieve the beautifully straight and white smile. She was an avid mountain biker, and subsequently maintained a significant level of damage, and had left her teeth in relatively poor condition.

A friend’s recommendation.
Whilst she’d attempted to have treatment previously, Lara never felt confident enough to proceed with the process. When she discovered that a close friend of hers was undergoing treatment with Evolve, in preparation for her wedding, Lara was amazed at the results. She quickly got in touch with the staff at Evolve, whose knowledge and expertise immediately reassured her, allowing her to feel confident in proceeding with the process.

Reassurance every step of the way.
Lara admitted that she experienced a great deal anxiety in prior to beginning the process, and this was one of the primary reasons she had not undergone treatment earlier. She explained that she would often build-up the treatment in her mind prior to her appointments, becoming increasingly anxious over whether or not the treatment would achieve the desired results. Her team of experts were on hand at all times to comfort and encourage her, providing relaxation methods and reassuring Lara of exactly what the process would be.

Under the expert hands of Dr. Jonathon Sproson, and dental nurse, Louwrencia Spinola, Lara opted for a combination of veneers, and crowns, to achieve her preferred results. By opting for these cosmetic solutions, Evolve was able to resolve Lara’s concerns over her damaged front line of teeth, as caused by her early mountain bike accidents, and ultimately improved her smile and overall self-confidence.

And now?
Lara is delighted with her new smile. After some early anxiety, and diligent support from the team at Evolve, she no longer feels insecure about her teeth.
“I can’t even explain how amazing it feels, it’s been a really long process. It’s always had a massive effect on my confidence and my persona. It just meant the world to me to get them done. And now they’re done! And they’re beautiful and the process has been incredible! The team has been so flexible and really caring, they really homed in on what it meant to me as an individual.”
Watch her short reaction video to see just how much the treatment meant to Lara, and see the results that the staff at Evolve were able to achieve.
The team at Evolve were delighted with Lara’s reaction, and it truly meant a great deal to see how much the treatment had improved her confidence.

Bristol-based, Evolve Dentistry, specialises in cosmetic and general dentistry, braces, and emergency care, offering top quality dental care with affordability in mind. With a friendly and personable team offering years of expertise and experience, we strive to ensure that all our customers leave with a gleaming smile on their face.

If you’re looking to begin the process to improve your smile, contact Evolve Dentistry, Portishead, today.
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Helen had lived for years with a smile she was afraid to show. She had never been content with her own teeth, often comparing herself to others and feeling continuously self-conscious. Helen would even refuse to show her teeth when smiling for photographs, and often found herself instinctively covering her mouth when laughing in public. After countless years of searching, and endless rejections - deemed a ‘complicated case’ - Helen came to an Evolve Dentistry open evening to begin her journey towards the stunning smile she deserves.
The goal for Helen was to achieve the perfect straight, and white, smile that she desired. Overcrowding had meant that everyday cleaning had become increasingly difficult. Helen also explained that she was very sensitive to dentist treatments and had previously often felt considerable discomfort during procedures.
The Right First Impression
First impressions are a crucial factor in ensuring Evolve patients feel comfortable and confident with their decision, and Helen was no exception to this rule. Meeting with Treatment Co-Ordinator, Julie, Clinical Director, Carol, and Specialist Orthodontist, Lisa, Helen was fully briefed on all the options available to her. Despite her confidence, financial circumstances and an exciting new arrival, meant that Helen had to put a hold on her plans. The team at Evolve were quick to assure her that whenever she was ready and able, they were available to continue with her consultation and treatment.
Ready to Begin
When the time was right, Helen returned to Evolve to book her first appointment. Along with our Treatment Co-Ordinator Julie, Helen was able to decide on a course of treatment that would improve the issues that caused her concern. Orthodontic treatment provided the best option to improve the overcrowding Helen was experiencing, and with Evolves range of procedures Helen was able to find the most cost-effective solution to suit her lifestyle. Helen also opted for a BioClear Bonding Treatment after her braces were removed to put the finishing polish to ensure she achieved her perfect smile makeover.
Dental Anxiety
Anxiety was a significant issue for Helen, and one of the primary reasons that she had found it so difficult to undertake procedures previously. Julie was there every step of the way, however, offering suggestions of alternative techniques to provide her with the most comfortable experience. Julie also provided Helen with individual relaxation and calming suggestions prior to each appointment. With continuous support throughout the process, Helen felt confident and reassured, with a professional and supportive team always on hand to help with any concerns.
The team at Evolve were delighted to give Helen the stunning smile she had always dreamed of, and to hear that the results went far beyond her expectations. But don’t just take their word for it:
            “Everybody was friendly and helpful… I smile a lot more and I now have photos of me showing my teeth!! At work, I have more confidence to speak at meetings and don’t hide my mouth when I laugh. Friend and family have said, wow your teeth, they look incredible! For anybody that had a brace as a teenager, and still not happy, you can do something about it if you find the right orthodontists…I did!”
                                                                                                                                     - Helen
 Evolve Dentistry is a local dental practice based in Portishead, Bristol. If you have any questions regarding teeth whitening, braces, cosmetic dentistry, or any other dental procedure, contact Evolve Dentistry to begin your journey. With comprehensive services, highly experienced team, and a relaxed comfortable environment, we create beautiful smiles.
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Caroline is loving her new smile.
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The day for Charlotte to have her braces removed has come, we are all very excited for her.
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We think Lara is a little bit excited about her new smile.
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Charlotte tells us about her experience of wearing a brace
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