New tasty visuals incoming! In addition to the new unit models that I have been adding, I have also taken the time to enhance the game a bit visually in terms of teamcolor selections and so on.

The original method is still available (but deactivated by default). I am hoping that this new method will make it even easier to play.

In addition to unit teamcolor platter things, I have redone the unit icons for attacking units. They are now based upon unit purpose instead of unit type.

That is to say that instead of having a generic shape for all hover/amphib/air/allterrain units respectively, now the are grouped according to purpose.

So, for example, there is now a specific icon for units who are raiders, tank destroyers, assaults, anti air, or support.

This has been a requested feature for a long time, but until recently I couldn't think of a way to implement it nicely, but I think these new unit icons will be very helpful!

In other less glamorous news, the download page on the main site has been redone (again). At this point it simply encourages users to go download spring from the spring website. It may make it more difficult to tell if users are online specifically to play evo or not, but I am tired of playing wackamole with all the spring lobbies and their caveats and gotchas.

I thought that weblobby would be the silver bullet, and for a while, it was! But unfortunately, Oracle manages to be even more incompetent than MicroSoft (and that's saying something), so now Java is being banished from web browsers (and for good reasons, to be honest). In the middle of this sits weblobby, getting screwed from both ends.

Ikinz is working on a Qt version of weblobby that will run natively in windows, linux and osx, but until then, I have decided to just point users in the direction of the default spring installer and suck up the consequences.
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