Evolution v2.9 is out. This is a minor release (and it's actually been out for a little while) so no fanfare or anything.

v3.0 will be pretty awesome. Thanks to CarRepairer I have a new widget that allows me to display ranges of things. So the ORB's repair graphic will be replaced with a simple green ring. This is good because no more massive lag when you select 5 or 10 of them. Additionally, things such as buildrange and Energy Core collection range are defined, and a TON of other stuff.

Quantum of +Zero-K is finally back up and running and will be fixing the mission editor, so the single player campaign will be up and running hopefully in a week or so. I plan to release the campaign on a weekly mission cycle, and if I can pull it off, I'm going to be using voice acting and a few really neat things.

Now, I leave you with a strange picture of an Overseer recycling 500 energy cores... The purple ring denotes the range in which energy cores will be recycled. The orange ring shows it's maximum build range.
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