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Evolution v2.9 is out. This is a minor release (and it's actually been out for a little while) so no fanfare or anything.

v3.0 will be pretty awesome. Thanks to CarRepairer I have a new widget that allows me to display ranges of things. So the ORB's repair graphic will be replaced with a simple green ring. This is good because no more massive lag when you select 5 or 10 of them. Additionally, things such as buildrange and Energy Core collection range are defined, and a TON of other stuff.

Quantum of +Zero-K is finally back up and running and will be fixing the mission editor, so the single player campaign will be up and running hopefully in a week or so. I plan to release the campaign on a weekly mission cycle, and if I can pull it off, I'm going to be using voice acting and a few really neat things.

Now, I leave you with a strange picture of an Overseer recycling 500 energy cores... The purple ring denotes the range in which energy cores will be recycled. The orange ring shows it's maximum build range.
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I can do voices! I have like 2/3 of a computer built... will a AMD Duel 64 2.7Ghz and a GeForce 7800 GS play EvolutionRTS at decent framerate?

(edit: work computer has one of those crappy intergrated chipsets and my other computer can't even run video at full speed)
Should be able to. The default settings might be a bit too high, but you can probably mitigate that by scaling back shadows or particle effects (you'd want to try /shadows 2 first (/shadows 2 disables shadows on terrain and only does shadows on units). But theoretically yes, that should be good enough.
Oh also, for voice acting I'll keep you in mind. Requirements are a good microphone, goldwave (or audacity, etc), ability to record at studio quality (you can set this in the recording panel of windows... by default, the quality is awful), and clear speaking/enunciation. Accents are fine, even preferred, but the listener must be able to understand what you're saying (this is why large game studios use a lot of fake british accents instead of actual brits... because no one can understand wtf they are saying :-)).
This might be picking but if I wanted to share this post in order to spread the word about EvolutionRTS people would have to click to view your page and then click about before the found a link to your website where they would then need to find the download button... this could be easily resolved by a quick link to the download area whenever you make one of these release posts...
Good point. I've also added everything to the recommended links section of the G+ Evo Page.
Yeah... it would appear the majority of the mic's I have record at 16000 and the tiny little pinhole mic on my laptop is the best recording device I have... whoknew? I have audacity and I "don't have an accent" so if you want me to send you a sample of my ability to record myself talking I'd be happy to oblige.
Both circles are just barely visible, but I am sure you are working on that :)
Well, interesting you mention that. I haven't decided what alpha to use on them. Atm it's 0.3 which as you can see is really light.

However, the worry is that if you have a bunch of engineers selected, I don't want the rings to be super omg inyoface! Working on getting the right opacity worked out.
It's cheaper to put on a fake British accent than to fly someone from the UK or setup shop in London. There are a lot of different accents in Britain, and a lot of the accents you refer to aren't 'British' as such, because even most British people have trouble understanding them. Just look at Geordie accents ( Newcastle, think Cheryl Cole, and she's had lessons to try and reduce that too )
What are the energy cores btw?
If I had a decent mic, I could provide a REAL British accent. I can do some samples and see whether the built in mic on this laptop is worth anything...
+William Benjamin John Davis I've played Evo RTS on a AMD Athlon 64 3400+/ 2Gb RAM (critical to have more than 1Gb) and GeForce 6800GT, so I think your system will be just fine. (Just don't max out the spring graphics settings - medium should be fast and responsive, you'll have to experiment above that).
hmmm, well If it were me I'd have it all on the site and just show a particular category on the frontpage, then post links to the items on the blog here so you're always 1 click away, saves updating Google+ and the site if you can just do it once
+Toby Haynes I wouldn't be opposed to hearing them. Problem is, I would prefer to have a working mission editor before really checking people out for it. The parts will just be narration, but I want it to sound as good as possible, so generally that means that no room sounds (as in the slight echo like someone talking on speakerphone).

Though, you can hack together a sound studio out of a decent size cardboard box and some foam. But regardless, these are bridges that we'll cross when we come to them.

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