So, this isn't strictly Evolution RTS related, but I found a free game on Desura called Slender's Woods (and god knows that we all like free, amirite?). It's really awesome and in addition to the "collect the pages" mode, it also has "Story mode" which is what I did. I can attest that it is awesome, and this video is my playthrough. Sadly, I didn't have my mic on, but you can tell the times I got the shit scared out of me by when the camera starts freaking out.

I'm pretty stoic when it comes to games like this, but during playing this game, I shit myself more than once. Played with all the lights off and with headphones.

Now I'm going to go and pet fluffy bunnies and try to forget this nightmare. Jesus. Happy Halloween everyone! :-)

Check out "Slender's Woods" at:
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