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Calling all would be vocal actors!!! Or maybe just people who like to talk into microphones... In any case, many people wanted to be considered for the "Voice Acting" in the Evolution RTS missions.

Now is your chance! This first mission is one of the tutorial missions. There is quite a lot of narration to do. Only requirements are that you speak clearly and enunciate and you must have a decent microphone. A cheap boom mic is fine, but generally mics built into laptops and that sort of thing introduce too much background noise.

If you are using windows, make sure to go into the recording settings and under the advanced tab, set the default quality to studio quality.

Good programs to use for recording would be Goldwave and +Audacity . I would prefer the format of the recorded files be ogg, but mp3 or even flac is fine as well.

The text is here:

You may get it to me in any way you like, either by posting a link in the comments, or posting them to our forums, here:!topic/evolution-rts/DUEpReCQEtk

Thanks! I can't wait to hear you all!
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Well I can remove a lot of background noise with filters and gates and stuff, but nothing beats a good quality recording :-)

One thing that is nearly impossible to overcome though is echo, particularly small room echo.
This will have to wait till tomorrow night - I'll try and get a recording done without the washing machine thumping in the background...
+Daniel Nethersole It's ok, but it sounds like you might have tried a bit too hard on the accent. Forgive me if I'm wrong, it just seems a bit overdone.

+Toby Haynes FKNSWT!!! =D Thanks!

Unfortunately the notalobby guys haven't put out 2.3 yet, so until then no missions will be shown in the lobby. Plus I've been taking a little break form working on evo so hard and so much. I am trying to slow down the first few minutes of the game a tad though, so I'm playing with a few balance ideas.
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