Evolution RTS has been completely rebalanced using a new formula that makes much more sense. The units still do the same job as before, but now it has been balanced according to the way it was already set up. The end result is that the game is a lot more clear cut and easy to understand.

Lets just do a really quick rundown:
Piercing Damage : now does a lot less damage to more lightly armored units. This is based on a semi-realistic principle and an armor piercing round would punch a hole but not necessarily do any real damage. Thus it is scaled as such. The deviation is of course economy structures, but that is based upon the idea that an armor piercing round going through delicate equipment would cause no end of damage.

Light Damage : Now light damage is actually predictable. It does 1:1 vs light armor and degrades vs heavier armor. As you can see from the chart, it is also rubbish vs buildings.

Medium Damage : Also much more predictable. Puts the hammer down on light armor, does 1:1 vs medium armor, and half damage vs heavy armor. Not much good for destroying buildings.

Note : Light and Medium damage suck vs buildings, but obviously if you level enough firepower at something it will fall eventually.

Explosive Damage : Explosive damage only takes a 50% deduction when impacting light armor. Based upon the theory that an HE round might penetrate light armor enough to do some damage. Predictably degrades vs heavier armor. From looking at it's damage vs buildings, and simply the word 'explosive' denotes that explosive damage will be good vs buildings.

In my opinion this is MUCH easier to understand and to explain.

Relevant wiki article (Notice the new damage chart): http://www.wiki.evolutionrts.info/doku.php?id=evolution_rts:armor

Spreadsheet for this chart is here: http://goo.gl/Oll7U

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