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I have started preliminary work on the singleplayer mission launcher. Check out the design and tell me what you do/don't like. If you happen to be familiar with visual basic express 2008, specifics are appreciated. If not, no worries, just point out what sucks and what doesn't :-)
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I don't like that it's VB ;-)
Getting something like this in sasi would be simple, unlike the mp stuff because of what sasi dev is stalled. Major hindrance would be qt lib distribution, which iirc we hadn't quite figured out yet.
Given that my gaming is 100% Linux (oh, and about 5% Nintendo Wii :-) ) I get nervous when I see Visual Basic. Of course, if this runs on Mono, then its not a blocker...

Some time ago, when the Mission Builder came out I remember taking a look and cursing its Windows-only toolkit. Must try and find some time to see whether it is even vaguely sane to port it to something else, even if it is just WXWindows.
Well, if it's any consolation, I don't like that it's VB either, but batch/shell scripts don't look too pretty :-)

On a more serious note, +Rene Milk I think you're aware that I had planned to drop everything but SASI the moment I could use it. Is it currently in a state where it could be used for windows? Doesn't really matter if not everything is done on it yet. People would be happy enough that they have an easy to use UI that I think any minor bugs / missing functionality would be quickly forgiven.

WRT SASI on linux, as per my most recent conversation with Tim Jung (Desura Linux Dev), they don't care how the program is installed on linux (as in using the built in deps is a-ok), as long as the program is installed properly and can't but updated via desura, etc.

With that bit of news, and the advent of SPRING_DATADIR, we should be able to make use of it.

Strikes me that we could do it this way. Stick the engine in isolation mode, and give it a datadir in ~/spring/evolution-rts and run it through CDE, then with SASI, point SASI datadir in the same location and somehow tell SASI that spring is in the same location (or perhaps, a directory up in the tree).

Technically, spring wouldn't have to be run through CDE, but by not running it through CDE, it seems like we run into dependency hell.

+Toby Haynes , Unfortunately, atm all I really have power over is the windows stuff. Linux is not a friendly operating system when it comes to simplicity. Say what you will about windows, it is a hell of a lot easier to develop for. Now, all this is moot if SASI can be used, because SASI is winbloze and *nix (plus it's reaaaallly nice).
Given that I develop primarily (and professionally) for Linux and AIX, you'll have to forgive my antipathy towards MS Windows. There are plenty of methods for shipping something that will run on 95% of the modern Linux distros, most of which involve bundling a selection of specific libraries needed by the dynamic executable.

I'd also point out that Perl is my most productive lingua franca. But I can hack in a wide range of languages, and I'm not too fussy about precisely what.

SASI - where do I find some info on that? Googling "SASI desura" gives me a bundle of Evolution RTS links (surprise!)...
SASI is a project by +Rene Milk to be a battleroom/singleplayer campaign/mission launcher thingy.

The reality of the matter is that it is far easier for some random dumbass (in this case, me) to develop for windows than linux.

That aside, I highly recommend contacting +Rene Milk about SASI. If you would like to lend a hand, I'm sure he would most likely appreciate the help. It isn't fun being a 1 man development team.
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