Putting the final touches on a new map called "Glacier Pass". It's actually a map I made a loooooong time ago, and of all the maps I've made it was always one of my favorites. The problem was, anytime I tried to make a texture for it, it always came out looking crappy.

The new texture is reminiscent of the old texture, but with the new texture you shoudl practically be able to feel the snow crunch beneath your feet. The map's metal layout is actually set up for a 3v3, but 1v1's should be pretty interesting. I have yet to beat the survival AI on this map, try as I might.

It will be in the Evolution RTS 3.0 release :-)

P.S. Spoiler alert... Not so sneak peak at the nicer gui (I didn't go to the trouble of showing what all the "extra space" is for. If you've played it in it's current form you already know what goes there).
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