Evolution RTS Singleplayer missions are a go!

Exciting news! No, the mission editor did not receive the updated I needed, but last night I was lying in bed thinking about it, and I thought "What if I could trick the engine and the mission editor?"

I did not think it would work. There are a lot of checks that happen and many obstacles to overcome, not the least of which is unitsync itself.

Let me quickly show you the process that I have to overcome here so you may fully appreciate the difficulty...

Map -> Unitsync -> Playable
Map -> Custom Unitsync in Mission Editor that does not recognize lua -> Mission Builder
Map - > Yet another custom implementation of Unitsync -> Plasmaserver -> Downloadable via the lobby (if you don't already have it)

As you can see, one screwup can fork over the entire process. My process of tricking the various unitsyncs is pretty simple. Make unitsync think that the map is older (depreciated) so that custom unitsync implementations will load it correctly, while newer and up to date implementations will read the lua correctly and see the empty shell files from the (depreciated) old mapping method and ignore them.

I can't believe it worked, but it did, so I have spent the vast majority of the day updating all of the #EvolutionRTS maps to v10, and I have added a new #EvolutionRTS version of Eye of Horus that is ssmfed and prettyified.

I don't know the exact date of the first mission release. Give me a week or so. Hopefully I can do it mid-week, but I have a lot to finish before I start working on the missions again. That said, once the missions start flowing I am aiming for 1 per week for a total of 20 - 25. Maybe more if I can make the story last that long and still be interesting.

Those of you who were interested in doing voice acting, I will be posting a snippet of some mission text. Sort of a tryout, but I maintain, as long as you can be understood and the audio is good quality, I'm thinking that there will be no issues.

Buckle up, this is going to be a fun week. Me, armed with a +Charlie Parra del Riego playlist am charging full speed ahead! (P.S. +Charlie Parra del Riego , you are the god of metal. I Bow before you.)
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