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Been working on singleplayer missions all night using the +Zero-K Mission Builder made by Quantum. It's pretty damn impressive.

I have the first mission all ready to go. Working on the second. It's pretty involved. On the surface it seems REALLY hard, but in actuality, it's a "work smarter, not harder" type of thing. Also involves a unit that most if not all of you have ever seen (kaiser will jump for joy when he sees it).

I've been doing a bunch of fixing game stuff too, as well as adding mission specific units.

Hit me with your mission ideas!
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Really pleased to hear you are working on single-player missions. I rarely get the time to play a multiplayer spring session, as I rarely know when one of my children will strike next...

The best single player missions feel part of a larger story arc: e.g. first missions hit outposts, lightly defended. Later missions involve attacks on more extensive positions and final missions involve massive attacks against entrenched armies, heavily porcupined in. Time to bring the long range artillery to bear.

The other point is that multiplayer games are hectic, crazy, resource-critical battles across huge military fronts. Single player games should be more tactical and reward cautious, strategically sound thinking. For example, on attacking an outpost with a reserve force some way away, good players should knock out comms, use radar jamming and destroy enemy scouts running from the outpost to the reserve at the first sign of serious force.
I pretty much agree with you wholeheartedly here. My largest issue at the moment is a story arc. Basically the backstory goes that essentially, the outer colonies are continually fighting with each other vying for control of their little section of the colonized galaxy (8 prime planets with a sprinkling of other sub planets/satellites).

Now, you would think putting that into a story arc would be easy. It's incredibly open ended, but I am a crappy writer. I can come up with decent ideas but putting them on paper is a bit more of a tough thing. I am attempting to enlist zoombie (the writer of the original story) to basically go through what I write, and fix it so that it doesn't suck :-)

I'm throwing a LOT of weight into the singleplayer aspect. The second mission I'm working on (and it's not quite done), I have spent easily 15 hours on it, and tbh I'm really proud of it. Unfortunately I can't be as classy as the ZK guys can as far as online scores and ranking and so forth, but I'm hoping that I can do them in such a way that they will feel polished and feel as though you've actually accomplished something when you complete a mission.

Currently I am making missions as isolated standpoints, not as a campaign. Whether I continue to do that mainly depends on whether I can cone up with a story that doesn't put me to sleep or not :-)

Another nice thing about doing semi-unrelated missions is that I don't get tied into doing x or y type of mission. I can just sort of use my imagination (and rip off other rts singeplayer mission ideas :-)).

I am working on the singleplayer launcher. If you check back in a minute or two I'm going to be posting a mockup. I'm not a genius when it comes to VB, but I'm not too horrible (I think anyway O_o =]).
My twenty words on a story arc:
Write an endpoint (so you know how it finishes).
Pick a start point (so you can set the background).
Interpolate :-)

You can always apply the rinse-and-repeat approach to this... And remember, copying from one source is called 'stealing'. Copying from two or more is called 'research'.
Wow ok, just lost my whole post... thank you chrome, you suck ass. Unfortunately I've never been able to find a good replacement for the firefox plugin "Textarea cache", but supposedly this "Lazarus" extension is supposed to do the trick... We'll see tested Yep ok, it works...

As I was going to say before chrome so rudely interrupted. I have thought long and hard about it and yes, I will do a real campaign. It will be completely linear. None of this branching crap. I'd prefer not to have to dedicate the rest of my life to doing this.

I will also continue to do unrelated missions (unrelated to the campaign storyline). The sucky part will be keeping them to myself. Perhaps I should do a weekly or whenever I feel like it mission release schedule, so that people can play it as I make it. That would be neat (assuming anyone gave enough of a shit to actually play it).

Working on storyline now. Unfortunately this will keep me from doing any missions till I figure out wtf I'm going to do. Hopefully by the time I feel like starting on another mission I'll have it figured out.
Hey - episodic releases worked for Half Life 2. Keep us all on the edge of our seats as we storm the LLTs and blow the fusion reactor into next week.
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