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Version 2.5 Released, Lots of neat changes

Fixed a bunch of underwater effect. Gave the underwater buildings some loving.

I have decided that I am going to make some water maps. Underwater combat in Evo is a lot of fun and I don't do enough to promote it.
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Also in the ubuntu ppa now.
Nice work! I'm a big fan of water-maps so I await the new maps with interest.

What do you use for map editing right now? I've tried springmapedit, which has some erratic behaviour on my Linux box and I need to get my hands dirty to find out why. I've done landscape maps for a couple of 3D games in the past - Scorched 3d and DropTeam - and it would be fun to port them to Spring.
About a week ago I re-wrote the entire map development section in the wiki:

That's where to start. SME pretty much sucks imo, but maybe I'm biased. For texturing I use Carrara and for heightmaps I use photoshop -> +Bundysoft L3DT.

As long as you have heightmaps, porting them over wouldn't be difficult. For that matter, you could hit me with the heightmaps and I might do them myself assuming I like the layouts.
That Map development page looks just the ticket. And if I run into problems, I know who to contact...

The DropTeam maps were height fields and texture maps (with the shadowing baked in). I'm assuming that Spring engine doesn't need such fakery.

I actually wrote my own hydraulic eroding code, part of an ongoing experiment to produce an application that could cope with proper geology, not just assume equal hardness, brittleness, etc across the entire map. Still very much in the earliest stages (although the extremely slow basic version is up on my google pages).
Yeah, don't bake shadows. I do however bake shading into my maps, but not the actual shadows.
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