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9to5Google contributor - Previously at XDA-Developers // French Android fan.
9to5Google contributor - Previously at XDA-Developers // French Android fan.

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I wasn't really active on +Google+ But I would love to see you back on Twitter!
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Thank you, +Zan Cerne 😉
In this Community Guys, I interviewed EvoWizz, a well-known developer and 9to5Google contributor. You need to learn more about this awesome dude!

Read the whole interview here:
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If anything, Android P will encourage developers to be more creative when designing apps.

The reason many - including myself - followed the guidelines so strictly is because they made sense, they were very thorough, and they looked good, always being promoted alongside mockups that used a lot of color and contrast. Android Lollipop made me fall in love with Android.

Now that Google management is designing Android for the Pixels and the Pixels are being designed for iPhone users, I feel much more inclined to just do my own thing instead of relying on references. Time to move on.

There is no more vision for Android. In the end, money talks. And money is all about making your phone and your operating system so close to iOS that a random grandma will buy "that white phone" for her grandkids and get the Pixel by accident. Good grief.
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Jokes is now on the Play Store!

Make sure to check it out 😋
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Need Jokes? Meet Jokes.

Jokes is a very simple app that allows you to get jokes whenever you're bored.
Want to know more? Visit:
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New logo (and banner) ☺️
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Yay! 😊

Paranoid Android 2017 - Nougat Resurrection

We’re really excited to announce that we are releasing our Nougat flavour of Paranoid Android. We have a lot in store - with a mix of both features & improvements.

First & foremost, we have moved our code base to be fully CAF based. This brings many improvements to your device. The key improvement here is that Qualcomm hardware is better tuned on the CAF base and with our additional optimisations we can provide a smooth and fluid user experience that will let you enjoy using your device without any lags.

On first launch you’ll notice a clean setup with a beautiful wallpaper from Hampus Olsson who’s teamed up with us again and created several beautiful pieces of artwork. For those of you who don’t know, Hampus is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work stands itself and we’re glad to have him onboard. We have also added several new features and made improvements to the UI of the system that we believe would enhance the overall experience.

We’ve been working hard on redesigning this key feature of our portfolio and we’re really happy with how it has turned out. The whole design has been reworked and it fits in well with the overall feel of Google’s Material Design. This gives you the opportunity to use more gesture based control for navigating, rather than using the standard Navigation Bar at the bottom of your screen. Expect improvements and additions in the future.

Color Engine
We’re proud to announce our newest feature - Color Engine. Color Engine allows you to seamlessly change the colors of your device to be in Light, Dark (Pixel) and Black modes with a variety of accent colors to choose from. This makes changing the theme of your device really quick without having to install any extra packages on your device.

Major features
Reworked Pie
Color engine
Immersive mode
Buttons customization (including navigation bar)
On the spot controls (OTS)

Other features
SafetyNet Compatibility
Battery/Notification LED control
Recent tasks locking
Battery icon customization
Google now page in default launcher
Substratum support (Color engine will be deactivated if you use Substratum)
Quick pulldown
Various performance and battery improvements
Display Burn-in protection (for OLED screens)
More to explore :)

Device specific
Oneplus 3(T) custom camera HAL: Resulting in better picture quality than OEM.
Implemented custom picture background processing leading to very fast shutter speed (OnePlus 3(T) specific)
Offscreen gestures
sRGB support (OnePlus 3(T) specific)
Alert slider customization
aptX and aptXHD support

Device Support
Currently we are only supporting a few select devices.
OnePlus 3/3T, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel and Pixel XL.
We are currently undergoing final testing for the OnePlus One, OnePlus X, Nexus 5, OnePlus 2 and Nextbit Robin which will be released as soon as we feel they are stable enough.
With more devices to be announced soon.

All kernel sources, a major part of device specific support and some features are already online. The features that were kept private initially and the missing device support parts will be uploaded during the next hours and days.

Device Maintainers
We are currently looking to expand our roster of supported devices and to do this we would like to recruit some more developers to our team. If you think you have what it takes and have a device (or two) that you’d like to see supported by us we’d like you to get in touch.

We have built a more functional internal infrastructure and we plan to deliver bug fixes as well as major updates with new features quicker than we did it on our M release. Also the support time for our N release will be longer than previous releases.

Official community:

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Give me your feedback, it's really important!

I've been on the Android bandwagon for a long time. I've gone through simple sysctl edits & partition remounts back in 2010 when we used yaffs2 as a filesystem, to recompile Kernels in the endless pursuit to boost battery life, to build several different apps, from being part of some nice projects and had one of my dreams come true by being invited to live & work in the the Bay Area for a while. I've had & have a pretty good and confortable life doing what I enjoy the most without a boss or someone to report to.

I think it's time I give something back to the community. Without you I wouldn't be here (and I still have a lot to learn and improve). During 2016 I started giving talks, some with +Liam Spradlin, some alone. Giving back to those who are starting/thinking about starting felt really well and fullfilling. I also think the whole blog-o-sphere is pretty much broken. There's very little coverage of projects from independent developers which more than anyone really need the boost to thrive. Not everyone has the luck to have a good paycheck at the end of the month and sometimes being featured in a couple blogs is enough to start a career (and get some confidence).
Although I don't have millions of followers I think I can give my contribution through the several channels I'm most active on.

So what I want to do is get independent developers to send me their apps and I'll feature & review them, hopefully helping the developer break through and get more people to download their apps.
I don't think I'll accept anything about icon packs or themes. Although I recognize the effort I don't have any motivation or anything to say about it.

Is this something you would like me doing? There's a lot of unheard developers that need help and would greatly benefit from it and I think I can help. Vote below!

Share with your friends, your feedback is very much appreciated.
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I don't care, either way works
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Wow I'd love to have RubiQ by +Rahul K Dinesh​ or Flux by +John Xionidis​ :D
:::Mega Giveaway:::

Alright folks, so we are giving some cool best substratum themes out here. They look so dope that you may spend half of the day just looking at the screen. Thanks to all the respective dev's

So to win, here are some simple rules :

🔹+1 the ORIGNAL post
🔹Reshare this post to your public profile or any public community which allows it, tagging the themes that you are interested in.
🔹*comment, on the orignal post* the top 2 preferences of themes that you may like to win
Yeah, one person may win more than one theme
🔹( optional ) #stay_tuned with the respective dev's for further amazing updates

Themes to grab up here:

Coalfield by +Kohlewrrk

Flux by +John Xionidis

RubiQ by +Rahul K Dinesh

Substratum Status by +Rohit chouhan

There are many codes available, making your chance higher to win Atleast one of these themes so don't forget to share this post 👊
Winners will be announced on coming Sunday 19/3/17
Also many people have already bought them! If you feel you can't wait till the results then u can surely buy it, support the dev!
People who have already bought some of these themes can mention that too, you may inspire others...

So keep your fingers crossed 🤞& Best of luck😁 👊
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