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Hey people!

I just published a new app on PlayStore

Recently, I was checking Twitter and found an app that was made by +EvoWizz +Vojtěch Hořánek and +Alexandre Piveteau

I really liked the idea of the app, but also noticed it was abandoned.

So I decided to try to give it a "second" or "longer" life.

Here's the result of it.

I made some minor code changes/improvements, and also added a couple extra features.

I really hope you guys like it and find it useful.

Please help me sharing the app and leaving a positive review. :)

Thanks in advance.
Queep is a floating button that allows you to quickly create Keep notes.Imp...
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Thanks for sharing! 😁
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Happy new year from France guys! :)
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Happy holidays!

To celebrate this festive period FKUpdater will be on a 30% OFF sale until the 1st of January. Get it here:
It recently added support for the Pixel, One Plus 3 and One Plus 3T and has a boat load of features to help you manage your rooted device with FK (and with some other Kernels too), and more to come!

But that's not all! Up until the 1st of January you also have a chance to win a bundle of promo codes containing some of my popular apps, worth at least $10/10€:
- FKUpdater
- 5217
- Focus

You simply have to re-share this post and I'll randomly choose 25 users from the re-shares pool. I'll announce the winners on the 7th of January, 1 week after this sale ends.

Xmas icons made by the one and only +Liam Spradlin, follow him for more of his magical work.

Post ID: kJ8vvM3P+7Xju?LnKq^5
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Nay... I prefer the original one :v
I made a custom logo for Open Gapps designed especially for Noizy Icons (Cornie will get simmilar icon too). Yay or nay?
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+Anthony Nguyen found out that the developer behind Sorcery Icon Pack literally took the drawables from KAIP, PlatyPop, Candycons and even took the banner from Backdrops (and possibly more), he and I did a more detailed search and the results are in the photos.
There are over 50 stolen icons.

+Vukašin Anđelković
+Sajid Shaik

The screenshots here show more than 50 icons kanged from him, which he took from our icon packs and more. And he even shared the icon pack on GitHub so everyone has access to those drawables.

I don't usually do this, but this is a different case.
Please report the app, review with 1 Star and report the GitHub project too
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In the flood of forwarded messages on WhatsApp, I came across this one today. It is written in Hindi, but I'll try to make y'all understand what it says. Anyone who's familiar with Hindi can surely confirm it. At first I thought it'd just be a circulating message with fake info, and there'd be nothing like this in existence. Later, on searching in play store, I came to know that such app exists.

"After 31st December 2016, foreign company WhatsApp will not be operating in India as per decisions by Indian Government. These steps are taken to stop the increasing crimes. Due to the popularity of WhatsApp, Indian Government has published a new app on Play Store called VihanApp, as a replacement for WhatsApp. Share this among your friends to make everyone aware of it."

Now, this all is total FAKE. I don't even think this message is by government, and the app itself is a copy of Telegram. I know Telegram is open source, there can be unofficial clients to it, but they need to give credits to Telegram in their app/play store description or anything. This app credits Telegram nowhere, and moreover it contains ads for that person to earn money without doing anything. There're some people who know all this and have rated it 1 star and reported it too, still somehow the app has managed to get a 4 star rating.

The second screenshot attached below is of a newspaper article, in which the guy is claiming to make the app using his brain, and that the app is unhackable and it has all media sharing capabilities, etc shit.
(Thanks to +Tushar Parmar​​​​​ for that screenshot)

Y'all can yourself check the screenshots on play store, or even try running the app on Nougat, because it won't even open (FC's at opening 😂😂). There's even a website (maybe 😂) to it which claims some meh people as CEO, Founder and what not.
Play Store:

I'd request everyone coming through this post to report the app and help to take it down from play store. To report, visit the play store page linked above and scroll to bottom, tap the Flag as Inappropriate section.
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Doing a quick giveaway for the Absolutely Walls Pro BETA app!

Some of the awesome features in this app include:

- Daily Wall Switcher (wake up to a fresh new wallpaper each day - pick from favorites only or any category),
- Add walls to your favorites
- Upload your own wallpapers
- Download, Crop, or Directly set walls to your homescreen
- Apply random wall widget so you can change the wallpaper you have without even going into the app
- Animals, Space, and Community Uploads categories
- Better UI and UI responsiveness

How to Enter?
+1, Share, and Comment on this post

Optional to follow me but that's up to you

Winners will be announced on or before the 16th of January

How many people can win?
15 lucky people will have the chance to win

Don't want to wait or take a chance? Then support my work and purchase the app now!

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Hi, so here is the project I've been working on with +Vojtěch Hořánek for more than 1month. You can grab the apk in it.

Please, keep in mind that the project is abandoned, and unfinished for some reasons.
BubbleKeep - An always hovering bubble to take quick notes with Google keep
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+EvoWizz I will 😏
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Coming soon...
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+EvoWizz Somewhat looking like Google keep..
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I'm seeing a lot of "Google should stop making Pixels and continue doing Nexus phones because it makes more sense"-videos and posts. This is not a counter argument (per se), this is me pointing out that most of these posts use arguments from the perspective of a Nexus fan and not from Google's point of view.

Let's be clear here: Google didn't drop the Nexus brand because it wants to please its fans. Android doesn't need a good-but-not-great, affordable phone. There are plenty of those. Google didn't build this phone for Nexus fans, they don't need to and neither are they obligated to do so because you want a new phone.

Android nor Google needs Nexus anymore. Why would they build and sell a phone against cost price (or even below that)? Because it would win them your continued love? Whyy??

If you hear these people talk you'd think that the Nexus was the perfect phone with all the high-end features for half the price. I've seriously seen a guy using the Pixel's lack of water resitance as an argument why Google should build a new Nexus. Because clearly, every Nexus was water proof? Nexus phones have alway had one (or more) serious flaw that made a lot of people consider other phones, especially in the camera and battery department. It weren't complete dealbreakers, but enough to think about alternatives. If 'water resistance' would even make Google's "hey what are we going to do for this year's new nexus" meeting, it would be thrown out of the window immediatly. You don't build a relativly cheap phone from some OEM's scrap parts and do stuff like this. So no, the Pixel's lack of water resistance is not a valid reason to think that a Nexus would fix that.

Android needs premium hardware with software that hasn't been through Samsung's hands. Android also needs premium hardware that a lot of people buy that doesn't have the Samsung logo stamped on it. Basically, the problem is Samsung and its dominant position in the Android market. People think - I would even argue this is simply a fact - that the premium Android experience is what Samsung offers. And hey, it turns out lots of (informed, tech-savvy) people like Samsung's version of Android and that's fine, but boat loads of people don't even know how Android is supposed to be and what Sammy decided to pile on top of it.

LG dropped the ball with the G5, Motorola is probably never going to recover now Lenevo is 'not interfering' and don't even get me started on Sony. Huawei and Xiaomi have proven to be able to build some pretty nice phones, but their software experience is arguably even worse than what Samsung manages to do.

Samsung is in a position where it can single handidly doom the entire OS. A LOT of people think that Android phones are Samsung phones. And a LOT of people think that the S7, Edge and Note are the same thing. Guess what? One of those explodes. It's hurting Android as a whole because somehow people think that Sony, LG, Huawei and Samsung are all the same company and they have only one competitor: Apple.

What Android needs is a brand that's not Samsung. And yes, Google has plenty of brand to counter that.

....I do really, REALLY want Google to build a new Nexus 7 though :D
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Vous n'êtes pas sur Twitter ? Inscrivez-vous, branchez-vous sur les choses que vous aimez et soyez immédiatement au courant de ce qui se passe. S'inscrireSe connecter. Vous ne verrez plus ces genres de Tweets la prochaine fois que vous serez ici. Vous verrez davantage de ces genres de Tweets ...
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And it's official. 
The ultimate goal of RCS is to completely replace SMS, but moving the millions of daily SMS users away is no small feat. Yesterday, we posted that RCS... by Corbin Davenport in Applications, Google, News, Sprint
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