You use too many words.

No, really. You do. So do I. No, this isn't an ad for the 11th edition of the Newspeak Dictionary. This is a rallying cry to try and make us all better at the craft of writing, more important than ever in a digital age.

The attached video is a 15 minute long interview we did with +Patrick McLean. I've known Patrick for years and recently contracted him to teach a class to the content creators at my day job. They loved it. More importantly, their writing improved. Big time.

So check it out and see how it resonates with you. I think I have some word-killing to do over the weekend...
How To Kill A Word | Books and Beer

This week on the Books & Beer Hangout, we brought on +Patrick McLean  to talk about his job of killing words as a writing coach. Sounds messy. A few tasty morsels:

* Why all adjectives and adverbs have to die
* Cultivating efficiency in your writing
* The importance of a visual structure 
* Why you might need a writing coach

... and a whole lot more! See the full show notes at and to subscribe to the RSS feed and never miss an episode. 

Books & Beer is recorded and broadcast live as a Google+ Hangout On Air and on YouTube Live! Join us every Thursday evening at 6P/9E.
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