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You use too many words.

No, really. You do. So do I. No, this isn't an ad for the 11th edition of the Newspeak Dictionary. This is a rallying cry to try and make us all better at the craft of writing, more important than ever in a digital age.

The attached video is a 15 minute long interview we did with +Patrick McLean. I've known Patrick for years and recently contracted him to teach a class to the content creators at my day job. They loved it. More importantly, their writing improved. Big time.

So check it out and see how it resonates with you. I think I have some word-killing to do over the weekend...
How To Kill A Word | Books and Beer

This week on the Books & Beer Hangout, we brought on +Patrick McLean  to talk about his job of killing words as a writing coach. Sounds messy. A few tasty morsels:

* Why all adjectives and adverbs have to die
* Cultivating efficiency in your writing
* The importance of a visual structure 
* Why you might need a writing coach

... and a whole lot more! See the full show notes at and to subscribe to the RSS feed and never miss an episode. 

Books & Beer is recorded and broadcast live as a Google+ Hangout On Air and on YouTube Live! Join us every Thursday evening at 6P/9E.
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I came to writing novels by way of years and years of writing, workshopping, and critiquing poetry. No better training ground to search and destroy the unneeded. :)
I used the word "just" twenty-five times in a thirty page short. New word for the Kill List (and yes, "very" is on there).
All adjectives and adverbs have to die? That guy's been reading too much of Stephen King's non-fiction. 
If we think about using the right word for the right purpose and effect, then we should have no problems maintaining a balance. 
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