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Here's one way to keep people out of your milk.

While we have one nursing mom at the office, I'm not sure if this is legit or not. She's not a large girl, and this sure seems like a lot of expression.

Then again, I'm a shitty judge. So rock on, Lacy. 
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Somewhere in the UK, that pic is sitting right above a recipe for ice cream.
I'd do that in my house my parents will smack me. lol.
Breast size has little to do with output, but either way I was a massive overproducer and I couldn't have filled a jug like that easily!
I've tasted human milk as an adult, and it's not at all yucky. 
That Almondmilk next to it would be a helluva lot less appetizing if it was called what it actually is:

Nut Juice.
Human breastmilk is delicious - why in the world would you want to breastfeed from a cow?
I've heard of some folks making cheese from breast milk.
Whoa. My wife would have had to pump for a week to get that much. 
My wife used to work at an animal hospital and she would use the urine/fecal matter stickers on their items in the fridge.
Could be legit. When I was nursing, especially in the first few months, overproduction was the way to go since I was working 9+ hours a day. Never kept it in a plastic milk jug, though.
JP Lang
"Yuck"? I think most humans less than 2-yrs-old would disagree.
It's not legit. Some meathead at the office buys terribly expensive milk in the misguided hopes that it's somehow better for him. To prohibit the coffee drinkers from taking his milk, he's adopted this, er... strategy. 
JP Lang
A lot of people don't like the taste of goat's milk...
+Evo Terra then I suggest you hit up Walgreens/CVS/whatever and buy that poor pseudo-nursing meathead a tube of lanolin and a three-pack of washable breast pads... because I'm sure his nipples would be sore from THAT amount of pumping. Duct-tape 'em to the jug. :D
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