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UPDATE 1:49 PM on 12/23/11 - GoDaddy has dropped their support of SOPA!

The info below is still a good thought exercise. But just so you know, the issue is resolved. Now if only SOPA fails to pass, this will be but a bad memory...

Boycotting GoDaddy for their support of SOPA?

Then I can assume you'll also...

- Stop using adhesive tape
- Buy a different brand of running shoes
- Get rid of your car
- Start making your own clothes
- Only buy books from indie authors
- Only watch indie films, and not in a theater
- Stop watching TV
- Choose lower-quality sound options
- Code your own video games
- Go without makeup
- Let your upset stomach go wild & embrace your headache
- Make your own greeting cards
- Quit the union
- Stop being a sports fan
- Unplug your electronics
- Take up competitive hand-clapping as your recreation
- Never make another photocopy

That's the trouble with ideals: they tend to get trumped by reality.

Do I support SOPA? Of course not. Do I think we, the people, should sit back and just let a bunch of moronic politicians break the internet? Of course not. Do I begrudge you your right to protest as you see fit? Of course not.

I simply encourage you to follow through with your convictions and to not cherry-pick where you choose to express your ire simply because you find it inconvenient.

When commenting, try to behave yourselves. Feel free to re-read my position before you make assumptions.

(Hat tip to +Shane Barnhill for sparking this discussion.)
Read 'The 439 organizations SOPA opponents should worry about [updated]' on Digital Trends. More than 400 organizations have publicly expressed support of...
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Everyone cherry-picks. I might recycle, but that doesn't mean I stop to pick up garbage if I see it on the side of the road on my way to work. Choices are seldom all-or-nothing, and they don't have to be.

To get a critical mass of people to stand up for something, you should use the lowest barrier to entry that still has meaning. Therefore, focusing a boycott on just one organization from a list of 439 makes perfect sense.
Let the piling on begin!
I think, +Kyle Byers, your final sentence works better if you add "... to me" at the end. Because selecting one out of four hundred thirty nine simply because it's easy reeks of hypocrisy to me.
Yep, I only have a single domain on GoDaddy, and a poorly used one at that, but I am looking for a new registrar. (.jp isn't on everyone's list). But to nod to the list...

-I'll stop using 3M tape, yeah.
-What are these "running shoes" you speak so highly of? hahaha
-Not quite ready to get rid of the car, but only use it once per week anyway, so not really a stretch
-Trust me, nobody wants me to make my own clothes, but I will pay attention to those I buy.
-Yep Indie authors all the way.
-Pretty much done with films too because I live in Japan and I can't actually watch all the films I want to because 1. Sony came up with this region crap on my DVD player and 2. Evidently a company has to get a distribution deal in order to let me see a movie here. So I can't watch what I want to anyway.
-Got rid of the TV 4 years ago. The Daily Show is online. The other shows I want to watch go back to the reasons for movies. (a season of Burn Notice would cost me $100 US and the region 2 version is 2-3 seasons behind.)
-Lower sound quality? like FLAC? not sure about that one...
-Totally want to code my own video games. otherwise support ones that aren't loaded down with DRM.
-No makeup, no problem.
-Pharmaceutical companies? lots of generics.
-You should all make your own greeting cards. Pretty sure we all learned how in 2nd or 3rd grade. Or, like me don't send any.
-Not in a union, but if I were, I'd write a letter to my union rep telling them why I oppose SOPA/PIPA and why they should too.
-Stopped being a pro and college level sports fan years ago. Go watch people who are playing to get better rather than a paycheck. And write a letter to the Pro organizations, I don't think this goes down to the players necessarily.
-I should totally unplug my electronics. I fail here, but is this a reference to the manufacturers or the power company...
-I took up Aikido instead of hand clapping, but whatever floats your boat...
-Nah, when the photocopier was introduced, it was demonized as a piracy device too.

So, looking at my list I flubbed three (EDIT- four, I don't count so well). Besides, I like cherries. And when I have the option to not support a company that has an opposing view to myself, I try to take it. Particularly one that should know better.

I realize that this is primarily a thought exercise, and it is a good one. I hope it does get a lot of people thinking about the implications of SOPA/PIPA. And, I really hope that the folks in the US (American citizen here and proud of it, but living overseas) write to their congress rep. and tell them how they feel about it.

Thanks for getting the conversation rolling Evo, it is an important one, even though possibly uncomfortable, to have.
They do appear on both lists, +Jaroslav Jelinek. Which adds another layer of nuance when deciding who, and who not, to boycott. Good find!
The good news, +Scott Shinall, is that I actually enjoy uncomfortable conversations that cause people -- me included -- to examine their convictions. I embraced skepticism at the ripe age of 7. And though I've fallen off the path on more than one occasion, it's thought exercises like these that bring me back.

Thanks for adding to the conversation!
I think people are choosing GoDaddy because they are providing a core internet service. I have domains with them and will most likely switch on the 29th.
The funny thing is I do a lot of these, not all of them, but a lot of them. I buy mostly indie author books(because of podiobooks), my gf makes all our own greeting cards because she loves scrapbooking, I'm not a sports fan, and took up competitive hand clapping last week(well maybe not that last one). No I am not boycotting all of them, but voting with my dollar where I can, yes.

I don't think that to take a stand against something you have to go completely 100% black or white, but every little bit does count. Doing something rather than nothing because you can't go 100% for whatever reason is the way to go.
You raise a good point, +Jeremy Hidy. I've been trying to come up with an analog in other industries and am falling short. The fact that GD is the only registrar/hosting company on the list of supporters has a certain stink about it.

I need to ponder this more. Thanks for the challenge!
As +Jeremy Hidy noted, they provide a core Internet service, so its' the most directly connected to our battle. As well, it's the hypocrisy behind their early support when they, themselves, would have been considered a rogue service under the SOPA regulations, combined with their later extremely poor responses to the complaints which seemed to gleefully ignore all of the complaints made and rely entirely on non sequitors. They've made themselves a bigger target in the process and stand out more.

For most people they're an easy, convenient target. It's not hard to find an alternative to them without changing our lifestyle drastically, while sending a point to others. And that's essentially what people are looking for. The easiest way to make a point. Its amazing peopel are willing even to go that far, considering it DOES take a decent amount of work to change a registrar.

I don't disagree with your overall point here. It's definitely valid. But I already do much of that list, certainly, and some of it seems mildly exaggerated for effect. And I already don't use GoDaddy, so I can't shift away from them anyway. But if I did, I'd probably use this as an ADDITIONAL nail in the coffin that was already mostly nailed shut by the hunting photo incident.
And I think that's what is making me critical, +Jarrett Kaufman . GoDaddy is an convenient target much in the same way that Wal-Mart is. So is this just a bandwagoning that makes people feel like they are doing something important? (Which I fully understand is going to be the bulk of just about any group of protesters.)

I'm probably over-analyzing. I blame it on waking up at 2:30 this morning and not being able to back to sleep. Too much time to think up these thought exercises!
I left GoDaddy 1.5 years ago because I hit the point where I felt like a jerk for ever associating with them. Apparently they want to reach the same market segment as Hardees, which is 18-30 year old douchebags.
+Evo Terra thank you for bringing up these points, and a complete boycott of everything definitely isn't feasible for me, but I will do what I can. I know I am not perfect, and sharing this post made me think about a lot.

I am still moving all domains off of them and haven't bought any domains from them for years for many other reasons. This is just another reason to add to the list of why I don't like GoDaddy
That's what I'm getting at. There is a lot to hate about GoDaddy from their branding, their UI, their relentless upsell when you renew, etc etc. People are not boycotting for solely this. SOPA support gives them a reason to have start energy to leave when they probably vaguely felt like they'd like to for a long time without a triggering event.
Boycotting a single target, such as GoDaddy, is a sensible option. Not only does it keep "the message" simple, making it easier to drum up other boycotters, if it works it will give the other organisations on the list pause for thought, as they might be next.

Additionally it's not often easy to apply a broad brush when boycotting as an individual. For instance if you hate China's human rights position will you be able to avoid any and everything that comes from China? Could you possibly do that? You have no idea who manufactures each component of everything you use or buy. A German radio might well contain a resistor made in China.
Well said, Shane. I'll amplify!
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