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Jesse H
Hahaha. Me too.
The content you're sharing doesn't warrant much in the way of engagement, +Jill Shaw. Maybe you'll find more success commenting as +Chris Gare suggests. You should check out the new Communities section of Google+. It's an easy way to say involved in your interests without having to guess who to circle. Join a community you're interested in, and start commenting. You'll find your way and hopefully get to experience why so many of us love Google+.
Also, an avatar that shows your face goes a long way in helping people interact.

No one wants to talk to a logo.
Here I have my imaginary friends... My imaginary friends show me the wonders of the mystical internet. I like my imaginary friends
I interact successfully on other social media platforms all the time. I post some of the same things there and here at the same time.Not all of my posts are visible to the public.Most are not.My point was that none of the people I know or want to talk with are here on this site ,or if they are they don't use it anymore.I did check out the communities ,so perhaps I will find  kind and interesting people there.
The same thing there and here at the same time is part of the issue +Jill Shaw. If you treat Google+ as just one more place to do the same thing with the same people, you'll hit a wall. Because, as you've pointed out, the people you are already talking to over there aren't over here.

I would suggest doing something different here. That's what I do, and it's been very successful for me. And others. But as with all things in life, YMMV. My enjoyment of Google+ isn't predicated on how others enjoy this new social layer or getting my friends from other networks or in real life to join.
Google+ confused the hell out of me until I realized (after reading posts from people like +Evo Terra) that it's really not a social network, it's an interest network.
I'm not sure why you are determined to find fault with me or my approach to ,or thoughts about this site.You said you believed my posts were part of the problem here,I pointed out that I do not have that problem elsewhere.If you love it here,bully for you.I'm inclined to keep visiting G+ .I never said that I was trying to interact with the same folks here as on other sites.That would be redundant.I have tried to find kind ,interesting people with similar interests ,only to locate a lot of hipsters bent on proving how different they are.What a snooze-fest those folks are.
+Tyler Hurst it took me awhile to figure the language still trying to get the hang of it. To bad there isn't a primer.
My apologies, +Jill Shaw. Your first comment (which you apparently have deleted) seemed to imply that you were looking for some reasons why you weren't finding much engagement here. It was in that spirit that and and others offered up suggestions. No offense was intended.

Though I am chortling a bit over the implications that I've come off as a hipster.
I like that I can interact with people I wouldn't see on a regular basis as well as people who don't necessarily have the same views as I do it helps me to gain a different perspective. I also enjoy sharing common interest with groups of people who don't think I'm weird for being a fan of Star Trek.
It's getting real old to hear people constantly using liberal and hipster as an insult.
+Tyler Hurst Do you know where to get an avatar? i tried to upload my yahoo avatar and it wouldn't because it was to small.
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