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Hey, look. We just passed 2,000 members. w00t!

As you can see from the image below, courtesy of +CircleCount, we've experienced linear growth, so Jeff and I feel pretty good about that. And thanks to +James Calbraith for taking up the moderation shift when it's sleepy time for us.

But we're by far the biggest. My buddy +Fraser Cain's Space GPC will break 100,000 members by the end of the month. We're not even the biggest writing/publishing focused GPC. That distinction belongs to the Writer's Discussion Group started by my friend +John Ward. He'll be close to 10,000 members as we head into February. Well done, guys!

Not to take anything away from them or what their communities have achieved, but I never had any designs on being the biggest. I'm very happy with the niche we're carving out and remain committed to keeping the conversations of high value to anyone interested in aspects of digital publishing. That doesn't always sit well with everyone. Good thing I have a thick skin.

To those active who've been helping keep that value high -- thank you. To those lurking who are happy to receive the value -- thank you. And to those reading this for the first time -- welcome!
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I'm not sure anyone was trying to be the largest. I can't speak for +Fraser Cain , but I was shocked to see so many people joining my community.

Congratulations on passing the 2000 mark! You have a great community. I always enjoy the content that is posted there. 

Also, 100,000 members?! Yikes.
Crazy number of space fans here on The Plus, huh?

Keep on keepin' on over there, +John Ward. I'll join in and try and contribute where I can. And I certainly appreciate the exposure you've given us!
Always happy to help. Let me know if you'd ever like me to plug your community. We're not competitors-- we're comrades.
It's like a rocketship, headed to the stars. It's like a quasar, blasting out plasma goodness. It's like...

Yeah, 100,000 will be crazy. More insane? 1 millionish in a year... yikes!
Well done on creating a good resource for the community :)
So that's why people think g+ is a ghost town - everyone's in space :)
+Evo Terra, you and the other moderators here should be very proud. I'm just starting to use a few of the best practices you've developed here, because I think they're so good. 
To be fair, there's not that much to do here, when US sleeps it's really quiet here on G+ ;)
Congratulations on the growth. I am sure that one of the keys to your success is the way you and your team is managing and moderating this group. I'm new to GPCs (OK I guess we all are) but with some other groups I have looked at, almost every other post is "I published my book today, here's the link...". By comparison, this stream is filled with legitimate questions, insights and advice. Well done +Evo Terra, +James Calbraith, +Jeff Moriarty
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