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Taking drastic measures on LinkedIn.

I'm getting slammed by endorsements to my LinkedIn profile as of late. Unfortunately, they're for all the wrong things. It's a vicious feedback loop, as LI suggests only top-rated endorsements to viewers of your profile. 

So I'm taking the drastic step of removing my top skills from LinkedIn. While I am knowledgeable about thinks like Podcasting, Social Media and Word Press.... so what? I'm also skilled at Breathing and Walking, just like everyone else.

Now it looks more like I want it to look. Though a few hundred more endorsements on Publishing and Digital Strategy wouldn't hurt my feelings. Hint, hint.
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I was considering looking into turning this off as well. The way it's implement is less than useless.
I have just dived into LinkedIn recently. I'll have to be connected to you, to endorse you, right?
I can't endorse you. There's no + to click on.
Well then we need to be connected, +Anita Sølver! is the email address you can use if it asks.
My top endorsed skill is The first thing I would do at any employer using Salesforce is get rid of it. I hate the software.
What's your take on connections that don't endorse, +Evo Terra? I've gotten a lot in the past few days that seem to just be clicking because their friends/connections have suggested me.
The way the UI works, clicking "Endorse All" is the quickest way to get past the endorsements box when you log into LinkedIn.
I'm pretty liberal with my connections on LI, +Veronica Giguere. Though I'm also ruthless about dissolving connections when people spam me.
Chris O'Donnell - yay for laziness!
The endorsements are automated astroturf. I got an email from someone yesterday thanking me for my endorsement. Thing is, I didn't endorse her - I've never worked with her, why would I? It suddenly made me understand why people were endorsing me for things that made no contextual sense.
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