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Evo Terra

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A little bit of London.

As I said in a blog post (blog post) recently, we're really not doing London justice. We need to get back and really explore, so we can fully tell a story about London (or probably just a piece of London) properly.

In the meantime, here are a few of the choice pics I took along the way.
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Evo Terra

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On Monday, I spoke at UnGagged, a marketing conference in London. The conference has a strict "no recording" policy to encourage the speakers and presenters to freely share their ideas without fear of reprisal.

It's rare that I fear reprisal for anything I do, so I recorded myself and synched it with my slides so that I could share it beyond the conference. And with that...
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Good talk.
Keep having fun.
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Evo Terra

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Inbox zero achieved. Again!

It's taken me the better part of the day, but I've managed to get back up on the horse and am proud to re-join the Inbox Zero crowd!

#beingsicksucks   #whoknewtravelingfulltimewouldbethismuchwork  
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Evo Terra

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Sick in, not of paradise!

Mallorca is a beautiful island. Too bad our tummies conspired against us. Still, we made the most of it, some of which is encapsulated in these photos.

Blog post going live shortly is now live at, painting more of the story. 
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Evo Terra

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Using Google+ Collections To Show You're More Than A Travel Writer.

For those paying attention to Google+, you probably noticed the new "Collections" feature. I've been traveling, so I've only just had the chance to look things over. And what I see, I like.

Plenty has been said about the new feature, so I'll keep this high level and focused just on travel writers. For you, this new release does one thing: it lets you be a multidimensional.

In my time here, I've posted a lot about a lot of different things. Science, beer, podcasting, digital disruption, entrepreneurship... and of course my own travel writing. Previously, it was up to those who follow me to figure out what circle I belonged to. That was great, but I don't always talk about just one of those things. In fact, I tended to bounce around.

Now, with Collections, I'm in control. It's sort of like a categorization schema I can choose (or not) to place my content under. So if I write about a great craft beer I'm drinking, I can put that in my Craft Beer collection. And it's a bunch of pictures and the outline for a story, the post goes under my Travel Storytelling collection.

My followers now have the option to only following those collections, rather than all of me. So if you're not all about science and craft beer, no worries. Un-follow those Collections. Or if you turn me on to someone, they can choose to only follow my Travel Storytelling collection, and not have to worry about getting flooded with other content.

It's a great feature, and I'm using it right now to segregate my content. You probably should, too. Unless all you do is post about one thing. Me? I like a little variety in life. Cheers!
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Yep, lovely option. Something like pinterest boards, in a way. Kinda cool. :)
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Evo Terra

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Trip to the Musclarium.

As part of our post-TBEX trip, we were pampered (and by that i mean overfed) by the tourism board of Terres De l'Ebre in Catalunya, an autonomous region of Spain. 

Of the many gastronomical adventures they took us on was a sail boat ride out to eat these critters freshly plucked from the sea. And by "freshly", I mean as we watched. Fantastic!
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Some cool shots!
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Evo Terra

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Opportunity often smiles on us, this time in the form of a craft beer festival that just happened to be going on during our visit to Costa Brava. Of course we went, made fast friends, and got into some antics.

We've decided that all craft beer festivals must take place in Costa Brava from now on, or at least on some gorgeous beach like this. Fantastic!
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Greatest Sex-Ed Video Ever.

Well done, Norway. Let's not muck about and give the kids the facts.
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S est. Vraiment drole
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Evo Terra

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They Poured Me The Wrong Beer at Brewdog... And You Won't Believe What Happened Next!
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Very nice couple! But remember about Jesus!
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Evo Terra

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This is a fairly in-depth look at the effects of automation in the publishing sector - with a particular focus on the impact on employment. The short version is that while employment for newspaper, book and magazine publishers is down considerably, employment for writers and editors is not

One of the key points in this article is that what's happened in the publishing sector isn't just about digitalization because digitalization is simply a means to an end, with that end being automation. 

I've a feeling people in this community will have some opinions about this piece, which would be great to hear. 
An in-depth look at the automation of the publishing industry.
10 comments on original post
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With that Piece, The publishing world would never be the same 
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Evo Terra

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Terres de l'Ebre, on the coast of Spain.

Oh, Catalonia, you have so much fantastic stuff to experience! The three days we spent with you wasn't nearly enough. Then again, I'm tired, much fatter, and still full from all the food and drink you plied us with. 

It was a time of awesome experiences and new friends we've met in the travel blogging world. The photos you see below are some of my choice ones, likely to show up on +The Opportunistic Travelers 's website in the coming days. But since you're such an awesome person for following me on Google+, you get a sneak preview! 
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Evo Terra

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You shuck, I suck.

Eating the freshest oysters ever at Musclarium in San Carlos de la Rápita, Spain.
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You're totally rocking the mad beat poet look. 
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