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Space is trying kill us more often than we think!

Since 2001, the earth has experienced 26 multi-kiloton explosions, all of which are due to asteroid impacts. This suggests that asteroid impacts are NOT rare — but actually 3-10 times more common than we previously thought. The fact that none of these asteroid impacts were detected in advance is proof that the only thing preventing a catastrophe from a ‘city-killer’ sized asteroid is blind luck.
Since 2001, 26 atomic-bomb-scale explosions have occurred in remote locations around the world, far from populated areas. This Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, three former NASA astronauts will present new evidence that our planet has experienced many more large-scale asteroid impacts over the past decade than previously thought… three to ten times more, This, according to a new visualization of data from a nuclear weapons warning network

I wrote about this in EARTH (1980).  Defense folks have long worried about such things triggering a war.
This Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, three former NASA astronauts will present new evidence that our planet has experienced many more large-scale asteroid impacts over the past decade than previously thought… three to ten times more, in fact. A new visualization of data from a nuclear weapons warning network, to be unveiled by B612 Foundation CEO…
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A better way to leverage free, for both authors and readers!

tl;dr version: Just go here:

I hate calling Scribl just another ebook (and audiobook) marketplace, because it's so much more than that. But you'll probably think that once you get there, so let me explain just a few things that are different. (I could go on and on about this at length, so just ask!) I know I get wordy, so I'll just post one at a time over the next couple of days. Today, I'll tackle the concept of CrowdPricing.

** - CrowdPricing™* - This patent-pending system automatically sets book prices based on each title’s download popularity within its genre. That way the less trendy categories don’t have to compete with, say, vampire romance novels.

This lowers the risk for readers, as books have to "earn" their way to a higher price. For authors, CrowdPricing solves the publishing chicken-and-egg problem by automatically setting prices based on popularity. Books start out free, but once people begin downloading it, the price goes up (and the author gets paid.) The more downloads per period, the higher the price. 

Tomorrow (maybe) I'll dig into Story Elements, which beats the pants off standard genre listings! 

Full disclosure - is a sister site to, of which I'm the President. Both and are part of the same parent company, of which I am a partial owner/investor.
Home of CrowdPriced ebooks and audiobooks. We connect readers with the indie authors and books they love.
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I'm signing up just to see where this goes for my books.
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Evo Terra

Open Discussion  - 
Please welcome +Lucie Le Blanc, our newest moderator. She gets the nod because a) she's passionate about indie publishing and b) is a self-described "heartless bitch."

Thanks for volunteering, Lucie!  Let me know if there are things in the guidelines you'd like to tweak. 
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Mwahaha +Evo Terra. I'm enjoying this way too much. lol I hope I'm doing this right though.

When uncertain, I put a warning to the author of a post and react accordingly to the answer I get. Is that the way to go? 
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Poop. Guess I have to go back to work.
Today’s launch has been scrubbed due to a Helium leak on Falcon 9’s first stage. A fix will be implemented by the next launch opportunity on Friday April 18, though weather on that date isn’t ideal. Check for updates.
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shakes fist at leaking Helium Get your Noble Ass back here!
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Ignite Phoenix tickets on sale at 10:00 a.m. PT today!

Do not say I didn't warn you. Tickets for Ignite Phoenix #16 will go fast, like they always do. The event is May 2nd, but tickets go on sale -- and will sell out -- today.

No, I'm not speaking. But yes, I'm attending. I've never missed one. Ever.
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Put on your thinking caps, Google+! I'm looking for two syllable words that end with the long O sound.

Real words. Made up words. Proper nouns. Silly sounds. As long as it has only two syllables and ends with the long O sound, I want it.

For inspiration, here are three:
* Loco
* Rico
* Hero

Show me what you've got! Use the comments (or email me) and list as many to me as you can think up!
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Cheeto and Cujo are the two most beautiful words in the English language
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Searching books by genre is so 2013.

Yes, this is another plug for But the site (yes, I have a financial stake) does things no other ebook marketplace does, so it's worthy of my sharing. I promise!

I'm a fan of science fiction. If that makes you roll your eyes, you probably haven't experienced the broad spectrum of SF. Or maybe you found it too broad, hence the eye rolling. 

Truth be told, I don't like all science fiction. Over the years, I've gravitated toward a narrow range of books and movies that appeal to me. And most book marketplace don't help me refine search results down to just the kinds of science fiction books I like.

Enter Scribl's Story Elements™ method of categorizing content. As new marketplace, Scribl's inventory is somewhat limited. Even so, there are 23 titles that fall under the genre of Science Fiction. Sure, I could read the synopsis of each to see which ones are for me. Or I could refine my search using Story Elements.

I like SF stories that keep the science somewhat accurate. So I can select the button for "Realism" and then select:  World is similar to ours, but plot elements exceed our current tech level. When I do, 23 titles are now reduced to seven. Oh, a much more manageable number.

Or if I'm in the mood of far-future SF that doesn't get all fast and loose with things like gravity, I could select  Science of far future, attempts for rigorous accuracy. That leaves me with (for now) just one title. Which I just downloaded. I'll let you know how it goes.

Of course, that's just me. Maybe you're into fantasy books that features nature based survival action that leaves you feeling romantic. Yeah, we have a book that fits that profile on Scribl. 

Now keep in mind, with less than 100 books (I did mention it's a brand new site, right?) you're going to find a lot of empty sets. But while you wait on more authors to upload their books, you can get a feel for how customized you can make it your search results. Give it a shot, and let me know what you think!
Home of CrowdPriced ebooks and audiobooks. We connect readers with the indie authors and books they love.
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Will do. I did find some of the questions hard to answer. For example, the target age range is 13 and up, through adult. There was no way to specify that.
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Clever packaging!

My #Range  devices from Supermechanical arrived yesterday in terribly obvious and terribly cool packaging. 

But unfortunately, I'm in the middle of packing for the move this weekend, so will force myself not to play with them until next week. [sigh]

Hooray for #gadgets !  Here's where you can buy yours:
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So wish they supported Android.
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Here's what I'll be watching tomorrow. I wish there was a camera covering the soft splashdown of the first stage. 
NASA and SpaceX are GO for launch tomorrow! On target for 4:58pm ET. Updates @
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Remnants of a full day of installing furniture for +Big Bounce. My back needs beer. 
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Since 2002,  I've made my living as a "digital business strategist". In short, I solve problems.

Along the way, I stumbled into the publishing community. First it was co-hosting an author interview show that became a nationally syndicated radio program & podcast. Then it was launching a serialized free audio books service. I was even asked to write a couple of books in the "for Dummies" series, so I have in-the-trenches experience in what it means to be an author. In 2011, I launched an author education service with Jeff Moriarty.

These days, I embrace disruption and innovation across my interests. 

Get in touch with me!
  • If you'd like to have me speak at your conference or event; great! I have experience with all sorts of public speaking, from keynotes to workshops.
  • And if you find yourself in the Phoenix area, let's grab a craft beer and swap tales, OK?
  • Circle me, mention me, or share a limited post with me. I'll see it, and we can engage. If all else fails, call me: 602-325-3045. 
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